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Guys don't understand the struggle that girls go through. My period makes me

I hide the constant pain and struggle i go through with a smile. All of

This is so true.Nobody knows me, not the real me. I don't think people would understand the pain in my life

Helpful lyrics: "Now I am unbreakable, it's unmistakable/ No one can touch me/ Nothing can stop me"

I've been struggling so fucking much but this morning I woke up and realized

Okay, maybe not hero, exactly, but if thru my pain and struggle I

To achieve something in dis life 😳 de only person u can depend on is urself

I just want someone to love me through my weightloss struggle, all of pain and

I feel your pain. Check out Noah Elkrief on YouTube. He really understands "

She's been through more hell than you'll ever know. But that's what gives her beauty an edge... You can't touch a woman who can wear pain like the grandest ...

...don't judge me girl you got to know me, go through the pain i've been through,see the struggles i've seen to do that.

Drinking numbs the pain of my injuries. I don't care when people judge me...they ...

Michelle Sperinck on Twitter: "When you go through hard times it's an opportunity to grow and become strong #motivation #struggling http://t.co/Ya4rKHDt3Z"

21 Motivational Quotes About Strength

I struggle with chronic ptsd and depression. Its ruining my life, my job,

I think what hurts the most is when you struggle so hard for so long that people forget what you've been through and instead of showing compassion while you ...

I'm so... so tired of not being believed about my health, my pain or my struggles. Most ...

I will never recover, and this will only get worse. That's hard to accept

We are human, so we do go through pain and we struggle with things,

This is so true. Chronic pain; Fibromyalgia.

That's not my struggle. That's what I watch my husband go through.

516 best Inspirational Quotes for the Chronically Ill images on Pinterest | Chronic illness, Invisible illness and Chronic pain

Through all the pain and struggles that I go through during life, none of it matters, because once I am with you.. All of it goes away. You make me…

Psalm 142. “

Posted on July 12, 2017 Categories Parkinson's disease, Charcot Marie Tooth disease, Fybromyalgia , chronic pain, Parkinson's disease, Diagnosis, Health, ...

It's the struggles we go through that build the character in us with it you can become great. Click the link in my bio for some greatness.

Chronic Pain Sufferers :(

We are human, so we do go through pain and we struggle with things, but it's all about how you respond to a situation. My whole life, I've been responding ...

Feel My Pain..........(Dark Poem by Eyan Desir - Poem Hunter .

Also, she knew from conversations at home and at church that people who confessed to her secret were “worthy of total rejection from friends, ...

Through the stories I shared above you can see that even those who have carried me into bed, held my hair back when I'm sick, tried to feed me when I can't ...

I can't sleep. Too much pain. Fuck. My. Life. Fuck. My. Body. Fuck. This. Condition.



I learnt through my struggles that the best part of bad times is that they pass by. All pain subsides. All loss compensates.… https://t.co/BU3OnXYnlD"


Today, I struggled through a day of work. Since my college days I have experienced migraines and for the most part, headache pain is as much my friend as it ...

I crave her in the most innocent way.. I want to hold her hand

My Top 5 Recommendations For Anyone Struggling With Pain Or Disease — PLANTSEEDS

When the person you trusted the most at one point says,"I'm

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The most difficult thing I struggle with is letting go of past hurts and failures. It is a struggle to believe God has forgiven me from my past failures in ...

I went through a really dark struggle and did things I wasn't proud of. I've been clean for some time now and decided to visit my family, only to find this ...

We all have the inherent powers within us to overcome any situation in life, just realize that the fact you are reading this article is itself a wonder and ...

Why this is happening to me? Try to ask yourself questions that how can i improve my situation right now and come out as a better person.

Leo Buscaglia Quote: “Let go. Why do you cling to pain? There

With all that has happened..I think I am changing bit by bit. If not by a whole lot..but maybe a little bit. I try to observe more of my relationship ...

Do you struggle with chronic pain, fibromyalgia or constant anxiety and stress? Here is

We ...

marriage is hard marriage advice marriage counseling

The struggle with Fibromyalgia is that everyday it's something new. My everyday is a constant battle on an all-terrain track; full of dangers, no idea where ...

This section, by a Somali refugee, looks at how Muslim women wearing the hijab

Please share this brilliant graphic from Donnee

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Loneliness has been a huge struggle for me the past two years. I got engaged to my husband right after high school and we got married after my first ...

Young man is looking at the sunrise

Joint pain relief, causes and how to sort out that aching neck, frozen shoulder or sore knee - Mirror Online

It's hard for someone who has never been part of the struggle against apartheid to fathom how damaging apartheid was on the people that lived with it ...

~My instinct is to protect my children from pain. But adversity is often the

Facebook Between 2.4 and 3.5 million Americans visit the doctor for IBS each year. 5

13. They help you celebrate the milestones. "I have a tattoo that represents my struggle ...

This quote is one of my favourites, it's from an All Time Low song called " Missing You " and it always gives me a motivation boost that it's all very well ...

Bible Stories about struggles


infertility experience

Life is a Struggle and Pain

I have had had so many ups and downs with this illness, it always seems like just as I start to get okay, I get knocked down again.

Without health life is not life; it is only a state of langour and suffering

I struggle silently. I try to hide the pain, but it's there and I

And if paralysis isn't enough, she's battled breast cancer. And is currently struggling with unrelenting, excruciating pain from a bone fracture.

Although both come full of pain and suffering, there is another side. Working through my struggles has made me the person ...

I have this experience since I was a little boy. I have my best buddy; we go through everything together and even break the rules together.

For as long as I remember I had painful periods and the older I got, the worst they became. I was taught that's its "shameful" to talk about your period, ...

walking pain, legs hurt

I am thankful for all of the pain and suffering, struggles and defeat this life has given me. It has filled my heart with genuine compassion and concern for ...


I'm an Empath - I've known about my abilities for a long long time, but the struggle of having this "gift" is something to be said.

I am struggling with this and I think of my god children and children of friends who are dear to me. It is tough watching children go through pain when you ...

Helpful lyrics: "These times will try hard to define me/ And I'll try to hold my head up high"

Whether you're in physical pain or feel the mental anguish of heartbreak or grief

Lisa Goldberg gets honest about her maddening and heartbreaking journey to conceive.

The longer my physical struggles go on the more energy I have to spend on managing my thoughts and feelings.

We think about grief a lot around here – we write about types of grief, grief theory, personal reflections, creative expression for coping with grief, ...

7:34 AM - 27 Dec 2016

Fredo Santana - My Pain My Struggle

April 14 ...

infertility when others are pregnant

Wanna Know What it Really Feels Like to Get an IUD? Well, I Got One Yesterday and, Umm, Ouch | Glamour

An open book with illustration of stars over it and a poem called The Storyteller's Song

How to tell if you're thyroid is struggling and 13 tips to help it

14) Is gratitude really the only cure of all my struggles and emotional pain ?

MY STRUGGLE WITH PAIN. My story and experiences.

I'm Here for You Playlist: 81 Songs About Supporting Someone and Being There | Spinditty

It won't happen overnight and it will be a daily battle but in time it will get better with the proper treatment. You are not alone.

Intense Pain Relief! It has been a very ...