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How to Avoid Sounding Like an Idiot When Discussing Politics

How to Avoid Sounding Like an Idiot When Discussing Politics


We all know someone who loves to talk politics but sounds like a jerk every time they do. Talking about politics may be taboo for many of us but it doesn't ...

How to Avoid Sounding Like an Idiot When Discussing Politics

The Three Branches of Government

What do you expect from a man like Newt who walks away from his wife while she battles cancer? | Too stupid for words | Pinterest | Politics, Feminism and ...

Now THAT is what a sore loser looks like 😂😂😂😂

I'm afraid all that of the GOP feel the same way as GW.

Like all demagogues, Donald Trump scapegoats minorities and ignores the real problems. Image by Occupy Democrats, LIKE our page for more!

It's all about stopping Hillary.

3 Branches of Government Tree More

The Federal In Federalism Worksheet Answer Key Icivics Awesome How to Avoid sounding Like An Idiot

Businessman arguing with a colleague

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Why Mike Pence is perfect for Donald Trump.

How to avoid sounding like an idiot: "DON'T ...

Stop crying and accept the gravy train had pulled into its final station!

He is devious and she is stupid .what a great combo for AMerican downfall

1 - ATM Machine - Do you realize that you are saying “machine” twice

How To Stop Sounding Like An IDIOT | 10 Words You're Pronouncing Incorrectly

Apparently, she just can't stop herself. Triple facepalm.

idiot word cloud

Charles Barkley called for his native Alabama to stop acting like "idiots" over the Roy Moore political issue.

Donald Trump impersonator Robert S. Ensler speaks on a phone before the presidential hopeful holds

Published at 640 × 640 ...

America founded by Geniuses, run by Idiots |POLITICALLY INCORRECT CARTOONS

19 Easy Ways To Avoid Sounding Like An Idiot

It is how he responds to slander and libel. Instead of talking about issues, hostile news media outlets and Democrats want to ...

No I can't stop you, but using quotes incorrectly just makes you sound

In modern American politics, stupid is as stupid says

I, like, love you

For all of those people that agree wth Trump that "Non-Christians" should

Because that kind of thinking IS stupid! | Beware | Pinterest | Politics, Guns and Truths

obama's stupid dumb ass self made cunt bitch transvestite is as stupid as her lying boy friend obama.

Stop Saying Swag You Sound Like An Idiot

604 best Political Memes images on Pinterest | Hilarious pictures, Funny images and Funny memes

And billionaires own every GOP in Congress. Let THAT sink in as you contemplate the Wealth Transfer bills masquerading as "health care reform".

Photo taken from the Twitter feed of @nick_clegg of the Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg



The Stupid Party: well said.

You sound like an idiot!!! - Just Stop Talking | Meme Generator

Barkley urges Alabama to vote for Jones: 'Stop looking like idiots to the nation

Hypocrites in Hollywood bash the GOP for being "too rich" yet the celebrities seem

Kristian Hammerstad

Can we please stop talking about the stupid blimp?? Republicans just elected the money

But elsewhere — including trade and migration, as well as other areas of climate change — the leaders of the world's biggest economies have compromised ...

We can't all be human encyclopedias, and once in a while, you're bound to stumble upon a conversation on a topic you know absolutely nothing about. To avoid ...

4. Sahara Desert - Same thing here: Sahara means desert. It is an epic desert, but you don't have to force the point.

"If we made Mexican food ILLEGAL, illegal aliens wouldn't be able to eat in the United States and all illegal border crossings would STOP!


Political correctness is not stopping silly people from telling lies

Want to add to the discussion?

It just makes you look as stupid as we all know the members of the GOP to really be!

Funniest Political Quotes of All Time

Stop Posting Anti Obama Stuff. NEVER he us stupid and looks like a sock monkey hate him

Idiot Liberal

Faux News: Ignorant idiots teaching ignorant idiots to be hateful bigots and racist idiots.

Gore's slogan was “it's the economy stupid” and when they won despite the #ColdWar having just ended both of them barely even mentioned ...

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scientific proof that men talk more than women and that they think women talk too much


I hate how so many memes devolve into insults but I like the point this one is making anyway. If you're Pro-life but anti-birth control & sex education than ...

The stupid republicans have to be kidding this guy isn't worth be elected dog

Protest signs criticizing the GOP with phrases such as "Can we please put the smart

Sanity - for Harobed!



The Free Speech Warriors In The "No" Campaign Want To Stop A Song They Don't Like

179 best Republican quotes images on Pinterest | Donald trump idiot, Rain and Costumes

No one is talking about this in the press. They act like these are just political games with no real victims.

One Famous, Stupid Quote We Should All Stop Sharing


Democratic supporters, to stupid to truth, absolutely blind to the truth and willingness to thing for themselves and the future of the country!

I have butterflies in my stomach. (I should never have eaten those bloody caterpillars ...)

Acadamy of Linguistic Awarness - Don't sound stupid, stop saying like - poster

As far as drugs go, that's your choice, If you want to mess up

Yesterday's “discussion” about “concerned parents” wanting to fence off part of Dolores Park for their “gifts” from “god” led to some pretty good ...

Florida: Walmart Cashier Refuses To Serve Police Officer In Uniform, “Pointed To Her Skin” When Cop Asked Why…

3. Ahi Tuna Fish - Ahi straight-up translates to tuna. Absolutely no point repeating yourself.

Click here to watch the video – 10 commonly mispronounced words

Fran Lebowitz


Michele Bachman is a genius…

Today's historic nuclear peace deal with Iran proves once again that President Obama deserves his Nobel Peace Prize. Image by Occupy Democrats, LIKE.

Paramount Pictures

Egocentric idiot, Trump, would like you to stop focusing on he and

Anti Hillary Political Bumper Sticker - Stop Electing Idiots

Trump wants to ban the worlds second biggest religion(around of the world is Muslim)The pope is an amazing man. The KKK is terrible. I don't understand how ...

And remember that Walmart is Communist China's biggest trading partner. And tell your reps to stop giving tax breaks to businesses that send American jobs ...

Jordan Peterson's popularity is the sign of a deeply impoverished political and intellectual landscape…

When the Right speaks of their America, do they not understand the president is supposed

Disgusting Republicans trying to justify Criminal behavior... Protect the Christian Sexual Predator,

2. Rice Pilaf - Pilaf means rice ball. So don't bother asking for' rice rice' next time.

America's health and future depends on stopping the poisoning of our

University of Michigan students were phyically shaken by "chalk" writings such as - Pro Trump, Build a Wall and Stop Islam.

Our phone will not stop ringing from all the stupid political calls.