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Turkish heliograph at Huj 1917 The Great War t Wwi

Turkish heliograph at Huj 1917 The Great War t Wwi


World War 1 in the Middle East. Turkish troops use a Heliograph, solar telegraph that signals by flashes of sunlight. The soldiers are at Huj, in Gaza, ...

Officers of the Turkish camel cavalry during a coffee break on their march through Syria in

Turkish machine-gunners with German officers during the fighting at the Dardanelles, Turkey.

A Turkish artillery squad at Harcira, in 1917. Turkish troops with a German 105 mm light field howitzer M98/09. #

1917. Two tanks are moving towards the left, followed by troops. In the foreground some soldiers are sitting and standing at the roadside.

World War I Centennial: Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece Declare War .


Dog delivering rations to German soldiers. Q 23700 The German Army ensured that its men

Turkey in the First World War - Gallipoli

Turkey in the First World War


Turkish field telephone at Huj, 1917.

Turkish troops on parade at Gallipoli during World War I, circa

Q Turkish prisoners of war.


Turkish Ottoman soldiers in World War I. Arrest Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for Treason. No Democrats.

Turkish dead at Tell el Ful in 1917 LofC ppmsca-13291.00048v - Battle of


WW1: The Third Battle of Ypres - The Leading British Offensive Of 1917

1876 ottoman empire postage stamp enlarged on canvas #history

9 1917 1 0 A1 1 Turkish troops Romania WWI World War One Romania Romanian campaign

31 October 1917 - Battle of Beersheba - This was part of a wider British offensive

... ww1; France, Meuse, Douaumont, carriage ride in the middle of the destroyed village where

King George V looking at a German machine-gun belt at a captured German post

Esad Pasha and his staff officers.WW1

Kaiser Wilhelm II with Ottoman officials. They are inspecting Turkish troops in East Galicia,

Ottoman coastal defences in the Dardanelles

WWI; Captured by the Austrian 305-mm field guns of the Italian Obice 305

The picture was taken in 1917 near Jerusalem. World War I was probably the last major war that Horses played a significant role in.

Ottoman Turkish Uniforms WW1 History First World War Militaria Turkey Wargaming Military Insignia Uniform Crimea Crimean

WWI: Australian soldiers in Egypt

£2.51 GBP - British Prisoners With Ottoman Guards Battle Of Gaza 1917 World War 1

First Battle of Gaza

'Palestine' - soldiers fighting in the Middle East during World War I, 1917 '

Turkish gun captured during the charge, now at Victoria Barracks, Melbourne.

World War I in Photos: Technology - Holt gas-electric tank - the first American tank in The Holt did not get beyond the prototype stage, proving too heavy ...

Arab Patrol


#ClippedOnIssuu from WAR AGAINST WAR Photography and World War One, Part 2

... field artillery brigade walk on a duckboard track laid across a muddy, shattered battlefield in Chateau Wood, near Hooge, Belgium, on October 29, 1917.

#ClippedOnIssuu from No Man's Land: Photography and the Great War


Turkish soldiers in a covered shelter at Kanle Sirt. Copied from 'Gallipoli…

#ClippedOnIssuu from WAR AGAINST WAR Photography and World War One, Part 2

World War I in Photos: Soldiers and Civilians

Ottoman "justice" during WW1 somewhere in the Ottoman-occupied Middle East. Massacre

Huj, Gaza - Image: Huj. Huj, Gaza - Ottoman heliograph crew at Huj during World War I, 1917

8 best Turkey and Otoman Empire images on Pinterest | Ottoman empire, History and Middle east

[Ottoman Empire] Ottoman Cemetery in Podwiesoky, Galicia Front, WW1 (Galiçya Cephesinde

World War I in Photos: A gigantic shell crater, 75 yards in circumference, Ypres, Belgium, October (Australian official photographs/State Library of New ...


World War I in Photos: Global Conflict

... setting up using a tandem bicycle power generator to power a light radio station in September of (National Archive/Official German Photograph of WWI)

World War I in Photos: Introduction - The Atlantic 30 A stretcher bearer patrol painfully makes its way through knee-deep mud near Bol Singhe during the ...

At Cambrai, German soldiers load a captured British Mark I tank onto a railroad, in November of Tanks were first used in battle during World War I, ...

German soldiers flee a gas attack in Flanders, Belgium, in September of Chemical weapons were a part of the arsenal of World War I armies from the beginning ...

20-26 September 1917 - Battle of Menin Road Ridge - Wounded Allied soldiers after

1914 Erzurum-Ermeni Tüccarlar

6a501db6788f8bc3147fbec59d7a4924_XL.jpg (600×387) | ludek marold | Pinterest | Figurative

Two Tanks knocked out of action near Tank Corner, Ypres Salient, October 1917.

World War I in Photos: British MkIV "Bear" tank, abandoned after battle near Inverness Copse, on August 22 , (Brett Butterworth)

Turkey in the First World War - Balkan Wars

Forces loyal to the Kaiser and Imperial government prepare to do battle against insurgents near the

Dinge en Goete (Things and Stuff): This Day in World War 1 History

Turkish army, including cavalry, infantry and artillery. Smithe/National World War I Museum, Kansas City, Mo.

Gaza attacks on 1 and 2 November

The Ottoman Empire 1798 - 1923

A group of Germans with a black Ottoman soldier in Galicia, [[MORE]

çanakkale savaşı-- Geyikli Alay olarak tanınan 39. Alay'ın subayları ve Mehmetçikler

greatwar-1914: September 6, 1917 - Haydarpaşa Train Station.

Australian soldier getting his haircut by a Turkish POW in Gallipoli, 1915 - [ 700 x 679 ]

(Bibliotheque nationale de France); 33. The conflict, called the Great War ...


Turkey Flag & Word American Made T-Shirt - Red

The Australians at Gallipoli, from May-August 1915 - Turkish attacks, the August Offensive and the battles of Lone Pine and Hill

Stores at Sedd el Bahr Gallipoli Turkey World War I 1915 View showing the steamship SS

10367733_450844728392718_1089543448824762964_n - WAR HISTORY ONLINE

Two German soldiers dressing their wounds at the make shift aid stantion at Zillebeke, during the Battle of the Menin Road September 1917

Lewis Machine Gun · Ww1 PhotosWar ...

World War I in Photos: The Western Front, Part I - The Atlantic

Surreal Photos That Capture What World War I Looked Like In Color

American victory parade, First World War - Stock Image

Crystal Palace War Museum and Great Victory Exhibition - circa 1920. The largest gun used

Battle, Turkish Soldiers, Mart

Dorot - Image: Dorot i

Turkish troops use a heliograph at Huj, near aza City, in 1917. A heliograph is a wireless solar telegraph that signals by flashes of sunlight usually using ...

World War I in Photos: Technology

Japanese Red Cross station, operating near Tsingtao in (Bibliotheque nationale de France). World War I in Photos: Global Conflict - The Atlantic.

... WWI); 61.


World War I in Photos: Technology