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New Models for 2015 Coming Soon Jackson Guitars t

New Models for 2015 Coming Soon Jackson Guitars t


May 7, 2015 Review: Jackson JS32-7Q Dinky

Jackson Guitars on Twitter: "Pro Series Dinky DK2 in Satin Orange Blaze. Coming in hot! What's the most blazing solo you can think of?

A Brief History of the Super Strat

New and Updated LTD “400 Series” Guitars

Jackson Scott Ian T1000 Soloist

A first-year (1986) Charvel Model 4.

Founder Paul Reed Smith's interest in building guitars came out of necessity; while other kids' parents were buying them instruments and PAs, ...

Don't Worry, The Guitar Industry Is Just Fine

Best Guitars for Shredding Header Photo

... on Twitter: "Got this beauty back from the Jackson custom shop today 😍 New Dimarzios are sounding so tight [email protected] http://t.co/52tPRXjK3N"

The best high-end electric guitars 2018: find your next guitar | MusicRadar

11:17 AM - 13 May 2015

Jackson Rhoads

Ibanez RGD7 Prestige Uppercut

NAMM 2015: Reverend Guitars Launches Six New Models, Including Descent, Sensei Jr. and Double Agent OG

Jackson SLATHX-M 3-7 Slime Green w/Seymour Duncan Nazgul & Sentient humbuckers

Jackson Guitar Review

Jackson JS32 King V: An awesome metal guitar for a beginner

NAMM 2015 – Jackson Guitars upgrades X-Series models

Check out Mark Morton's #beautiful @JacksonGuitars Dominion signature guitar! #EverTune http://t.co/qYxEfVRBeK"

Corey Beaulieu on Twitter: "Jamming on my production model prototype ... Guitar kills! Jackson crushed it! http://t.co/E8vlJirafa"

The Best Electric Guitars From Recommended Brands – Your Guide To A Great Sounding Instrument

Jackson Guitars on Twitter: "Interesting look, for sure. RT @AnaRita938: I loved Pikachu! ahaha @JohnMayer @JacksonGuitars http://t.co/2oRTm46b4g ...

+ - Ernie Ball Music Man John Petrucci Majesty Monarchy

Michael Jackson meets 20 Epic Famous Guitar Players [Andre Antunes] - YouTube

Suhr Standard 2015

Two of ESP's most iconic players, James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett of Metallica, also have new Signature Series models coming out in 2016. We can' t tell you ...

Jackson JS22 Dinky - Satin Black

ESP LTD LV307 7-string

Jackson JS32 Dinky

Jackson Guitars on Twitter: "This Custom Shop "Skinned" Dinky is wrapped in realistic-looking stitch skin from master FX artist Tim Gore.

New ESP Original, ESP USA, and ESP E-II Models

Now this is a purty guitar! Hope his new girlfriend isn't the jealous type.

The supplied neck and body are from import Jackson parts. The neck needed some modifications and a complete assembly, wiring and set-up were performed.

Jackson JS22-7 Dinky - Satin Black image 1

The guitar as seen live at the Crossroads Guitar Festival in 2013. Image source -

2015 JS11 Dinky 2016 JS32 King V 2007 DK2M Dinky 1998 DK2T Dinky



Fender: Which Brand Do Pro Guitar Players Prefer?


The Squier Classic Vibe '60s Stratocaster is one of the best electric guitars under $500

2016-07-22 16_54_13-John Mayer on Twitter_ _Fender Custom Shop made this

Jeff Beck Guitars

The current owner of the second guitar was kind enough to contact us and provide a couple of photos of the guitar in its current state (thanks Brad for the ...


Gibson SG Standard Electric Guitar

Jackson KVX10 Model (Made in Japan, string-through-body variant)

HISTORY of Charvel / Jackson Guitars! Enjoy these PRE-FMIC Charvels from my personal collection! - YouTube

Let's not put high hopes in seeing the USA-made ones being available in the stores, even the Mexican made Pro Series models aren't available.


Jackson King V

Gibson SG Standard

Carvin guitars like this gorgeous DC747 are custom made to order in their California factories.

But you see,those two factors isn't enough to make people see your product as they are on which I'll be touching on the next paragraph or two.

Custom Shop 2015 guitars

1979 PRS Pre-Production Santana

Schecter Blackjack ATX Solo II in ebony finish

When Riot Games featured this guitar on their YouTube channel for the “Famileague” show in December of 2015, cries around the internet pleaded for it to be ...

Squier Jim Root Telecaster

Adrian Smith At: Guitar Center

What artists say about Tronical

I am completely enamoured with this guitar. I can't think of another guitar that won me over so quickly, actually. It's everything I look for in a guitar: ...

Jackson Custom Shop 7-String Legend of Zelda Zoraxe

Michael Jackson Played in the Styles of 20 Famous Guitarists — Video - Guitar World

AGORA on Twitter: "Thanx Mike Tempesta 4 all your attentions at @ jacksonguitars artist relations. Guitars were killer in LA show! http://t .co/QwRT9gdsye"

Epiphone Goth 1958 Explorer

Review of the Little Martin Series of Acoustic Guitars

Kadence Wanderer Series Travel Guitar, Spruce Top Mahogany Body Combo with Strings, Strap,

Considered Gilmour's primary guitar, the instrument was purchased in New York in 1970 and used on ...

Strung Out on Twitter: "Jake and Mike Tempesta from Jackson with his new Jackson Custom Shop Thanks Mike ! @JacksonGuitars http://t.co/BCCtKXDXKc"

A 2016 Jackson Soloist SL3X in Neon Pink. This photo doesn't come close to capturing just how very "NEON" this instrument is. I absolutely love this guitar.

For over 180 years, America's oldest guitar brand is a tour-de-force for constantly redefining standards and coming ...

Gibson 2016 Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar

NAMM '15 - Jackson Guitars Misha Mansoor Bulb HT 6 and EVH 5150III 100S Demos | 2015-02-12 | Premier Guitar

Paul Reed Smith Guitars: Luxury Ain't Cheap (But Are They Worth It?)

Mike Learn of the Jackson Custom Shop carved and painted this oddball guitar by hand, first displayed at NAMM in 2015. The body is made of Alder, ...

Devil & Sons Guitars is a UK-based shop that makes “works of art that you can play.” This Terminator 2 B.C. Rich Mockingbird T800 was inspired by the music ...