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Image result for saag albumin calculator Clinicals t

Image result for saag albumin calculator Clinicals t


The concept surrounds the oncotic-hydrostatic balance. The simple calculation is: SAAG= serum albumin - ascitic albumin.

Mean (SD) values for glucose, protein, and pH in

Both SAAG and ascitic fluid protein concentration are recommended for the initial evaluation of ascitic fluid in cirrhosis, proposed by the American ...

Table 1: Differential diagnosis of ascites based on the serum-to-ascitic albumin gradient

Figure 3. Biochemical analysis of pericardial effusions.

Treatment options for cirrhotic ascites.

ITP treatment algorithm

In patients with cirrhosis, serum albumin concentrations below 11 g/L can be expected. In this case, depending on method assay range, incorrect results ...

In recognition of the difficulties faced by clinical laboratories in serous fluid analysis the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) developed ...

2004 31; 32.

A diagnostic algorithm for portal hypertension.

Better diagnostic performances in comparison to Light's criteria were obtained by quantifying exclusively PF protein and PF ...


Serum Ascites Albumin Gradient (SAAG)

Causes of ascites

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28. III)Based on clinical ...

Figure 1 Flowchart of potential candidates for inclusion in the study, application of exclusion criteria and individuals included.

Serum Ascites Albumin Gradient (SAAG)


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SAAG Diagnosis ...

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Serum ascites/albumin gradient (SAAG) algorithm | IMLE | Pinterest | Saag and Medicine

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[1]; 38. Treatment-High SAAG ...

... 26.

Liver function test (LFT) in both the groups

Efficacy of SAG (80, 40, 20 mg/kg) against L.

Age, lactation stage, body condition score and results of clinical examination at admission of

[17][18]; 35. Treatment-High SAAG ...

MELD Score


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26. 2.


Differentiation of exudates from transudates

... result of hypersplenism; 43.

Mohammed Hussien 29; 30. 2004 30 SAAG ...

... 39.

... protein < 2.5 Nephrotic syndrome; 24.

... 24.

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... with acute-on-chronic liver failure (#albumin? Which kind of #vasopressor? #AKI in ACLF? #bleeding and anticoagulation? HE? Respiratory insufficiency?

Potassium Concentration in the Supernatant of Saline-Adenine-Glucose (SAG) Red-Cell Units Stored for Varying Periods.

Subgroup Analyses for Mean Change in Time to Clinical Stability Associated With Adjunctive Corticosteroid Use for Patients Hospitalized With CAP

Figure 1

... 34.

Ascites for USMLE Step 2

... impairment and hyponatraemia; 31.

Fig. 4. Kaplan–Meier survival according to age (≤ 75 vs. > 75 years) and the albumin-adjusted anion gap (low vs. high).

Chylous ascites often is characterized by an opaque milky fluid with a triglyceride level greater than 1000 mg/dL in addition to a low SAG.

Table 1 Descriptive data of the patients

Figure 2


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#ascites hashtag on Twitter

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Table 5. Presence of Microaggregates with a Diameter of 10 to 66 μm in Whole Blood, in Platelet-Poor Red-Cell Concentrates (RCC) and in Buffy-Coat-Poor ...

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... perforation into ascites; 12.

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Clinical manifestations of portal hypertension include ascites portosystemic

... 31.

iPhone Equation Score

SAAG 40  Serum ascites albumin ...


Table 1 : Differential diagnosis of ascites based on the serum-to-ascitic albumin

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Figure 1: Pathogenesis of ascites

Figure 4 Correlation between calprotectin in ascitic fluid and ascitic fluid PMNL.

Algorithm for the management of chylous ascites.

Figure 4

Figure 6 Correlation between ascitic fluid calprotectin and serum total bilirubin.

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Clinical ...

Kaplan–Meier survival according to the albumin-adjusted anion gap (low vs. high).

Table 3. Adverse Events and Discontinuations, According to Antiretroviral Regimen.

Spontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis in Alcoholic Cirrhosis: An Indian Perspective

Table 1. Demographic Characteristics of the Patients at Baseline.

... 13.


Figure 3 Roc curve for ascitic Calprotectin and ascitic Calprotectin to ascitic fluid total protein Ratio.

Table 2. Response during and after Therapy.

Figure 3