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Wandering through the old Fez Medina where vendors of various

Wandering through the old Fez Medina where vendors of various


The 1300 year old walled Fes Medina is a place to wander, to get lost, and to discover. It is one of the world's largest pedestrian zones.

Fruit Vendor Fes el Bali the Old Medina Fez Fès-Boulemane Northern Morocco Moroccan North Africa

Fruit Vendor Fes el Bali the Old Medina Fez Fès-Boulemane Northern Morocco Moroccan North Africa

A gate to the medina in Fez. Credit Ben Sklar for The New York Times

Street Vendor Fes el Bali the Old Medina Fez Fès-Boulemane Northern Morocco North Africa

A medieval warren of riads (traditional houses built around courtyards), shops and ateliers. Credit Daniel Rodrigues for The New York Times

Fes morocco

Bab Boujeloud, the Blue Gate at the entrance to the Fes Medina in Morocco

Bab Boujloud, one of the entrances to the medina ...

Street vendors in Fes Morocco

Classic view of a minaret through the mosaic entry gates to the old medina of Fez

Walled city of Fez

walking the streets of the medina in Fez, Morocco, North Africa

"The old Tannery in Medina in Fez, Morocco. The tannery is composed of

Cruise the souks – Most people would say “get lost in the medina” but we were actually quite supriesed how well our compass worked as we wandered around.

wandering the fez medina in morocco

Navigating the Mazy Medina in Fez, Morocco

Street Vendor Fes el Bali the Old Medina Fez Fès-Boulemane Northern Morocco North Africa

The Bab Bou Jeloud gate also known as The Blue gate at the medina of Fez

Nejjarine Fountain and museum in Fes, Morocco

Fez Cityscape Fes Leather Tannery Morocco Africa

Street Vendor Fes el Bali the Old Medina Fez Fès-Boulemane Northern Morocco North Africa

Livestock was plentiful, ranging form dead (butcher shops) to dead-by-your-command (live chicken vendors).

A young man washing his hands at the famous fountain in Najjarine square.

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The Fez Medina

Chaouwara Tanneries in Fes has been washing, treating, smoothing and colouring animal skins into

Fez was the capital of Morocco for a long time, until its title was taken by Rabat in 1925. The city has two old medinas, the larger being Fes el Bali, ...


Fez El Bali or the old Medina has a raw appeal. For a visitor like me the Medina looked liked it was in a perpetual state of chaos.

Random Postcard from Anywhere: It's possible to spend days wandering through the “the old souk” in Fes, Morocco. No cars, just people and thousands of shops ...

Travel Guide to the Fascinating City of Fes, Morocco | Royal palace, Morocco and Wander

narrow passages in Medina-UNESCO WHS

While wandering through the Medina we stopped and saw a 14th-century religious college–a beautiful example, among many, of Islamic architecture.

Here is a quick guide to Fes, Morocco, to help you know how to best visit, what to see, do and eat.

View from a roof in the medina of Fez, Fes in Morocco.

Fez Medina Hilltop

Bab Bou Jeloud, Fez, Morocco

Most instagrammable places in Morocco - the golden doors at the Royal Palace in Fes


Visiting a tannery located in the medina in Fez, Morocco

The carpet lined streets of the Fez Medina


The Tanner's Tale: Life in the Medina of Fez

I enjoyed a traditional Moroccan lunch at one of the oldest restaurants in the Medina. Did a bit of souvenir hunting and enjoyed watching the craftsmen and ...

Chouara (Chaouwara) Leather Tanneries in Fez Medina

Bab Bou Jeloud, Fez (Dreamstime)

Medina of Fez, Morocco

Morocco Fez medina Bab Bou Jeloud Alvaro German Vilela shutterstock_365522225

No cars can fit through the small streets of the Medina so the only way to transport supplies in and out is by mules or small chariots.

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All photos (21) Medina of Fez

It rose like a dream: The walled Old Medina, a Unesco World Heritage Site

Fez Medina Rooftop

Medina of Fez

The Medieval City Of Fes In Morocco

Deep in the Medina, Fes

Fez Medina Riad Interior

Visiting the Leather Tanneries of Fez in Morocco

…and mesmerizing vibrant ceramics that are all sculpted and hand-painted. These are just a few of many shops we explored on our day in the Medina.

The Tanner's Tale: Life in the Medina of Fez

Jewish quarters in Fez

An early walk at the medina in Fes, Morocco.

Fez & Region

Tips for visiting Fez, Morocco | The Cheerful Wanderer

fashion blogger morocco door

Biggest medina in the world - Review of Medina of Fez, Fes, Morocco - TripAdvisor

Fez Medina Alleyway

Chouara Tannery in Morocco

Visit the two Madrasas in Fes known as the Al-Attarien madrasa and the Bou Inania Madrasa – Not usually my cup of tea but I must admit they even had me ...

Fez Medina L'Art Du Bronze

Fez (Fes) Morocco is an enchanting city with a UNESCO protected medina is one of Morocco's top medieval gems. Discover all of the highlights of Fez.

Medina of Fez, Morocco

Shopping in Fez, Morocco

View of Fez El Bali

Beautiful Accommodation|Cookery Classes|Destinations|Morocco

Green hills just outside of the walls of the Medina in Fes, Morocco

22 Apr What Walls Witnessed in Morocco

Fez: The medieval capital of Morocco

Looking down into the ancient 11th century tannery in Fes, Morocco. “

Visiting Fez, Morocco with a tour guide | The Cheerful Wanderer

'Kingdom of Morocco, Fes, Fes el Bali, Medina of Fes - listed

72hrs in Fez

Rainbow Street in the Medina, Fes, Morocco by Wandering Wheatleys

Palais Faraj: A Luxury Hotel in Historic Fez, Morocco

10x what to do in the royal city of Fez, Morocco

We visited Fez, Morocco — a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the former capital of Morocco — while volunteering in Rabat. It's known for the medina of Fes ...

North Africa Morocco Fez medina tannery Pocholo Calapre shutterstock_283368632

See The Blue Gate – A big ass blue gate, bigger than your average one, marks the entrance to the old town medina of Fes. It's a good place to start your day ...

Fez Medina

The Medersa Bou Inania is one of the most strikingly restored theological colleges in Fez,

Fes - Fez-BabGuissaGate, Morocco

Items for sale within Fez's Medina walls

Artisanal arts and crafts for sale in the souks of the Fez Medina, Morocco, 2016-12-03. The entire old, walled medina of Fez el Bali is a UNESCO Worl