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US Marine in Hue shot through the thigh by a communist sniper is

US Marine in Hue shot through the thigh by a communist sniper is


US Marine in Hue, shot through the thigh by a communist sniper, is helped by his buddies. Jan - Feb 1968.

A Marine sniper takes aim from behind a tree as his comrade looks through a pair of binoculars to establish the enemy position. John Olson/Stars and Stripes ...

Marines in Hue City fight through the ruins during the Tet Offensive. One Marine is

A Remembrance of Hue, Vietnam 1968

US Marines in Hue, 1968. Photographed by Don McCullin.

Marine Division sniper fighting in Hue City, Tet, February

This Marine Was The 'American Sniper' Of The Vietnam War

USMC looking at the photos in French magazine Match in Hue City, 1968.

Carlos Hathcock marine sniper US ...

Marine Sniper Instructor, now with extra motivation. Hoo Rah! Story by Callie Oettinger

US Marine drawing a bead on a Viet sniper during the Battle of Hue, US forces caused the communists over KIAs in one of the bitterest close quarters ...

1968: Richard Schlagel, with the octopus in his helmet, tends to James Blaine

Shell-shocked US Marine in Hue, Vietnam, 1968. Picture: Don McCullin

Reporter Dan Southerland covering fighting in Vietnam in May 1968.

A US Marine pinned down by North Vietnamese Army sniper fire in the Citadel 1968 at

1968: Selwyn 'S-Man' Taitt (bottom left), the youngest

A U. S. marine wounded during the Battle of Hué receives medical…

Airsoft Event - Battle for the City of Hue - City of Dead

05 Feb 1968, Hue - A U.S. Marine aims a recoiled rifle at a target

... holds a captured Chinese flamethrower, in Vietnam. As the country celebrated Lunar New Year after midnight on Jan. 31, 1968, Communist forces launched a ...

British photojournalist Don McCullin in Hue, February 1968. Directly behind him is Myron Harrington

US Marine in Hue, shot through the thigh by a communist sniper, is helped by his buddies. Jan - Feb 1968. | Faces of War | Pinterest

One Shot, One Kill — Guaranteed?

February Hue, South Vietnam --- U. Marines charge through streets as fighting continues between Allied and Communist forces. --- Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

1968: Taitt may also be the subject of this McCullin image, captioned 'US

Eric Henshall, a 24-year-old Marine sniper attached to Delta Company in

Marine Corps Looks to Make Job-Specific Gear

A scout sniper prepares his shot on target using a sniper rifle Canvas Art - Stocktrek Images x

Americans remember grinding, exhausting Hue battle as 'particularly brutal' - 1968 stories - Stripes

FILE - In this Feb. 20, 1968, file photo, a motorized cart

Marine Sgt. Jesse E. Leach drags a comrade shot by a sniper while patrolling in Garma, Iraq, October 31, 2006. (João Silva/The New York Times) [2100 × 1400] ...

(Photo courtesy of "Doc" John Roberts, O-2, CPT, USMC, Ret. )

Hovering US Army helicopters pour machine gun fire into the tree line to cover the advance

FILE - In this Feb. 11, 1968, file photo, Air Force medics

Marines ...


Two Vietnamese women do their best to get on with their daily lives despite the presence of newly arrived U.S. Marines patrolling near Danang, April 1965.

Marine Corps veteran Lynn Stermolle, who fought in Vietnam, speaks about being hit with

One Million Steps: A Marine Platoon at War

This US Marine lost his right leg below the knee in battle. He now has a prosthetic, and remains on active duty. He has detached his prosthetic leg, ...

U.S. troops of the 7th and 9th divisions wade through marshland during a joint operation on South Vietnam's Mekong Delta, in April of 1967.

FILE - In this February, 1968, file photo, a unit of the 1st Battalion, 5th Regiment U.S. Marines, rests alongside a battered wall of Hue's imperial p

A U.S. service member, upper left, climbs from balcony to balcony while another,

A Patton tank makes its way through the streets of Hue, Vietnam, in 1968. John Olson/Stars and Stripes BUY PHOTO


File:Marine Corps sniper team, Khe Sanh Valley.jpg

2018: Richard Schlagel earlier this month

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Marines ...

Marines at Ho Chi Minh Trail South of Khe Sahn. Photographs by John RIEDY/TGGF Director of Photography.

Vietnam War Marine Corps veterans, from left to right, Steven Berntson, Ed Niederberger

Mark A. Brilakis, Commander, U.S. Marine Corps Forces Command

Humanitarian G.I.'s. Firefight where G.I. pushes little kid under jeep for protection,

16 Feb 1968, Hue, South Vietnam — U.S Marine Richard Prince keeps his head low as he drags a wounded buddy from the ruins of the Citadel's outer wall during ...

FILE - In this Feb. 21, 1968, file photo, a hospital corpsman

In this 1967 photo, AP correspondent Peter Arnett walks in front of a U.S. tank in Vietnam. The AP's Peter Arnett reported on the Vietnam War from 1962 ...

(Right to left) Lt. Gen. John E. Wissler, Commander,

U.S. Marine Corps veterans Richard Prince and Joe Silva examine a plaque in a cemetery for

5, 1968, file photo, a blinded U.S.

1968: Joel Adkins, H&S Company, 1st Battalion, 5th Marines,

The M47 "Dragon" Anti-Tank Guided Missile Launcher

Top to Bottom: 1LT Grenville Sutcliffe, CPT H. E. "Rip" Van Winkle, SGT Dennis Craig Lansing U. S. Army Special Forces, FOB-3, January 1968

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Marine Advisors With the Vietnamese Provencial Reconnaissance Units 1966-1970 | Vietnam War | United States Marine Corps

The Day Chris Kyle Died: Text Messages and Terror in the 'American Sniper's' Final Hours With Killer Eddie Ray Routh

Marines Receive Welcome Home from LA Law Enforcement. Photographs by John RIEDY/TGGF Director of Photography. Copyright 2018: The Greatest Generations ...

17, 1968, file photo, a U.S. Marine

“When you share the battlefield and the communion of blood and guts that occurs there, every emotion an individual has is forthcoming,” he says.

Hue 1968 tet offensive US marines

He is missed by his family, and those of us who are fortunate enough to still be here because of his courage and professionalism.

Marine Corps veterans and lifelong friends Joe Silva, right, and Ron Tingle walk along


CBS correspondent Morley Safer reports from the village of Cam Ne, set ablaze by U.S. Marines. His report so enraged the Johnson administration that Dean ...

Approximately 150 U.S. Marines were killed along with 400 South Vietnamese troops at the Battle of Huế.

When you hear the title Marines, people usually think or have the thoughts of the 200lb monsters ready to pull you appendages off who are locked ...

U.S. Marines rush ashore at Danang, ready for combat.

The first sergeant of A Company, 101st Airborne Division, guided a medevac helicopter through the jungle to retrieve casualties near Hue in April 1968.

Marines at Monkey Mountain with US Flag. Photographs by John RIEDY/TGGF Director of Photography.

A South Vietnamese Marine, severely wounded in a Viet Cong ambush, is comforted by

Carlos Hathcock

Marines Hue city

Lance ...

I suppose Mogie was relating it to our American Revolution, that he saw their need for their own freedom. But as an American citizen, he also saw the larger ...

Full Metal Jacket

A great and legendary quote by US Marine and two-time Medal of Honor recipient, Dan Daly. During the Battle of Belleau Wood, Daly stood up and yelled to his ...

Battle of Hue, Vietnam, 1968

This American Marine is in a firefight in Afghanistan. He ducked just in time as an enemy bullet hit the rock wall behind ...

In this 1966, photo, AP correspondent Peter Arnett wears gas mask while reporting on U.S. effort to penetrate enemy tunnel systems, in Vietnam.

QUESTION TIME: Communist prisoners await transport to an interrogation centre in Hue.

After-action report: Lieutenant Philip Brady explains to a reporter what has just happened at Binh Gia, New Year's Day, 1965. Behind him are some of the ...

South Vietnamese rangers, sent to relieve the siege of Plei Mei, run a gauntlet of enemy sniper fire as they enter the camp's perimeter.

A mother rushes her baby to safety as U.S. Marines storm the village of My Son near Danang, April 1, 1965.

(From right to left) Lt. Gen. John E. Wissler, Commander

Walk smartly Marine. And indeed he is. A US Marine, wearing an artificial leg, walks at his base near al-Qaim in western Iraq. Photo credit: Patrick Baz, ...

Approximately 150 U.S. Marines were killed along with 400 South Vietnamese troops at the Battle of Huế.

A U.S. service member walks among dirt and debris of battle at the ornate Imperial Palace

Marine Fashions the U.S. flag in Preparation to Hoist it Over the Citadel, in the Imperial City

A little while ago, I posted about exploring some changes to the rate of fire bonus on firearms to see if weapons with three round bursts should have some ...

Carlos Hathcock Marine Sniper