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Marshall JTM 45 first guitar amplifier made by Marshall First

Marshall JTM 45 first guitar amplifier made by Marshall First


... had the first Marshall amp - the JTM 45 (JTM for James & Terry Marshall, 45 for the RMS-rated wattage). Contrary to popular belief, it was not merely a ...

Marshall 1962 cutout Ricks. Early ' ...

Marshall JTM 45 = first guitar amplifier made by Marshall. Produced in 1962, called a "seminal" amplifier handmade in all-aluminum chassis by Ken Bran ...

The JTM 45 was first built in 1962, handmade in an all-aluminum chassis, by Ken Bran and Dudley Craven. Because of its power, Marshall decided early on to ...

1963 Marshall JTM 45 - the company's first production model · Guitar AmpMarshallsPornGuitarsMusicians

A History Of Marshall Amps: Part I

Be the first to review this product. Description. The Marshall JTM45 is the amp ...

Marshall JTM45 2245 Valve Guitar Amplifier Head

The first Marshall Amplifiers, the famous JTM 45 model, evolved from the 5F6A Fender Bassman.

Marshall JTM45 2245 tube guitar head

Marshall JTM45 Handwired

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Marshall JTM45 2245 tube guitar head

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The Marshall Bluesbreaker: The Story of Marshall's First Combo

Marshall JTM45 45W Tube Guitar Amp Head

Marshall JTM45 1

Marshall JTM45 2245 Valve Guitar Amplifier Head

Marshall's first ...

The first Marshalls amp JTM45 was named after Jim and his son Terry Marshall. 45 indicated its power.

early JTM45 Marshall heads

004 Marshall JTM-45 Offset Amp

Marshall Metal logo JTM45 Amp heads,early production mk2 jtm45 heads with white cloth fronts and metal logo,block logo jtm45,bluesbreaker original 1960,s ...

Renowned Marshall historian Mike Doyle nicknamed this amp "The Pig" because its "huge cabinet and short, stubby control panel" reminded him of "a pig's ...

Marshall 01

Marshall JTM45 and 1960AX Half Stack

Marshall 2245 JTM45 2245 30-watt Plexi Tube Head Silver Jubilee Replica 100-Watt Tube Head

Early Marshall JTM45 ~ Red and Silver Block Logo

Vintage 1963 Marshall JTM 45 with Matching 2 Cabs

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2 in 1 Amp Fender Bassman/Marshall JTM45 Donner Green Land Pedal Effect First Look Review

Marshall's 40th Anniversary JTM45/100 head reissue. Photo courtesy of Marshall Amplification.

Common lore has it that Clapton asked Marshall to build him a combo that would fit in the boot of his car. While romantic and lionizing, this story is ...

The bare prototype chassis in Marshall's own museum. Ken Underwood says that the first amp ...

Early 1965, John's and Pete's new Marshall 4×12 stacks, each powered by

Marshall JTM45 6

This is a photo of a JTM-45/100, but it's the same headbox used for the early Super Leads. Back of a Marshall ...

100.3 The Sound: Billy Gibbons on how he got his first Marshall Amp

1965 bass version of Marshall JTM45 MKII with High Treble and Normal channels, early model with two 6L6's and GZ34 rectifier tube

1963 ECHOLETTE Klemt started making these almost two years before the Marshall This was the first Bassman clone Grail stuff.

JTM-45 with “block” logo. The first Marshall ever made.

Marshall JTM45 5

9 September 1966, with Two Marshall JTM45 100 Tremolo (1959T JTM100 Tremolo Super Lead

This third prototype of the Marshall model 1959, serial #6406, may be the first 100-watt Super Tremolo amplifier. These early 100-watt amplifiers ...

1970 Marshall 1959 Super Lead 100 Watt_0.jpg

Guitar Amp Head Marshall JTM45 Vintage ...

... Pete Townshend let Jim know that 50 watts was not going to be enough. In his words he needed a sonic "weapon," a mandate that led Marshall ...

Marshall Amps Stacked Up On Stage | Vintage Amps Bulletin Board • View topic - My

Marshall Amps – The Complete History

I have a Vintage Modern with KT66 so I decided to get EL34 tubes for this one. Its easy to change to KT66 in the JTM45 if I want later on.

Marshall Plexi But back to the first ...

Nearly 50 years since its creation, the Marshall JTM45 remains both a relevant and near-perfect example of what a great rock 'n' roll tube amp should be.

Petition · Marshall Amplification: To Marshall Amplifiers: After almost 50 years, The JTM45/100 needs to make a comeback. · Change.org

1966-'67 Marshall JTM50 “Bluesbreaker” Combo ($8,300 to $10,000) Eric Clapton plugged into this combo – essentially a JTM45 with KT66s in a 2×12 cab – to ...

This CHEAP vintage Guitar Amp sounds like a Marshall JTM45 - Dynacord Amigo

Magnapop guitarist Ruthie Morris playing a Marshall amp in 1994

Marshall JTM45 Combo · Contact us

... Front Marshall JTM45 Block Logo Guitar Amplifier Head (30 Watts), New, Rear

Rola JTM 45 Guitar Amp - 45W

This amp is a glorious 45W amp with stunning tones. Plug a Les Paul and you enter Eric Claptons-Mayall blues breaker sound. Only 300 were built for world ...

Completed JTM-45 Amplifier Build

1965 Marshall JTM45 at FULL VOLUME!

Marshall JTM45, 30 watt stock head thru Marshall full stack, 7581A power tubes - YouTube

Marshall 2245: JTM45 - 30w Vintage Head

Back of a Marshall Super Lead

This is my first article here at Solodallas.com. I hope this can be useful to all of you who are interested in buying old Marshall amps.

Marshall 1987X 50 Watt_0.JPG

This 1960's, aluminium chassis, Marshall JTM 45 came through the workshop in a very sorry state. In the past, it had been operated on by a very incompetent ...

Marshall 1962 Bluesbreaker Combo Amp

Marshall JTM45 4

Marshall 1987X 50-watt Plexi Tube Head with FX Loop image 1

Marshall JTM45 2245 tube guitar head

A vintage 1964 Marshall JTM45 MkII amplifier and prototype Jimmy Page Signature Gibson Les Paul electric

Marshall JTM45 Clean tone - Slow Blues demo

Marshall "JTM 45/2245 Head"

When reading about some JTM45 mods (especially at raw sewage) Im happy to see that many of the changes that are suggested to a JTM45/reissue BluesBreaker62 ...

Jim Marshall's Greatest Hits: Your Guide to Vintage Marshall Amps | Tone Report

Eddie Van Halen's Marshall Super Lead #1959 100-watt Plexi

Germino Classic 45. The very best Marshall JTM ...

1968 JMP 50 Watt Plexi

Marshall JTM 45 Offset Head Reissue with Certificate

Marshall JTM-45. By Marshall. Write the first review


The early 1965 Marshall 4x12 cab featured white Vynair cloth,gold stringing,flat black lavant tolex,leather top handles"(no side handles).