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Pictures First True Cocaine Submarine t

Pictures First True Cocaine Submarine t


Authorities seized the first electrical submarine used to transport and traffic of drug in a rural

Ecuador authorities seize drug-smuggling sub

Cocaine submarines used in multi-billion dollar trafficking trade

Basically this design, but put together with spare parts and is more dangerous.

Cocaine submarine

Soldiers stand on a seized submarine built in the Ecuador jungle by drug cartels to smuggle

narco sub

Watch: Submarine Carrying 8 Tons of Cocaine Seized by Coast Guard

Bigfoot, a drug-smuggling submarine, is now on display at Truman Annex, Naval Air Station Key West in Florida. Credit Richard Barnes for The New York Times

Homemade submarine smuggling £116m of cocaine seized by US coastguard near coast of Mexico - Mirror Online

US Coast Guard narco sub drug smuggling Pacific Ocean


Captured: Soldiers stand guard on top of a seized submarine built by drug smugglers in

Sunk: Officers guard the submarine seized from the FARC's 29th Front, in Mayorquin,

Smuggling drugs in completely safe and structurally sound factory-made vehicles is for cowards. Real smugglers climb into leaky, rusty homemade submarines ...

Narco-submarine intervened by the Armed Forces of Colombia

Reasearcher Javier Guerrero stands in front of a captured Colombian "narco- sub,' used to carry tons of cocaine from Colombia to North American markets.

A narco-submarine being seized by the U.S. Coast Guard off the Coast of Guatemala on September 17, 2008.

See the WWI Submarine Discovered Off the Coast of Belgium

The USS George Washington lead ship of US Navy's first class of Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarines, Nuclear (SSBN)

Ludwig 'Tarzan' Fainberg at the submarine in 'Operation Odessa'

Narco-submarine moments before interception by the U.S. Coast Guard in August 2007.

Columbian semi-submarine "Narco-Sub." Nine semi-subs have been

The servicemen were kicked off the submarine ...

This ...

On July 18th, the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Stratton intercepted a narco sub about 200 miles south of Mexico. On board the homemade semi-submersible were ...

... the crude semisubmersibles that Colombian drug runners have used in recent years. Here are some of the sophisticated craft's standout features.—J.P.

The crew of a semi-submersible drug trafficking vessel prepares to abandon their boat before being intercepted and detained by the Coast Guard approximately ...

Here is a historical line-up of Russian / Soviet Navy Fleet submarines, starting from the World War I "Bars"-class and ending with the first nuclear sub ...

COCAINE SUB HUNTERS / Series ‹ Hoggard Films

Though it looks like a scaled-up bathtub toy, the grey vessel was built

Homemade submarine smuggling £116m of cocaine seized by US coastguard near coast of Mexico

Navy sailors ride atop a 10-meter submarine packed with 5.8 tons of cocaine, as it's towed into the port of Salina Cruz, Mexico, in July 2008.

Wooden submarines?

The history of Colombia's narco-submarine development, only God knows what they're building now. Fun fact: Back in the early colombian drug cartels actually ...

SAVED AT THE LAST GASP: The terrifying race to rescue seven men trapped at the bottom of the sea - with only a few hours of oxygen left: 72 HOURS BY FRANK ...

Mini submarine carrying 5.5 tons of cocaine worth $200 million was intercepted by Texas officials after traveling from the 'Eastern Pacific Ocean'

John Holland of Ireland created the submarine. In 1900 it became the first in the

Pictured: The home-made submarines used to smuggle cocaine in .

Treasure hunt: Former CIA agents are diving for one of Pablo Escobar's cocaine smuggling submarines

HMS Queen Elizabeth, the UK's newest aircraft carrier, arrives in Portsmouth

Colombian marines examine a captured submarine used for smuggling drugs in Colombia. Colombian marines seized the submarine capable of smuggling up to 12 ...

These things aren't just a couple of steel drums welded together, though. They've found subs in Colombia and Mexico big enough to carry up to 11 tons of ...

HMS Vigilant

Top secret details of the submarine which sank the Belgrano are revealed for the first time | Daily Mail Online

Coast Guard Busts Homemade Submarine

Standing aboard a previously seized semisubmersible coc aine sub, a member of the Colombian Coast Guard helps test the vehicle's seagoing capabilities.

Marijuana seized in Tijuana ...

Two semi-submersibles used for cocaine trafficking intercepted by Colombia

Heavy metal: The vessel was capable of shipping seven tonnes of cocaine

... The Golden Age of Drug Trafficking: How Meth, Cocaine, and Heroin Move Around ...

America's Cocaine King Hid From Drug Cartels for 25 Years

Ecuador Seizes Drug-Running Super Submarine

Authorities (pictured near the mini-sub) said they intercepted the semi-submersible

drug submarine inside - Google Search

A self-propelled semi-submersible vessel

'Snowfall' Taught Us Why You Shouldn't Shoot Cocaine Up Your Friend's Butt

For the most part people don't know, but I have been doing some research and here are a few possible explanations: • THE NARCO-SUB THEORY

Photo: Christoph Morlinghaus

We have all seen Hunt For The Red October, Crimson Tide and other submarine films, but what is life really like aboard the world's most advanced and silent ...

'Fate of the Furious': Can a Submarine Really Outrun a Car?

The interior of the submarine, capable to carrying around four tons of cocaine

Narco-submarine being intercepted.

Photo: Christoph Morlinghaus

Pictures: First True Cocaine Submarine


It's estimated that the newer versions of these drug smuggling machines cost around $2 million to manufacture and can carry an estimated 500 million Euros ...

Are South American Drug Cartels Lurking As India's Cocaine Habit Grows? - Homegrown

The original Bigfoot narco-submarine

If going scuba diving just isn't exciting enough for you, these homemade submarines just might do the trick. Continue reading to see more.

As more and more submarines are seized, it's clear that the cartels aren't just experimenting with this tactic anymore, they're using it full swing.

Inside Cocaine Wars Poster. "

Six tons of coc aine—from a 32-foot-long (10-meter-long) coc aine submarine seized off Mexico's Pacific coast—sit on a Salina Cruz (map) dock in 2008.

Merchant submarine Deutschland

US Coast Guard cocaine submarine_00000824.jpg

To understand the drug that has shaped my country's history, I set my fear aside and got to work.


Nelson 'Tony' Yester

This particular sub is all-metal, and a true submersible [described as semi-only], in the tradition of a military midget submarine, with pretty good ...

A new Netflix series dramatises the life of the Colombian drugs baron. Chris Harvey goes behind the scenes

Cocaine Submarines

Maybe I'm unemployable, maybe I'm delusional. Maybe this, maybe that. I don' t deal maybes, motherfucker, I deal cocaine.

Richard Branson and James Cameron race a small Florida sub company into the ocean's deadliest trench


Medical Heroin Cocaine Bottle

Photo: FX

Ecuadorian police pose atop what U.S. officials called a "game changing" submarine built by drug smugglers on July 2 near the town of San Lorenzo, ...