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Hurricane Sandy Day 15 HPC 120Hour QPF via NOAA t

Hurricane Sandy Day 15 HPC 120Hour QPF via NOAA t


National Weather Service- Coastal Watches/Warnings and 5-Day Track Forecast Cone

Day 1 QPF

Note in the graphic below that the subsurface ocean heat potential is higher on the east side of the Gulf, where cooler SST's are, in contrast to western ...

The combination of these factors means that Ernesto has the potential to make a US landfall anywhere along the Texas or Louisiana coast as a major hurricane ...

El Nino 1

Yearly, Monthly Heat Records Dissolve In 2015's Global Onslaught | Category 6™

NOAA's National Center for Environmental Prediction's (NCEP's) Tropical Prediction Center uses a number of guidance outputs to help determine the official ...

Day 1 QPF


Predicted rainfall for Tropical Storm Ingrid from the 06Z (2 am EDT) September 16, 2013 run of the HWRF model. Image credit: NOAA/GFDL.

Yearly, Monthly Heat Records Dissolve In 2015's Global Onslaught

Day 1 QPF

... 06-12 hr QPF

HPC aggregated Day 1 QPF

The section I wrote below was issued via the email distribution list this afternoon. Granted my ideas on windspeed intensity may not pan out as I think it ...

6 Hourly Precipitation Amounts - Day 1

Chris 4


Figure 1. Yearly global temperature (as expressed against the 20th-century average), 1880 - 2015. Shaded red bars indicate the average for each decade.

Rainfall for the 24-hour period ending at 8 am EDT September 14, 2013 (top) and 8 am EDT September 15, 2013 (bottom). Rainfall amounts in excess of five ...

Hurricane Manuel at landfall in the Mexican state of Sinaloa at 7:15 am EDT September 19, 2013. Image credit: Conagua.

Ingrid's intensification into a hurricane on September 14 came eighteen days later than the usual appearance of the Atlantic's second hurricane of the ...

850 hPa GFS model analysis (a,b) and total precipitable water and NOGAPS

7-day rainfall totals for the period from 12Z (8:00 am EDT) Monday, September 28, through Monday, October 5, 2015. Observations are analyzed on a 4 km by 4 ...

684. Civicane49

... 12-18 hr QPF

That's a lot of water (in whatever form it takes) directly in an area that doesn't need anymore at this particular time.

1 rain total


... with colors showing whether each month was characterized by El Niño (red), La Niña (blue), or neutral conditions. Image credit: NASA/NOAA.

Towards a better use of AMSU over land at ECMWF

TD 15 Visible Satellite 1013 1645Z


Helene 1

Introduction to Tropical Meteorology, Ch. 9: Observation, Analysis, and Prediction

Atlantic Basin Storm Count Since 1850

Hurricane Sandy had a track unprecedented in the historical record. Image created by TWC's Stu Ostro using data from NOAA/CSC.

Cold Blast 1

Streamline analysis by an automatic objective technique (left) and the Unified Surface Analysis,

Total precipitable water (TPW) 12-hour accumulation and 850 hPa Winds (a

wind velocity wind velocity

... inches of snow ...

All quiet in the Atlantic: The Atlantic remains welcomely quiet at 8:15 am EDT on September 25, 2013, with an unusual lack of heavy thunderstorm activity ...

5:00 PM EDT 8/24/2011: Hurricane Watches have been extended from the North Carolina coast to New York City, with Hurricane Warnings from the South Carolina ...


Daily 200 hPa velocity potential anomalies (base period 1971-2000) and enhanced satellite

Hurricane Ernesto (2006) - Image: Ernesto 27 aug 2006 1550Z

Could Climate Change Reduce the Frequency of Tracks Like Hurricane Sandy's?

Preliminary Info on 2012 U.S. Billion-Dollar Extreme Weather/Climate Events

678. Civicane49

visible and IR image, enhanced satellite IR showing mesoscale convective systems, 1-km

Hurricane Manuel at landfall in the Mexican state of Sinaloa at 7:15 am EDT September 19, 2013. Image credit: Conagua.

streamlines, isotachs, wind barbs

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... Louisville or Cincinnati, the last thing you probably think about is a washed-up hurricane washing out your Labor Day plans. NOAA HPC is printing ...

Tropical Storm Humberto Drenching the Cape Verde Islands


US East Coast braced for superstorm Sandy [Archive] - The Apricity Forum: A European Cultural Community

The good news is the 6 day QPF forecast is heading in the right direction, as in it's forecast to precipitate less than was forecast yesterday.

It won't take much rain to generate a catastrophic flood disaster, and 10 - 15 inches of rain, with isolated amounts of up to 25", are expected.

Trajectories from the HYSPLIT model

Ernesto 4

Super Typhoon Vongfong a Threat to Japan; Tropical Cyclone Hudhud Menaces India

Winter Storm Xaver brought extreme winds and the second highest storm surge of the past 200 years to Northern Germany. The storm killed 15 and did $1.5 ...

Hurricane Sandy hits Jamaica. “

... Velocity potential at 200 hPa: Analyses for 17-21 June 2009 from NCEP GFS

Boulder's 1-in-100 Year Flood Diminishing; Ingrid a Dangerous Flood Threat for Mexico

US East Coast braced for superstorm Sandy [Archive] - The Apricity Forum: A European Cultural Community

The lake has been dropping about 1/2 per rainless day. I expect about an inch of rain over the area this weekend, which should temporarily stabilize the ...

124. nothingtoofancy

US East Coast braced for superstorm Sandy [Archive] - The Apricity Forum: A European Cultural Community

Fig1 Is the image of Mitch used in many texts to illustrate a hurricane.

Eastern Conus Sector (Infrared Channel). The temperatures are in Kelvin. Source: NOAA/NWS – Click images to enlarge.

Tropical cyclone rainfall forecasting

r-CLIPER for Hurricane Isabel (2003)

Verification of TMI-Adjusted Rainfall Analyses of Tropical Cyclones at ECMWF Using TRMM Precipitation Radar

1:15 PM SATURDAY 3.13.2010 Many areas as shown above in the current US observed precip map have already seen .5-1.5" with another 1-2" occuring today.

I'm pretty sure that if we were living in 1960, we would be freaking out over that trend. What has happened in recent years pails in comparison to the 1950s ...

Super Typhoon Dolphin Becomes Earth's 5th Category 5 Storm of 2015 | Category 6™

wind velocity wind velocity

You can see the 540 thickness line (a good indicator of the general rain/snow line) is right over DC. Sorry Boston, this one will more than likely miss you ...

GOES-12 Low Cloud Product Link

Business Administration - Business


Modeling uncertainties for passive microwave precipitation retrieval: Evaluation of a case study

Storm sandwich: Tropical Storm Manuel and Hurricane Ingrid lay siege to Mexico on September 15, 2013. Tropical Storm Manuel came ashore on the Pacific coast ...

Velocity Azimuthal Display (VAD) from NWS Doppler radar at Jacksonville, Florida on 17

The Successive-Order-of-Interaction Radiative Transfer Model. Part II: Model Performance and Applications

... EF-4 and EF-5 tornadoes from 1950 to 2011. There are no obvious trends in the numbers of these most dangerous of tornadoes. Image credit: NOAA/National ...

FIGURE 4.16 Regional synopsis for northern Illinois and northwest Indiana, Sunday, March 5. SOURCE: NWS.

... Radar reflectivity mosaic centered on Morristown, TN (KMRX) at 2200 UTC 11 February

... JPM's

AVHRR visible satellite image of Tropical Storm Hugo taken on September 11, 1989. Image credit: Google Earth rendition of the NOAA HURSAT data base.

Btw the GFS/CMC/UKMET agree on the noreaster. ECMWF is very weak with it to even not showing it. GFS has another storm in 10 days.

Tropical enthusiasts have been following this one for a couple days now, and NOAA Reconnaissance aircraft recently investigated the storm to discover a ...