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Praktica PENTACON Germany GDR Electric 1850 Prime by

Praktica PENTACON Germany GDR Electric 1850 Prime by


Pentacon Praktica B200 Electronic

Pentacon Praktica LTL3

Pentacon Contax D

Praktica BCA electronic & Pentacon PRAKTICAR 50mm lens

PRAKTICA MTL 5 & Pentacon 50/1,8

The Pentacon 1.8 50mm is one of the most affordable vintage prime lenses that you can get. Along with the Pancolar and the Tessar lenses the Pentacon 1.8 ...

Pentacon Pentona II

The Carl Zeiss Jena Pancolar 50mm 1.8 lens is a classic East German prime lens that is highly regarded for its' sharpness and bokeh.

Another boring and repetitive comparison of my lenses, this time 2.8/135mm telelenses. For many experienced users it's surely waste of time, but lot of MFL ...

Pancolar lenses with different brandings

Pentacon Praktica Super TL2

Zebra Version

Dernièrement, en cherchant le Taxona dans mon Mc Keown's préféré, j'ai mal lu l'index. Au lieu d'atterrir page 359, je suis arrivé à la page 459... dans la ...

Praktica MTL 3 (pho-Tony) Tags: 3 slr 35mm germany lens reflex

Praktica PL nova IB, one of the most quitessential 35 mm cameras made by VEB Pentacon Dresden.

by vintage camera lenses · Published January 15, 2014 · Updated March 10, 2017

Kiev 17

Praktica - Praktica EE2 SLR from 1977

note the 3 yellow connectors at the back

Praktica - Praktica LLC with Pancolar 1,8/50 lens, the first 35

Kiev 10

Vintage Loves Contax Camera | Finished in black enamel with white lettering, this is a

Kiev 4A

The Pentacon ...

Praktica 135mm f/2.8

Afbeelding van http://static.photo.net/attachments/bboard/. CamerasGerman Camera

Older lenses and West German lenses are normally branded V or T while later east German production lenses are branded MC or Multi Coating.

The Meyer-Optik Görlitz 300 4 Orestegor (also branded as Pentacon 300) is a 300mm prime tele lens initially manufactured by the Meyer-Optik Görlitz company ...

The Carl Zeiss Jena Biometar 2.8 80 was the standard prime lens manufactured for Praktisix and Pentacon Six medium format cameras. It represents for medium ...

Praktica L2 with Pentacon 50/1.8 and half-case

prak8 001 (Miroslav91) Tags: praktica prakticar bsystem prak8 analog film ddr b100 east

prak1 001 (Miroslav91) Tags: praktica prakticar bsystem analog film ddr b100 east germany

Kiev 20

Pentacon Praktica PL Nova I

reflected self-portrait with Exakta TL500 camera and decorated Fez (square crop) (

Vintage Pentacon Electric MC Prime Tele-Photo Lens Screw Mount - Made in GDR by vtgwoo on Etsy

Pentacon Praktica BC Auto Electronic

Lá do Leste (para_llm) Tags: dresden germany paulo street avenida paulista praktica camera

Pentacon Praktica MTL 50

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Pentacon Praktica PL nova IB

PRAKTICA B100 Camera amp Pentacon Prakticar 118 f50mm LENS FLASH Power winder - Ilford, United

Pentacon - Pentacon 200mm/4 lens mounted on Praktica B100

Praktica Super TL (sample-image.com) Tags: camera old test slr

M42 mount with electric connection


Canon+FD.JPG (1600×1066)

Pentacon Praktica Super TL1000 (02) (Hans Kerensky) Tags: pentacon praktica super

Pentacon - Pentacon Six TL Medium format camera

The Carl Zeiss Sonnar 200mm 2.8 is a very solidly build tele lens that was manufactured in East Germany by Carl Zeiss Jena. It offers sharpness, a good ...

Anyhow, here are to images of the lens - I hope someone can provide me with information regarding this lens.

And here's the even later Carl Zeiss Jena P (Pentacon) labelled version:

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Rolleiflex - The camera is held at the waist, with the viewfinder mounted on top

orwo film india 70s - Google Search

Domiplan 2.8/50, an old M 42 lens (in Explore) (Peter

Praktica (sxmb) Tags: analog camera film praktica mtl5b mtl 5b pentacon 50 lowkey

Single-lens reflex camera - Focusing screen on Praktica Super TL1000

Pentacon, Praktica Mat, Montromant, 2018-04-13 (18DGZ) (

Praktica SUPER TL 1000 35mm Camera PENTACON AUTO 1850 end Helios 70210mm - northampton, Northamptonshire

50. ◅

Praktica - Praktica BC1 from the early 1980s

PRAKTICA SUPER TL3 (early) (flitser01) Tags: super ddr pentacon praktica tl3

Zeiss Contarex Super camera, Nr. P53858, black with Zeiss f2/50 mm

Pentacon - Pentacon Scan 7000

PRAKTICA Super TL3 35mm SLR Film Camera with Pentacon Lens amp Case Working Order - Knottingley

prak5 001 (Miroslav91) Tags: praktica prakticar bsystem analog film ddr b100 east germany

Praktica MTL5B SLR Camera with Pentacon Panomar amp Flektogon Lenses - Stroud, United Kingdom -

Praktica MTL5B SLR Camera with Pentacon Case And Macro Lens Untested - caerphilly, Caerphilly,

Zeiss 35/2.8. Meyer 135/2.8. Zeiss 135/3.5

Top 5 vintage 50mm prime lenses for under 50$

pentacon_six.jpg ...

Contax G - Image: Contax G img 0871

Vintage PRAKTICA Pentacon 35mm SLR Film Camera Body Only - London, United Kingdom - Vintage

Rare m42 pentacon electric 2.8/135 for praktica llc

50. ◅

Contax G - Contax G2 rangefinder

Praktica Super TL 35mm Camera M42 Body amp Lens Bundle Pentacon 50mm Mirage - Birmingham,


6 aperture blades – second version

Pancolar lenses with different brandings

Single-lens reflex camera - The historic Zeiss Ikon VEB Contax S, manufactured in

Contax G - Contax G1 rangefinder

Rollei - Rolleiflex medium format camera.

helter-skelter (pho-Tony) Tags: 3 slr 35mm germany lens reflex

Repairs of Equipment by Praktica. Pentacon Six TL

horse chestnut (pho-Tony) Tags: 3 slr 35mm germany lens reflex mtl. reflected self-portrait with Praktica ...

Kodak Retina - Kodak Retina I (Type 010), 1946-1949

Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar 135mm 3.5 Zebra lens

Zeiss Otus 28mm ƒ/1.4 lens

The arrival of digital photography[edit]

Exakta - Roll film VP Exakta

Zebra Version

M42 Lens Aperture Pin