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Meet the Elio Met and Cars t

Meet the Elio Met and Cars t



The Elio Motors display at SEMA held at the Las Vegas Convention Center

Elio Car 3


You probably haven't heard of Paul Elio – probably because his car company hasn't been the recipient of your tax dollars, nor the prostrate fawning-over of ...

This Vehicle Is Changing the Driving Game

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Paul Elio, after many delays, says: Buy my car in 2019


The small crew of folks who make up Elio Motors brought the latest, fifth generation, developmental prototype of their reverse trike to the 2016 North ...

We met Buster Posey, no not that one, but equally as important in our eyes! Buster was astonished at the price of the Elio when he first heard of us and had ...

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elio motors | WWWOT -- Elio - MyE28.com

Elio Motors: Three-wheeled commuter car with a price tag of $6,800 | Daily Mail Online

Justin, an engineer from Brighton, CO first heard about Elio Motors at work. He then came home to show it to his wife Erica who started crunching the ...

... Elio 3-Wheeler prototype ...

The CarCynic speaks with Jerome Vassallo, Elio Motor's VP of Sales


Elio 3-Wheeler prototype ...

He decided to go “All In” earlier this year after seeing the Elio Motors Tour team at Barrett-Jackson. We might be biased, but we think you made an awesome ...

Elio Motors hopes to disrupt the American transportation industry with its low-cost, highly

25 May

Somethings missing: Meet the Elio, a three-wheeled car, the makers of

If you aren't aware, we were showcasing the Elio at the Family Motor Coach Association Convention in Perry, GA. This is the first time we were at this type ...

Paul Elio at the New York Auto Show


The Elio, a three-wheeled prototype vehicle rolls in traffic in Royal Oak,


We also met a man named Frank S. He stands at a solid 6'8″ tall. He is a native to Kansas City and a fairly new reservation holder, who questioned whether ...

Elio brought its prototype vehicle to our New York office. We parked it curbside and chatted for a bit — and watched the Elio draw a crowd!


Elio Motors 3 wheeler to be built in a former GM plant

elio motors | Gas Prices Too High? Elio Motors... - SimHQ Forums

And earlier this year, I met up with the Elio again, this time at the Detroit auto show, where it was surrounded by cars with FOUR wheels.

The Elio

We also met #futureliowners Chris and Karen S, #9,430. They decided they'd be a tad late to work that day in order to visit Elio at NASA.


The clutch took some time to get comfortable with, but the Elio immediately put me in the mind of a classic racer from the past.

Elio Motors 3 wheeler

elio motors | Editorial: Why make three-wheeled vehicles? Are they legal?

... Elio 3-Wheeler prototype

Fantasy 2

Should they reach production, plans are to start with a single shift at the former GM assembly plant in Shreveport, LA, building 500 cars a day, ...


The newest Elio three-wheeler prototype #technology #cars






Tata Megapixel Global Car Concept Launched at Geneva Motor Show


elio motors | ... Elio Motors have been fighting for this rule change in

... Elio 3-Wheeler prototype ...

Three Wheeled Elio www.eliomotors.com

Elio lead


Elio motors. Like the rocket gray


Elio Motors doesn't seem to be the car that can hold at least 3

Elio Three-Wheeled (84 Mpg) Car - Handling the Midwest winter - #

Meet The Coolest Car We've Seen in A Long Time: Elio Motors

That's right: It's a manual car. This is one of just a few prototypes, so I wasn't expecting a production-ready level of refinement.

Here's How Elio Could Open The Door To Cheap Three-Wheel Cars From India

The Elio mixes the compact size of the Smart car with the stability and maneuverability of the Can-Am Spyder cycle (left)

elio motors elio 14 everything you want to know about this wonderful creation!

2-Seat Toyota i-Road


Call Me By Your Name - Elio and Oliver meet (2017)

The vehicle is powered by a good old-fashioned three-cylinder, 55-horsepower gas engine. Top speed is claimed to be over 100 mph.


So much for the Elio vehicle. What about the company's news?

P5 in a snow scene

Elio, car, back seat

Elio Motors Three-Wheeled Car Now On Preorder Starting At $7,000: Just Don't Change Your Mind

With the rear seat up, there's enough cargo room for some groceries and a briefcase

Paul Elio poses with his three-wheel vehicle, the Elio, which he intends to build in Shreveport. (Photo: Photo courtesy of Elio Motors)

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Elio reservations are quickly approaching 20,000 and that is just for individual units reserved online, right? “Correct. We've also got rental companies ...

I'm told that the production Elio will have a cup holder.

2-Seat Toyota i-Road


1947 Bumper Car on 2000 Kawasaki ATV

Home » Automotive » Photography » Elio's 883 Harley

Elio Motors Town Hall

A Tale of Two Automotive Startups in the City: Elio Motors and Lyons Motor Car

Sometime this summer I should be able to drive the P5 prototype. Around the same time, we should start seeing news on some of those E series trikes. Elio ...


Toyota i-Road at the 2015 LA Auto Show