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Make your own scented flower extracts through enfleurage t

Make your own scented flower extracts through enfleurage t


Make your own scented flower extracts through enfleurage (Enfleurage 101)

Enfleurage 101 - how to extract the scent of jasmine, tuberose, frangipani etc

Harvest Festival – Enfleurage Give Away. Find this Pin and more on Flowers I extract through ...

In the perfume industry there is a lot of emphasis on things being natural and people tend to be sceptical of fragrances that aren't literal in their ...

Enfleurage is an old world technique using fat to extract essential oils from flowers. This historically has been used to extract the oils from very ...

Harvest Festival – Enfleurage Give Away. Find this Pin and more on Flowers I extract through ...

Harvest Festival – Enfleurage Give Away. Find this Pin and more on Flowers I extract through ...

Friday, March 2, 2012

Dozens of beautifully-scented golden champaca (Michelia champaca) flowers, all starting to

I enjoy making things by hand and from scratch, and I often tend to go the purist route in any project I take on. The first step to enfleurage is to acquire ...

Enfleurage: Lessons from Frangipani to Peony. frangipani in a basket

Enfleurage in progress; with plumeria, papaya & jasmine flowers

Ginger lilies ready for enfleurage

Make your own perfume or solid perfume balm via cold enfleurage

Summer bouquet of flowers for enfleurage

I discovered the fragrant art of powder enfleurage in a vintage perfumery book, and I'm hosting a giveaway of that precious book, but first I'm sharing all ...

White Frangipani flowers

Image titled Perform Home Enfleurage Step 1

Photo: Nadine Greeff

Enfleurage Scented Flowers To Create Your Own Scent For Body Sprays Or Use To Blend With

The term "aroma extraction" refers to the extraction of aromatic compounds from raw materials, using methods such as distillation, solvent extraction, ...

It seems every celebrity has their own scent to sell, but you could make your own with a unique Kiwi flavour.

Enfleurage or How the scent of flowers and scented leaves is captured in fat and…

Photo: Courtesy of Dabney Rose

How to Extract Oil From Flowers

Homemade Perfume Book by Anya McCoy cover

A Short Guide to Extraction Techniques and Aromatic Materials Rendered ~ Raw Materials

Image titled Make Jasmine Scent Using Enfleurage Step 8

Summerscent is loaded with juicy buds ready to follow in a fragrant succession of blooms

Gardenia Enfleurage Organic Limited Edition

Lavender grown in NZ smells different to lavender grown in France, Spain or England.

image ...

Lilac Enfleurage ...

Image titled Make Jasmine Scent Using Enfleurage Step 2

I can't wait to get these babies in the dirt (once they die back) for next year's crop. I already have the hyacinth in the ground for next season's ...

What is Enfleurage Essential Oil?

Do Daffodils have a fragrance: luxury scented candles, natural / organic reed diffusers and

How to Make Gardenia Essential Oil

Directions Take your coconut oil and melt it over low heat in a small saucepan. Or you can alternatively melt it in the microwave for about 2 minutes.

Enfleurage is a technique that used to be used to extract delicate floral fragrances from delicate flowers that could not be distilled.

Image titled Make Perfume (Flower Blossoms and Water Method) Step 13

All rights reserved. Enfleurage Fat

How to: Make Your Own Perfume

My Ginger lilies has been flowering for 3 months, scenting the air with their perfume

Tuberose. Enfleurage ...

It's easy to make perfume at home.

Image titled Perform Home Enfleurage Step 2

Honeysuckle Enfleurage, Rose Floral Wax (mebbe), Jasmine Sambac Concrete, and Frankincense Absolute in Alcohol

And here we are in the South of Morocco: Berber country. The roses who grow here are Rosa damescena, and beyond exquisite. Every color of rose appears, ...


Lilac Enfleurage ...


That is the basis for Emotiomelle, the main structure upon a complete, original and unusual perfume is built. One could argue the source for this pairing is ...

Tuberose: Flower, Scent, History and Perfume

Jasminum polyanthum.

Making gardenia perfume oil, also known as flower infusion or enfleurage, is the craft of steeping flowers in a carrier oil in order to remove the scent ...

Capturing the essence of lilacs!

The oil for the perfumes is derived from the flowers and plants, through steam distillation mainly, and also enfleurage. Enfleurage is a centuries-old ...

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Enfleurage is not a quick process, but it's also not difficult. I always find the most intimidating part of taking on DIY projects is actually getting up ...

Glorious #butterfly #ginger with lemony floral scent. Perfect #enfleurage # flower #Hawaii to #Florida #sensual trail. #homemadeperfume #gardening #delight

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In ancient Egypt they were preoccupied with scents and bad odors. Their civilization began to demand “gentility”. Ladies washed in scented waters and men ...


In the heat of Summer the fragrance is wonderful.

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer Directed by Tom Tykwer (2006) - Moviestill

Enfleurage is a cold-fat extraction process that is based upon the principles that fat possesses a high power of absorption, particularly animal fat.

Image titled Make Jasmine Scent Using Enfleurage Step 1

We've come to Kelaat M'Gouna, in Southern Morocco, to see the rose harvest. Roses grow around the world, of course, but are a combination of fine, abundant, ...

Vanilla Essential Oil vs Vanilla Extract


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Image titled Gather up some mint leaves Step 1

They wave their flimsy purple flags throughout my neighborhood. I used to walk right past them, dismissing them as grandmother flowers.

When I got home, I placed wax paper down on my kitchen table and got to work removing the blooms from the stems, and placing them on the wax paper.

Image titled Perform Home Enfleurage Step 8


The world of aromatic essences is a rich and entangled one. On the one hand, the varied and intricate methods and products derived from natural materials.

(Photo by Mary Kirman)

DIY: Make Your Own All Natural Organic Lilac Oil

Pelargonium graveolens ~Apricot~ (01) Habit

Preparing for enfleurage

Perfumes can be made as solids, oils, creams, colognes and sprays, using various bases and whatever extract or extracts are applicable to the product.

Oils are extracted from plant substances by steam disfillation, solvent extraction, enfleurage, maceration

How to Make Rose Oil at Home

Jasmine Absolute, Jasminum grandiflorum from Egypt in Jojoba dilution


Ginger lily (kahili ginger)

Ginger Lily, ジンジャー リリー,