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Shooting through a scrim to get some silhouette shots like this of

Shooting through a scrim to get some silhouette shots like this of


Shooting through a scrim to get some silhouette shots like this of people doing sexy acts

Savage Heavyweight Translum Backdrop with model Becca Allison shot by Lopshire Photography

"Eclipse" shot by Lopshire Photography with a Savage Translum Background

Photography · shooting through scrim ...

This beautiful and dark "Eclipse" photo set was shot by photographer Rob Lopshire featuring

Halloween Ideas for Women

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silhouette photography

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silhouette photography

Nick Fancher was looking for a modifier to direct a thin beam of light onto his subjects, so he built his own.

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silhouette photography. Bright areas, especially in ...


Image detail for -Examples of Silhouette Photography silhouette Photography ... thewondrous.com

Silhouette Lighting Quick How To

back lighting silhouette - good light portraits

silhouette photography

I like the use of scrim for shadows for the "dream" sequences.

Shotkit_Charlotte_Reeves_09. Shotkit_Charlotte_Reeves_07. Shotkit_Charlotte_Reeves_06. Shotkit_Charlotte_Reeves_04. Shotkit_Charlotte_Reeves_03

Scrim for Lighting Detail

When I took this shot I was up close to the door way, you can sort of see the black netting. When you're shooting your talent in the middle of the room, ...

Here we have a deep blue sky and a silhouette of the model, perfect for what we need.

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How I Got That Shot: Caroline Knopf's Luxury and Color

For the second image, I blasted a light behind the subject. Rather than shoot a full silhouette, I wanted to add some slivers of light to define the edges ...


This amazing time light washes the subject with a warm glow & produces some beautiful images. Look at the golden light in this image & the beautiful long ...

We played with a few new ideas, such as silhouettes and simulating a bedroom setup, featuring the baby with the parents softly in the background.

A Syrian opposition fighter in a field in the southern Syrian city of Daraa on Monday

Using the silver and gold zebra stripes of a large 1.8m Sunbounce reflector we showed the class, how they can shoot in harsh lighting conditions, ...

Photo Shoot—Esther in Zingst

Try having your subject look through a small gap and capture a close-up shot of their eyes for some extra emotion.

Sun + Scrim + Flash = Perfection

When you're shooting your talent in the middle of the room, you will never see the Black Scrim. Here's another photo of the setup outside: ...

How to Use Flash pt. 2 – Lighting Concepts and Strategies - Photogs Unite!

Notice that one girl is spotlighted behind the backdrop and one is in front of the backdrop. This is a photographic interpretation of the theatrical scrim ...

Shooting with my mobile affords me many more opportunities than a traditional camera to capture great dishes. Lots of the photography in ...

How to Create a Powerful Cinematic Look with a Single Light - Scrimmed Lighting Image via Fstoppers

A few fun silhouette shots. Jump-1 Jump-2

When you're using just a projector to light your shot it's a bit easier

Direct light - if you are going to shoot in direct day light do it later in the afternoon so the coming from the side and not above.

iPhone Photography Low Angle 3. It's usually best to shoot silhouette ...

Which is really strange because there is little in this shot to give away the time period but I immediately wondered if the movie was set in the 70's but ...

Best Photography Books

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midday light photography

... me a great opportunity to share a little tip, Always check to see where the shadow from your scrim is falling in your frame. Had this been a great shot ...

silhouette photography

Joel Grimes on How to Modify Bright Backgrounds with a Scrim Net

The scrim or flag creates a darker area in the beam of light. I frequently try to make that dark area correspond to the torso or chest of the model wearing ...

midday light photography

If you visited WPPI, it was hard to miss me as I was running from booth to booth creating portraits and sharing new ideas. I am fortunate to be one of ...


Published in Advanced Photography Techniques. midday light photography

... was captured through Lightroom Mobile, I had Laura open the image in the same app and she made several adjustments to create more of a true silhouette.

Shooting in Sh*tty Light The Top Ten Worst Photography Lighting Situations and How to Conquer Them

Want some tips on how to make your interview lighting look better? Here are some rules on lighting and exposure that will help you out, as well as translate ...

person4 person1

Student Work

These were captured while I worked with the help of my wonderful parents to get the lights situated correctly behind the scrim. In this latest shoot ...

Using Car Headlights For Portrait Photography Lighting

Printed social silhouettes, awaiting pick up by attendees.

The last set up was the most successful in my opinion and was a double diffused light using a large soft light and a scrim really close to the subject.

For this second environmental shoot I used the theme of the basket ball and made it the main focus of the image. Becuase it was shot outside in the evening ...

Build A DIY Scrim For Under $50

Assignment entries for this chapter

side lighting - good light portraits

Notice that one girl is spotlighted behind the backdrop and one is in front of the backdrop. This is a photographic interpretation of the theatrical scrim ...

Chauvet DJ SlimPAR Q12 USB Effect Shot Red

midday light photography

silhouette - exposing for the background and underexposing the subject blowing out the background - exposing for the subject and over exposing the ...

Assignment entries for this chapter

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Silhouette with a macro lens - Setup Shot

Andrew_keher_shotkit_6. Andrew_keher_shotkit_8. Andrew_keher_shotkit_9. Andrew_keher_shotkit_10. Andrew_Keher_Shotkit_Kit

Sunbooth with V-flats and Scrim from Natural Light Class with Sue Bryce | CreativeLive

Once or twice a year I get in contact with JB Bridals in Chambersburg, PA, Bella Salon and Spa here in Hagerstown and a venue to create images that benefit ...

This shot was taken of the lovely Jaye using a projector and one other ambient light

As a photographer it is important to continuously push myself, and to take time to explore ideas and different ways to utilize a setting, light, and mood.

Chauvet DJ Hurricane Haze 1D Water Based Haze Fog Machine Effect Shot 4


By under exposing everything else we get the saturated skies and strong silhouettes in the background.

Is TV too Dark?

B Photos added 49 new photos to the album: So Fresh Time 3 Mars 2017 — with Johan Scrim Mazingue and 3 others.

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Sun + Scrim + Flash = Perfection In this article and video, I want to demonstrate how shooting with the sun, a scrim, and your flash can add a night and day ...

City skyline silhouette

... light - you can make a little room with the V Flats to block and control the light also keeping a scrim over the window to diffuse and soften the light.

Low Light Photography Tips

How to Shoot Portraits in the Sun