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How to make a yukata I made one using these directions I got

How to make a yukata I made one using these directions I got


How to make a yukata. I made one using these directions. I got confused in a couple places and fudged it, the directions can be difficult to understand.

Kimono fui eu que fiz - Pesquisa do Google

Etsy のYukata Bathrobe in navy blue with maple / Yukata Bademantel / Kimono style bathrobe / Kimono style Bademantel / Yukata / Sauna ...

For the longest time I have wanted to make a Japanese Hakama properly. I made one once before but I can't say that it was exactly accurat.

The Kosode. Wonderful site! Tells you how to make period clothing, goes into

Note that both the back and left front will need to be longer.

Full Length Kimono Sewing Pattern from Ralph Pink - can anyone please supply the link to this free pattern?

Image titled Wear a Yukata Step 2

how to wear a yukata

... sleeves matches up with the pattern on the body in a way you consider acceptable. Pin a small note on each sleeve indicating which is the left/back and ...

Image titled Wear a Yukata Step 3


Tutorial:Draft a Kimono Patten by `taeliac on deviantART- I have made this before out of black lace, and it remains one of my favorite items of clothing.

Image titled Wear a Yukata Step 8

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

This time I focused on the most proeminent drawing mistakes made by begginner kimono artists. I did use to make all thos.

I have made them with similar pattern I made by my own but this looks so easy.

Image titled Wear a Yukata Step 5

Yukata, a Japanese traditional casual wear, is now available for WOMEN and GIRLS! Its traditional coloring and design are arranged to make one of the ...

Note: The picture is not to scale. All measurements are in centimeters.

Sakura Kimono

How to tie a women's summer kimono sash. I think I'm gonna buy

2) Always wrap the kimono with the left side over the right.

Directions for cutting 90cm (36") fabric:

During your stay in Kinosaki Onsen, you can wear the standard yukata of the ryokan at which you are staying. Some ryokans offer more colorful yukata which ...

Remember in the first post I mentioned that it was important to make sure the two sleeves were mirrored in how they were put together and direction the ...

A yukata is made of light cotton and is very comfortable. When the weather gets colder, there is a special coat worn over the yukata.

Directions for cutting 72cm (28") fabric:

... Kimono Tutorial Part 1: Sleeve Construction by VariaK

My best advice is to use another kimono to reference collar placement. I used my son's dinosaur yukata that I made for him a couple years ago, which is the ...

Half the fabrics in this quilt have been silk screened with artwork from the vintage yukata cottons. White silk screen ink was applied to solid-colored ...

Once you have it the way you want it, flip the fabric back over so that the top and bottom are once again layered directly on top of each other.

Traditional and sophisticated kimono in the window of Tsudaya.

The directions given here are for what is called a bachi collar. This kind of collar is narrow around the neck and widens slightly toward the tips.

Sew along the pinned sides, following the curve, and flip the sleeve right-side-out. You have one sleeve! Repeat with the other sleeve panel, and proceed to ...

We are heading to Fushimi Inari, initially i thought it was kind of awkward because no one in the train is wearing yukata except us. Hahahaha.

Woman in kimono at Fukuoka City Hall.


Cotton-silk crocodile patterned yukata for UA


I do this in two steps. First from the front of the collar, beginning at the center back, I measure the width and fold the collar over, placing temporary ...

Unlike Tokyo, Kyoto is well known for its geishas, which make the city an alluring destination for people, like myself and Natasha, who wish to dress up and ...

Slip your hands through the slits in the yukata, these are where the sleeves meet the body of the yukata. Tighten the top of the yukata around your neck and ...

With a kimono/yukata you get wrapped tightly in undergarments until you're cylinder-shaped. You can't change a doll's shape. Disney Animator's Dolls have ...

A gentleman with whom I correspond ran into problems while making his first Japanese outfit. He realized that he was going to need to upsize and hit upon ...

Repeat this process on the other side. When finished, carefully machine sew along the seam line. Make sure you do not sew any wrinkles into the seam at the ...

Image titled Wear a Yukata Step 1

Align the overlap panels (okumi) with the bottom of each front body panel and run a seam from top to bottom. (Sketch shows one side only.


Other than that, haori are folded the same way as kimono. See the video demonstration of kimono folding further down this page

Incase you weren't aware we did get some yukata in that accommodates larger sizes

I need a lot of fabric to wrap around my wide hips and to accommodate my large wingspan (139 cm wrist-to-wrist), so I cut out several strips at 38 cm.

embedded from Instagram

... Tutorial: Real or Fake Kimono? by iheartsendai

embedded from Instagram. To truly get ...

Directions for cutting a yukata roll:

And it got more complex after that. I admit to using the Simplicity 4080 pattern for the obi. On one hand, making and and tying a Darari obi would be ...

1. Furisode

1. What is the “Yukata”?

A lot of fun items you don't see everywhere. Great for gifts to send home or to friends/family. – Jennifer McCarthy, December 2016

Open up the inside of the sleeve body opening and press again the seam under the miyatsukuchi, to flatten the seam allowance that is changing direction from ...

My first egregious calligraphy attempt. A clearly off-kilter first character with inaccurate stroke

I've seen boy's hifu vests with both pointy and curved collars. I like the pointy squared end collar, it looks more boyish to me, plus it is super easy to ...

Detailed instructions with lots of diagrams make the patterns easy to follow. And finally you will have directions for making your own Lone Star quilt!

Adjust the yukata to ankle-length by grasping the two positions shown in the picture and pulling the cloth upwards, and folding it over itself.



On the subject of stretch and stretch direction Brit at Halo who has made many leggings as a business and I had an interesting email exchange on choosing ...

Rayon kimono (yukata) fabric

How the Japanese wear geta. In ...

Okunushi san also captures the simple innocence of creatures – rabbits have long been a favorite. This one is a popular toy for children in his natty plaid ...

Art direction; www.muurbloem.com.

First wrap the right side of the yukata around to your left hip. Then wrap the left side over the right. Make sure the bottom of the yukata comes down to ...

The picture illustrates how to flatten the seam with a kise. The red in the picture represents the seamline. First, with right sides still together, ...

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A baby kimono is an essential item in Umi's wardrobe. We've used one as her pyjamas ever since she was born. I love fact that you can just wrap it around ...

Love this paisley pattern! The main colour is a super-saturated dark orange that's only a few steps from a tomato red.

From left: a sleeve panel, folded in half, an okumi, the two body panels, another okumi, the other sleeve. If you "folded" it across that shoulder line, ...

Floorfashion by Muurbloem Design Studio

If you cut the neck opening on the shoulder fold in the traditional fashion, leaving the bottom edges uneven, you now need to sew a tuck to take care of the ...

Art direction; www.muurbloem.com.

Synthetic kimono fabric


How to put on a ryokan yukata. 1. Put on the yukata with ...

With a kimono/yukata you get wrapped tightly in undergarments until you're cylinder-shaped. You can't change a doll's shape. Disney Animator's Dolls have ...

Make an “accordian” fold with the longer end of the sash. Then grab and pinch it in the middle.

This is Snow, in her kimono, showing off her taste in artwork. This particular print was a gift from the artist, Phineas X Jones, and was from a run he did ...

japanese sundress hibiscus SWEET COUTURE /one piece/japanese/girls/baby/kids/toddler/ruffle

Next, deal with your collar. This is probably the most difficult part of the kimono, and should be done patiently; it's also where I diverge the most from " ...

Tsudaya is just opposite to the Apple store in Ginza.

Japanese journalist Manami Okazaki has put out a series of books dissecting the country's fashion and culture for English-speaking audiences.

Holding the yukata closed take the thinner cord and wrap it around your hips, securing the yukata closed. The excess fabric should hang over the cord.

... hemp and cotton stencilled yukata along with striped tsumugi shading across blues and purples, and a two tone purple and black tsumugi for the sashing.

Art direction; www.muurbloem.com.

Turn the garment over so that the right side is showing, with the neck facing away from you. Open the neck so that it resembles the diagram (left).

The price for both can start at around ¥13,000 yen or Php 5,500~ / $110~ and up (with the oiran dress up experience mostly only done indoors).