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Nuke Tutorial Using Custom Channels and MultiMattes in Nuke

Nuke Tutorial Using Custom Channels and MultiMattes in Nuke


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this tutorial is mainly about adjusting luma values to match a plate and about correcting super brights. it would be very nice if you could leave a comment ...

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Depth pass in Maya and Nuke

I used to work like this, Because off work-flow optimisation. For more information about nuke work-flow optimisation tips.... nuke-workflow-optimisation- ...

Premult and Unpremult nodes in NUKE can sometimes be overlooked. In this tutorial, we

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Camera projection in Nuke

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We talk about depth channels, what they are and how they work. How depth of field can be simulated in Nuke with ...

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Nuke Tutorial - Lens Flares, No Additional Plugins Required!

This video tutorial aims to explain how blur edges of layers that have some kind of transparency (such as alpha channel or other composite mattes).

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RENDERMAN 21 IDs Mask export to Nuke.Generar mascaras IDs.


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Roto Centroid (Nuke Script / Gizmo)

In this tutorial learn how to extract render passes from an EXR file and composite them in the Foundry's Nuke using the shuffle node and other techniques .

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autoComper - Nuke-Python-Script

scriptCleanup nuke Python script

This is a the first tutorial in a series of three that explores rig removal using patching techniques in high end compositing for VFX using Nuke

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Relative Paths in NUKE

To support you we've developed a series of learning resources for Nuke, NukeX and Nuke Studio. Access free video tutorials created by Foundry.

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