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The Sylvari are pretty much my new favorite fantasy race Click

The Sylvari are pretty much my new favorite fantasy race Click


Commission for It's a bit tilted and cropped to the original~ Making of: * klick*

Guild Wars 2: the Sylvari

17 best Sylvari images on Pinterest | Guild wars 2, Character ideas and Character inspiration

ArtStation - Sylvari, Grace Zhu

Edit: little touch-up of the artwork to make it a bit brighter. I pushed this portrait slightly further previous version: Floral Fairy

Fairy Style Sylvari Fairy Style Sylvari Guild Wars 2 Art & Pictures

Sylvari drawing

Icy Sylvari by ~Tsylore on deviantART (cropped for detail)

First of the "Monster Squad" submissions I'll be doing. MS is a loose collaboration of chicago game artists that want to keep doing fun stuff.

Sylvari by Angevere ...

sylvari - Google Search · Fantasy RacesSci ...

Guild Wars 2 - My Sylvari by Qvi ...

Sylvari concepts, Nanna Valbjørn on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.

Testing Paintstorm, a wild Sylvari appeared ! Then, it turned in a Guild Wars 2 fanart Paintstorm painting+Photoshop effects and textures Sylvari sketch

This Guild Wars 2 sylvari thief comes to us courtesy of Brett Lee.

My first guild wars drawing it's my noob guardian.

She'd pine for her lost love, but she's not that. Who are the Sylvari?

Nighttime phosphorescent glow examples of the sylvari race for Guild Wars

Guild Wars 2 Sylvari

Guild Wars 2: Designing the Sylvari - News Discussion - General Discussion Forums at MMORPG.com

There are five races in Guild Wars 2, but up until now we've only been able to play as three - the humans, the cat people and the bigger humans.

Sylvari Summer by Jamie Jang

My new(ish) Sylvari thief that I created with the PoF expansion! Sylvari are the most beautiful fantasy race of all time (fite me)

... the sylvari (they did actually look very much like regular elves ...

Sylvari inspired by *vinegar on deviantART

Sylvari Itzal by Zyden ...

partially as an apology for flanderizing her in all my GILG jokes lol, here& Lirra (also an opportunity to test my new cintiq so I went. kinda more ...

Guild Wars 2 - Sylvari by Natsumi1122 on DeviantArt

Sylvari by MagicnaAnavi ...

Found this page in the May 2007 issue of PCGamer. My hype for GW2 started when they announced it on this issue!

Image credit:

Guild Wars 2 | Sylvari Fanart by RyomaNinja

Iconic character concept design for the player race sylvari in Guild Wars

So ...

A beautiful Trahearne is beautiful

Sharishash Raksharash Character Inspiration

Redesign Sylvari by Vij-8 ...

Most of the Races are hard to look at

My favourite plant also known as Trahearne from Guild Wars process video

Race: Sylvari

Guild Wars 2 Sylvari Prototype by haikai13 ...

Guild Wars 2 Hairstyles by Alemja ...

The charr—an aggressive feline race—have perfected the bloody art of war. While they are ruthless, relentless terrors to their enemies, charr are also brave ...

GW2 Sylvari by Nilsyy on DeviantArt


... your race very carefully. 1 My grumpy Norn.

Destiny's Edge 02 concept art.jpg

Race: Sylvari

No one wants a throne you've been sitting on!


The five playable races

Guild Wars 2 - Ashenwyld by xX-Lone-Wolf-Xx ...


Sylvari Thief:

Mesmer from Guild Wars 2 Mesmer

I ...


same with asura gw2 is best BEST!

Guild Wars 2 | Fashion Wars Top Ten | The Human Race | The Krytan Herald

The Beastmaster by mSppice The Beastmaster by mSppice

Guild Wars 2 - Sylvari Necromancer by atryl ...

I absolutely love them, too. My favorite part is how they glow in the dark :) Here's my char from the stress test: ...

It's pretty impressive stuff when you consider that the developers could have easily left it at "they're plant people born from a tree; have fun."



Good luck!

Sylvari by telthona ...

My beautiful plant. I mean Sylvari.

And after spending quite a few hours trying many race/class combinations, i finally chose my main alt to be a sylvari mesmer.

Guild Wars 2 Summer Madness by Qvi ...

Planting a seed

Shown on another thread by here my two

Ymrii, Reaper of the Unknowable

Well i mean it is silly but i agree. I am tired of males in



Sylvari look like wood elfs covered in leaves (not bees!) It's a race of humanoid plants. People that growed like a tree. I would imagine them to look more ...


Pyratictiger- custom Outfit for Sylvari by Avionetca ...

... feature the shape of their heels with much less of a risk and better accuracy.

My necro has no eyes and somekind of burn marks.

During the day: ...

normie >liking humans

The Sylvari's real horror came when they discovered a race of

I really like the mushroom head. A ...

edit: Can somebody remind me how to make my pictures clickable like in a reply before me? I swear i knew it, but can't remember how after not doing it for a ...

Ted Turner never got back to me about my Captain Planet spec script. It involved

Idryd by hellcorpceo ...

There are none in my honest opinion. There's no good light armour in this game.

Guild Wars 2 Lore | Sylvari, Children of the Tree | The Herald

GW2: Sylvari by Manticora-Miorro ...

It ...

Are you kidding me charr females are so ******* boner

But I voted for Tier 1 because my sylvari elementalist wears the Snapdragon top and skirt, with Orchid boots.

asura second worst race only the sylvari are worse - #161913254 added by captainkilljoy at The new monster girls!