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QuotWinding through the streets of Fez stumbling through potholes the

QuotWinding through the streets of Fez stumbling through potholes the


It is easy to believe that little has changed, apart from the plastic bags in which goods are wrapped when something has been sold.

We would certainly be happier leaving Kabylie in the heart of any chaotic Moroccan city than unguarded in a European city street.

BigMari. '


I lost my new best friend and life inspiration over the next few kilometres. I shouldn't be so bold as to suggest that I burned him off at the unbelievably ...

maputo craft market


Uvira, in all its glory: This is the main road through town.

Souvenir shops down an alleyway in Bastikiya. Photo My Bathroom Wall

News story: A robot hotel has opened in Japan

view from our hotel onto busy Rawdon Street in downtown Freetown

azores - flores - main street in faja grande

As we proceeded through the Fast track area we did see a wheelchair user being assisted through by a member of staff from Gatwick Airport, and found them ...


I was there at the end of a local cruise through the arcepelago, and rather warmed to the frontier feel of the place.

Dans le Noir, London

view ...

pit stop: there's nothing better than Flag beer in a travel mug

In the mountains or on countryside roads, the surface is often littered with potholes of varying size and depth. In a rental car, these conditions hugely ...


Bourke's Luck Potholes in Zuid-Afrika.

Town Square Plaza, Kent, Washington, USA by The Portico Group

District Officer in Tanganyika: The Memoirs of Dick Eberlie: Part 2, 1956 to 1960

My own standard equipment fits in my light hiker's pack. Best advice I have for visitors to Morocco in winter: dress warmly.

Potholes, of all things are Montreal artists' ( Claudia Ficca and Davide Luciano ) muse. A pothole becomes a beer cooler while another is a.

The filter is collapsing contaminating the season with ruptures of tear gas in the streets of our newsfeed through tides of violence

I hit a big pothole while passing a truck immediately followed by a hissing sound and I thought I blew a tire. Turns out the rear splash guard broke off and ...

The tanners who work in the dye pits at the heart of the Fez Medina spend their days waist-deep in cow piss and pigeon shit.

By Rick Mannshardt


Kids playing in the waterfall Devil's Hopyard State Park East Haddam, CT

A few years ago, I sold on GEMM, a site for record collectors. I don't even remember if I ever even sold anything, but, given eBay's decline, ...



“Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and enjoy the journey.”

2002-02 the Computer Paper - Ontario Edition | Computer Keyboard | Personal Computers

... in my tire, and it's not even five months since I bought brand new tires... A bunch of curses and whining and a spare tire later, I was still incredibly ...

Life in Livingstone

A confusion of streets in Camaguey

... bicycles, motorcycles, and even small vans all squeezed through the gate into Al Muizz Il Din Allah, one of the main streets of the old city.

Feral Feeders: street cats in Essaouira, Morocco

It's not everyday we see such unique architecture in Orange County. This castle-like turret was once used as a staircase to provide access from the top of ...

The mountains offer more dirt roads, both double and single track, than can explored in just one lifetime. Do not rush through the Atlas range!


Another street litter.

The Reading Post reports today (7 January 2014) that almost 1,000 potholes have been filled on Reading's roads over the last five months.

Solomon, Susan One Heart

The will of the people seems clear here (although I qualify this, just as bit, for there are many more millions who were not in the street than the several ...

Night in Nanango

The entire street in front of the museum was full of tanks ready for the next riot, also a big building burnt out next door.

The boys in the Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Gerald Leonard's photography has appeared in the member shows at ASK, the Art association of Kingston. He is on Flikr. Go to List of Poets


... navigate the last hour or so of winding deserted mountain roads in pitch black - in hindsight a very fun experience but not really what we wanted to do!


Piscina Natural do Simão Dias, Fajã do Ouvidor - Ilha de São Jorge - Açores, Portugal

Hello, Gorgeous: 17 of the Prettiest College Campuses

... of rock salt way up in the trunk over the rear wheels. Oh, and pick up ingredients for margaritas while you're out. You've already got the salt, right?

... and Mario Batali in the non-running shoe4africa department. IF you can volunteer to help on Monday, pleae copy and paste [email protected] into your ...

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Ellie and her husband snap a selfie on a beach in Madagascar

This one: | 27 Bumper Stickers That Are Actually Funny

This quaint Croatian lighthouse looks out across the Istrian Peninsula, runs on solar power and

If I had actually tossed the rock, I'm sure the gale force winds would have sent it sailing back into my face in retribution

finest-san-diego: “ a winter moment (hospitals reef, la jolla potholes) (by max vuong) ”

You can avoid the crowds by travelling in shoulder season where you'll find deserted

11 Beautiful Things to Do in Saguaro National Park

[3-Jul_16_MINIsbytheSea.jpg] MINIs at this year's British by the ...

Tide Pool at Moss Beach in California, USA

SUNNY SHOP 2017 New Korean Rivets Bucket Women Shoulder Bags PU Leather Composite Bag Students Girls Small Messenger Bag Set - us695

This picture taken in China elevates a tangle of roads from the mundane to high art – the aerial angle turning them into a mesmerising pattern


Brotherhood of Mankind, by Mario Armengol: a collection of very tall, slim figures http://www.traveladventures.org/continents/americas/calgary-street-art. ...


k there is too much in the painting and the blue balloon focal point hasn't really worked. Tried orange, but that wasn't any better.

Shenandoah National Park

Assisi: round street on site of Roman theatre

Giant Fez! Dallas, PA Photo Op Stop

steam_game_generator/description.txt at master · applepinegames/steam_game_generator · GitHub

... have flowed out of the highlands and hit the rocks with such force that it resulted in these potholes and even a gorge that runs along the riverbed.

Another ...

Like an episode of Lost, you'll find yourself in the jungle, in a luxuriously tangled aircraft fuselage offering a private villa in the Rainforest.

Qootes On Slow People - Quotes 4 You

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