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Quot Blasto the first Hanar spectre He39s got a lover in every port and a

Quot Blasto the first Hanar spectre He39s got a lover in every port and a


Blasto: The 1st Hanar Spectre by RascalArt ...


Blasto: "Badassfully, are you sleeping with my sister?" "Slumber would

mass effect universe select an action below quote reply quick quote .

There's an artist's impression


Blasto movie poster Mass Effect 2

deviantART: More Like Reaper Elcor by *AndrewRyanArt

... Ash and Kate sit down with author ...

Nice rundown of many of the characters. I was always a sucker for a knight in banged up armor.

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All those unused Combos mentioned above (the Black Core Medals, Poseidon's Medals, and Kougami's Medals from Megamax) were given ...

This ...

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Because we see the Normandy crashing into a jungle on a planet with one big and one small Moon. Zorya (the planet when Zaeed's loyalty mission takes place ...

This quote really seems to define Mass Effect. "You trying to make me cry, Mass Effect?" Yes, you are trying, and yes, you have succeeded.

Shepards Terminal: Shadow Broker Files

when you know exactly who the top 5 people are on your shit list

RTFM or things are gonna get FUBAR.

I love that this bebeh turian has a blasto teddy. #masseffect

With such incredible ship detail and design, it was always a shame we never got to pilot the Normandy through the Omega relay with our own sweaty hands.

Reaper Drell/Hanar hyrbrid

Admiral David Anderson, Mass Effect Neutral Good

Quick idea of Elcor armor with a crazy hanar Mass Effect Elcor and Hanar


Mass Effect 3, James Vega, Ah yeah... no need for anything romantic with James... No need at all Bioware >:(

Kasumi loves her sushi raw... let's keep it a secret that we eat

After you yelled at me on Horizon you expected me not to go get some? I don't wait around an entire game for a maybe in the next.

Demopan ...

Come for the beautiful weather! Stay for the mind-control enslavement and eventual eradication

The thing is, it looks badly out of scale with everything else, like it was a smaller texture that got blown up 2000x to serve as a cool piece of wreckage.

Wasn't Sheperd's face being horribly bruised, bloody and overall horrifically injured?

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Supergirl By Elee0228-d59i6r4 by elee0228