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Divinemoon Characteristics of Children of Babalu Aye The

Divinemoon Characteristics of Children of Babalu Aye The


orixas obaluae - Pesquisa Google

Obaluaye e Oxum- Pintor Jerry DÓxossi Mais

oxossi | Tumblr

Liliana Ostrovsky: Ilustrações: Agosto 2012

The Art of Stephen Hamilton - ”Daquan as Babalu Aye” Acrylic On Paper

babalu aye

divinemoon: Maferefun Babalu Aye! He is an Orisha of healing.


Orixá Obaluayê by Jean Louiss

Babalu Aye

Orixás & Umbanda: Orixás - Infomação

The Art of Stephen Hamilton - ”Daquan as Babalu Aye” Acrylic On Paper

babalu aye


Babalu'aye by Jesus Miguel Quintana

Obaluaiê nao e menino que se compra com um tustao so se lembra de Obaluaie atoto

December 17th is the La Regla Lucumi, Santeria, Feast of Babalu Aye, also

divinemoon: Yewa: Daughter of Oduduwa and Obatala. Sister of.

Babalu aye

Babalu Aye is The Orisha of sickness and disability. Yoruba/Santeria believe that this




Babalu Aya

Babalu-Aye is the god of healing and illness. He is known to be

divinemoon: Ache pa ti Babalu Aye Mi viejito San.

Find this Pin and more on grim by babultmann.

❤Aqui Viene Babalu-Aye by Gerardo Castro | Orishas Art ❤ | Pinterest | Babalu aye, Orisha and African art

divinemoon: “Babalu Aye is an Orisha extremely powerful and feared. Orisha of leprosy

Bracelets 98480: Babalu Aye Eleke -> BUY IT NOW ONLY: $30 on eBay

Find this Pin and more on BABALU AYE by MI RELIGION ES YORUBA.

Babalú Ayé. Orisha milagroso de los pobres y enfermos

Babalu Aye

Explore Babalu Aye, Yoruba People and more!

Cutest Babalu aye Santero on St Lazarus day

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Obaluayê e Omulu, os Donos da Calunga Pequena.

divinemoon: Characteristics of Children of Babalu Aye: The... Babalu AyeCreative IdeasAfrican

San Lazaro Cuba Babalu Aye with 20 inch Chain 18k Gold Plated - San Lazaro Charm

Babalu Aye

divinemoon: The children of Yemaya tend to be strict, authoritarian, arrogant, lovers

Babalu aye by Carmelo prado

Necklaces and Pendants 98506: San Lazaro .925 Sterling Silver Pendant-Charm-Dije. Babalu AyeSterling Silver Pendants

Today, we feature one of the most important anthologies ever published. Not only is it entertaining as hell, it breaks new ground in that it features ...

San Lazaro 12" inch Statue-Estatua Lazarus Babalu Aye Santeria Cape Capa Yoruba

Babalu Aye Eleke, Santeria Yoruba

Obaluaê by Celia Sodré, via Flickr

Babalú Ayé ,Omolu azunsu by Guto-Reason

ebbo con azogguano/babalu aye santería - YouTube

Babalú Aye Ceremony

Babalu Aye❤

divinemoon: ““Here comes Oya with her luminous Crown. Here comes Oya with the wind and the rain. Here comes Oya, the Queen of the wind and the.

Babalu Aye, Santos

Ajunsun by Oradine

Sets without Stones 177019: San Lazaro .925 Sterling Silver Pendant-Charm-Dije

Ozabuano, babaluaye, ochosi

Pin by Angela Brathwaite on Natural Hair Art | Pinterest | Natural hair art

Babalú Ayé by BeLoved

Oxum e Iansã

Babalu Aye Limited Edition Bracelet

babalu aye & Oya

South American San Lazaro .925 Sterling Silver Pendant-Charm-Dije Babalu Aye Cuba

Necklaces & Pendants San Lazaro-Medal-18K Gold Plated Medalla Pendant With Chain -

Babalu Aye



Pin by Souann Louis on Vodou | Pinterest | Orisha, Witch doctor and African art

December 17th Feast of Babalu Aye | Babalu aye, Natural history and Orisha

Editorial transforma pessoas em orixás através do Paint


Babalu Aye Collar/Necklace

Religion Yoruba Art - Babalu-aye by Andrea Ninetta Hernandez

Encanto de Uma Linda Cigana do Oriente OMULU -OBALUAIÊ

Babalu Aye

San Lazaro Babalu Aye Santeria Orishas Collares de by OshaDesigns, $12.00

Babalu Aye

San Lazaro Babalu Aye inspired earrings by ModernOrisha on Etsy

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San Lazaro

Terra, Altars, He Is, Spirituality, Altar

Babalu Aye

divinemoon: “A Santera with lots of jewelry! ”

divinemoon: “ Oya, is a great Orisha, sweet and scary at the same time, who is present in the light winds but also in hurricane force winds, squalls, ...

Obaluaiyê, orixá das doenças epidérmicas e pragas, orixá da cura. / Omolu, orixá da transformação. linhadasaguas.com.br

Oxum, Obaluae, Oyá e Logun

divinemoon: Siete días con siete nochespor el mundo... Babalu AyeAfrican ...

San Lazaro, Babalu Aye, Papa Vye Legba

Exu - Andre Luiz Ferreira - Orixas

The Divine Moon: Photo

(via divinemoon)

San Lazaro Babalu Aye Crystal modern Bracelet

divinemoon: Chango!He is the Orisha of the thunder and.

Babalú Ayé By Bianca R

"Yoruba African Orishas" Photography Series by James C. Lewis. "

"Ogun" by Claudia Krindges

Necklaces and Pendants 98506: San Lazaro .925 Sterling Silver Pendant Charm - Babalu Aye

Ogum by Andre Horan, Love he's art work ❤

Babalu Aye Voodoo Stick Doll