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Iupiat tribe cutting through ice Cultural Reference Material

Iupiat tribe cutting through ice Cultural Reference Material


Millie Hawley and Interior Secretary Sally Jewell walk down the main street in the Inupiat village

Esau Sinnok grew up in Shishmaref, Alaska, a community facing relocation due to the effects of climate change. Esau Sinnock

A traditional umiaq boat awaits the action on the sea ice near a red buoy. The latter is attached to the harpoon. It keeps the animal afloat after the kill.

Challenge Inuit Tribe Pictures How Brain Damaging Mercury Puts Arctic Kids At Risk. ««

people jump over ice and water. '


Alaska whaling

This was the last time I would venture out into the cold openness of the Alaska coastline with the intent of stealing its ice for scientific purposes; ...

Site Flag at Site 3 still standing strong, through frozen

Located at the summit of a broad and beautiful glacial valley which cuts through the heart of the Brooks Range, the village of Anaktuvuk Pass is home to the ...

Arrest of Native American Using Sweat Lodge Was 'a Misunderstanding,' Fargo Mayor Says by Ryan Johnson, Forum News Service, Prairie Business Magazine - 27 ...

The igloo is the quintessential dwelling of an Inuit: an ingenious dome-shaped construct built from blocks of ice and snow. A clever shelter crafted from ...

Few Americans are as affected by climate change as Alaska's Inupiat, or as dependent on the fossil-fuel economy.

He fits this notch into the right hand 'good' ski, Marks it and then begins to notch the other side. Make one ski.. .. do the work of both, by tying them ...

Iñupiat children.

Inuit men in traditional dress on the ice in Nunavut Territory, Canada.

Iñupiat Work to Preserve Food and Traditions on Alaska's North Slope

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The Crystal Serenity cruises through the Northwest Passage in September (Paragon Pixels/Neil Roberts

Iñupiat shelter.

An Inupiat hunter takes in the setting sun near Kotzebue, Alaska. (Photo: Getty Images)

Barrow :: Be Alert For Polar Bears - Photobucket

Inupiat Traditional Foods

Weekly Native American News Update – March 23, 2017

Ice Fishing, Fishing

Linguist on mission to save Inuit 'fossil language' disappearing with the ice

The plot to destroy the Arctic: George W. Bush, Big Oil and the “Sixth Extinction” | Salon.com

dividing of shares

Eskimos do not live in igloos made of snow, as most people think. Ice houses are built only as temporary shelters during winter hunting trips.

... Rudolf carry on his neck, once you are approaching an area where reindeer recently are spotted.

“Whatever is going to happen to the rest of the world,” says Dan Endres of NOAA, “happens first and to the greatest extent in the Arctic.

Image of post dinosaur glacial maximum (artist's impression)

Projectile Point Identification Guide

In Alaska's Thawing Permafrost, Humanity's 'Library Is on Fire' | InsideClimate News

One really interesting property that I personally have found through my research with the MicroCT has been the change in anisotropy of the pores along the ...

Off the coast of Northern Norway, these priorities are achieved by monitoring and ...

Pack Ice

Photo prise par Daniel Delacalle. Jeune fille de la tribu Karajà dans la foret amazonienne

... said. Road advocates say the access is a matter of health and safety for the people of King Cove. Bad weather often makes it unsafe to fly out of their ...

Climate and Culture in the High Arctic - HistoricalClimatology.com

Shelton and Clara Kokeok live in a blue house at the edge of the village.

Arctic Heritage Center - Arctic Values

Polar bears on the sea ice of the Arctic Ocean, near the North Pole. USS Honolulu pictured.

out on the tundra

Activity: go to the snow and build an igloo with your students- later write

I gave the rope over to him to release the bird.

We harvest 'animals' for our food supply, these animals do not fit into the frig or freezer, So what do you do with the food ??? (chuckle) !!

Inupiaq ...

... Eye on the Arctic

For the coronation of the one Aztec king 80,400 human hearts were cut out in four


... which local laws apply and how.” Alaska's attorney general wrote a ...

American indians

We have a 'crisis' on our hands, what to do ? Forty tons of food is stuck on / in a sandbar of sorts.

Every culture has its mythical monsters, even the ones that have plenty of very real monsters in their daily life. The Inuit spent their days traversing ...

Comment: For more on the subject, see Big Miracle Trailer and Inupiat Extra in Everybody Loves Whales.

Scientists Predict There Will Be No Glaciers in the Contiguous US by 2050 — but Trump Is Stomping on the Gas Pedal

'Wales Sea Ice Dictionary' was inaugurated at the recent 18th Inuit Studies Conference (24-28 October, 2012) at the Smithsonian in Washington, DC.

10401887_715337325245332_868130916575699028_n. Pequots standing in on ice ...

Melting Ice

Hello Africa - Mobile Phone Culture In Africa

The Scope of Science for the International Polar Year 2007-2008

In the village of Kaktovik, bowhead whale jawbones mark graves at an Inupiat cemetery that photographer Subhankar Banerjee visited a year before returning ...

Migration into the continents[edit]

Inupiat baleen basket, with an ivory handle, made by Kinguktuk (1871–1941

In ...

Alaska News Nightly: Wednesday, Dec. 9, 2015. Gov rolls out budget overhaul, including income ...

Inupiat Family from Noatak, Alaska, 1929, Edward S. Curtis (restored) - Inuit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Book 1 of the Ice King: The Last Messiah

Fig. 2 New hunting opportunities, emerging risks. Inuit hunter, Adam Kolouhok Kudlak


Above & Beyond | Canada's Arctic Journal 2018 | 01 by above&beyond Canada's Arctic Journal - issuu

... said in opening remarks at the conference known asGLACIER.

Mask dyed with tea

Sure, I am glad that the world agreed on a new climate agreement to replace ...

Alaska whaling

Greenland: Will ...

Inupiat hunters

Comment: For more on climate change, see Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change and Morales: Obama Takes Vengeance Against Indians.

Wales hunters on snow-shoes hunt for ringed seals along the edge of the shore ice in the early spring (May 1922). BA-21-772. From: Kingikmi Sigum Qanuq ...

Pocahontas: Irene Bedard

Screenshot ...

Traditional Distribution for Bowhead Whale Harvested at Barrow, Alaska poster. (Adapted from the

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Inupiat Woman Wins Goldman Prize for Leading Fight Against Arctic Drilling

In the Warming Arctic Seas

In Barrow, winter temperatures have been several degrees warmer on average than they were just a few decades ago. (Alaska Stock)

The new cold war: drilling for oil and gas in the Arctic

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