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Just imagine The Summoner GHB and Condesce trying to go

Just imagine The Summoner GHB and Condesce trying to go


Just imagine The Summoner, GHB, and Condesce trying to go through a doorway XD

homestuck condesce x reader

don't even talk to me unless you ship condesce <>/ < ghb


Ask the Batt--Condesce: Grand Highblood & Quadrants

Gamzee vs. Grand Highblood by C33you ...

a handsome girl

Trolls Color Palettes by ikimaru-art

Condescension psiioniic - Google Search

Handmaid, Executioner, GHB, Condesce

((I'm laughing so hard at the Ancestor character sprites. ESPECIALLY CONDESCE OH MY GOODNESS HER HAIR))

Pisces Feferi Peixes,Meenah Peixes and Condesce

the psiioniic, the condesce <

Obviously, I draw a lot of Homestuck, but I'm not an official Homestuck artist or anything, just a fan. I'll draw anything you'd like, though anything in ...

I want to know why people bash Homestuck - click through

quit the bitchin and move Meenah Peixes (Homestuck), Her Imperious Condescension/Condesce, Pisces, Seadwellers.

13 best Handmaid Ships images on Pinterest | Homestuck, Homestuck trolls and Art tutorials

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The Condesce and Aranea Serket art


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Mindfang and the Summoner. Vriska and Tavros. That's their relationship


Eriden's face in the last slide is precious

Homestuck Ancestors, Libra, Pop Culture, Superwholock, Celestial, Ship, Fandoms, Virgo, Ships

Condesce (Peixes)

The Handmaid/ The Summoner/ The Psiionic/ The Signless/ The Disciple/ The Dolorosa/ Neophyte Redglare/ Mindfang/ The Executioner/ The Grand Highblood/ ...

The Grand Highblood/His Honorable Tyranny

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homestuck disciple handmaid sufferer summoner dolorosa condesce dualscar signless ghb homestuck meme psiionic Grand High Blood

Aradia Feferi Tavros Vriska Sollux Terezi Gamzee Karkat Equius Nepeta Kanaya Eridan < < oh my god idiot, those are the ANCESTORS.

Homestuck Ancestors, Google Search, Fandom, Fandoms


redglare x grand highblood - Google Search

Aww the Handmaid, the Disciple, the Dolorosa, Redglare, the Summoner its all so cute

I love them all someone help

CHATTER CHATTER CHATTER CHATTER-BOX | Homestuck Ancestors | Pinterest | Homestuck and Homestuck ancestors


Imagen relacionada

(I'll add the last three once the update comes out adukfhasdfj–)

Anti by nikodindorokhin

Homestuck Trolls - Petstuck

Find this Pin and more on )(0M357UCK by PSYcoticmessup.

The Condesce just ruins everything. Oh Meenah, you would be so proud.) the Condesce ruined all my fav ships .

female sollux captor | Tags: Anime, Homestuck, Terezi Pyrope, Aradia Megido, Gamzee Makara

homestuck lmao ancestors i guess sufferer dolorosa The Sufferer the ancestors The Dolorosa happy homestuck day

#condesce medias

1 - attempt to be cool failed step one

So we just established that Karkat tucks his tshirt into his sweat pants. We need an entire comic strip about this hahaha < < YES. Kanaya trying to get ...

Colonel Sassacre & the Condesce (her horns look more like Gamzee's...) | Homestuck | Pinterest | Homestuck

Gamzee meets his ancestor (The Grand Highblood) (I love Gamzee's expression in this)


i need to make my own dance shirt. the kids in the frond.

Homestuck Sexcanons - GHB #2 - Page 1 - Wattpad

The Summoner <3's Mindfang- had too lol

I can just imagine some kid doing this for an art project, and all the

Davekat 4ever : Photo

Condesce vs Handmaid - Page 1 by ShadeySix

gamzee makara His growth (?) I even love his crazy look.

Image result for grand highblood and summoner

more stuff from The Stream

Vrisrezi week!! Aesthetics!

When webcomics collide (Kanaya of Homestuck in Ava's Demon style)

Art and ssstuff

Post anything (from anywhere!), customize everything, and find and follow what

gamzze tavros gamtav grand highblood the summoner

The Summoner and The Grand Highblood doorways


Your name is ______ Makara, and you are the daughter of The Grand Highblood. Your father sent you to go out and cull his biggest enemy, The Summoner, w.

The Condesce with grub Meenah and Feferi

Cyborg Gamzee by QuyenT

doodlingclown: Karkat doesn't get paid enough for what he deals with.

Pin by Alexandra Maxim on My nerdy self! | Pinterest | Homestuck and Aradia

family photo

Some doodle-doots of what I think Dualscar would be as a kiddo with extreme sass.

Homestuck Comic: Page 7

homestuck vriska serket nepeta leijon Gamzee Makara karkat vantas eridan ampora feferi peixes sollux captor aradia megido kanaya maryam terezi pyro…

Homestuck Trolls, Anime Crossover, Trainers, Celestial, Drugs, Lp, Content, Bond, Fandoms

It's the girls yo


everyone having a lovely...will just say lunch

Lanque by MissCupid9 on DeviantArt

The zahhak family

just going to leave this here *runs off in to the night*

Gender bend homestuck characters | Homestuck | Pinterest | Homestuck characters and Homestuck

and im proud to a gemini! but atleast i know im awesome

LOVE this web comic!! Homestuck rules. More

homestuck sufferer The Signless The Sufferer doomsday-armageddon •

7 best Homestuck Group Shot images on Pinterest | Aradia, Homestuck trolls and Homestuck karkat

Homestuck Trolls, Phan, Trainers, Bond, Connect, Tennis Sneakers, Sneakers, Sweat Pants, Coaches

my eridan roleplay muse @tidalwwavve go interact with this lonely boy! also PLEASE don

Marquise Spinerett Mindfang <3 8est ancestor! lol

trash king by Clock--Heart

After Us by ToastyHat - "This is your chance to wear the historical epic tragedy

CHATTER CHATTER CHATTER CHATTER-BOX | Homestuck Ancestors | Pinterest | Homestuck and Homestuck ancestors