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Hanshin Earthquake Memorial Aussie On The Izu Travel Log

Hanshin Earthquake Memorial Aussie On The Izu Travel Log


Hanshin Earthquake Memorial // Aussie On The Izu: Travel Log: Kobe

18 of the world's most devastating earthquakes

Hanshin Earthquake Memorial // Aussie On The Izu: Travel Log: Kobe | Favorite Places in Japan | Pinterest | Kobe, Izu and Australia

Kobe earthquake , 1995/01/17

Kobe Earthquake. 阪神大震災・神戸の被害:長田区・JR新長田駅前January 17,

Ryuji Miyamoto: "Kobe 1995 After the Earthquake"

The adventures of one small-town Aussie girl living in the shadow of Mt Fuji.

Kobe earthquake epicenter

Immediately before the collapse of the Kashiwai building

Sorry to bang on about this. This is the last post about Tanabata, I promise! Its no secret I attended the Hiratsuka Tanabata Festival (w.


Aussie On The Izu: Travel Log: Hanagasa Dance Festival, Ito

Hanshin Earthquake Memorial // Aussie On The Izu: Travel Log: Kobe | Favorite Places in Japan | Pinterest | Kobe, Izu and Australia

Powerful 6.1 EARTHQUAKE shake TONGA E of Australia ..9.6.2014

Other aspects[edit]

1.17 memorial in Kobe in January 2005, ten years later


The guidebook said lots of people don't bother but it was well worth the half an hour to examine the contents portable shrines, swords, scrolls and books.

Great Hanshin earthquake is located in Japan


A section of the Nojima Fault (left) and preserved damage at the Earthquake Memorial Park near the port of Kobe

A stroll around the mad streets of Shinjuku and it was time to head on back and get packed for our next phase of the journey.

Osaka Castle is the city's most iconic landmark

img_0018-1 img_0017 img_0016

Local memorial in Kobe. "We won't forget that time"

A fire which broke out in Tokyo after the earthquake


2005 Fukuoka earthquake - Image: Fukuoka Earthquake 20050320 Maruzen

Map of the Tōhoku earthquake and aftershocks on 11–14 March


So ...

Aerial photo of Minato, devastated by both the earthquake and subsequent tsunami

Beyträge zur genauern Kenntniss der Spanischen Besitzungen in Amerika aus dem Spanischen übersetzt und mit einigen Anmerkungen begleitet von Christian ...

Shizuoka Prefecture - Hamamatsu City

From top left: Port of Kobe, Akashi Kaikyō Bridge, Kitano-chō,

... (17) ...

The cenotaph in Hiroshima Peace Park

Map for Along the Pacific Ring of Fire

Front: Alisa Brown*, Nahoko Fujisawa, Eika Yoon, Yuna Ikenaga*, Mayumi Liyanage, Remi Nagata*, Aiko Shim izu*, Hideka Minami, Saurabh Bhardwaj*, ...


We ended our fabulous journey through Japan in Osaka, the country's second largest city. It had many of the amenities of Tokyo but felt far less dense and ...

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Shizuoka Prefecture - Shizuoka City

Australian rules football in Asia - Image: AFL Asia

We all had ice creams and then settled into the minibus for the trip back to Tokyo. There was some dozing off in the back, unsurprising after our day's ...

Slowear Journal | Chicago Athletic Association: from Sport to Hospitality

17. [AMERICAS] ORTELIUS, A[braham] (1527-1598) [Map of Western Hemisphere Titled:] Americae Sive Novi Orbis, Nova Descriptio. Antwerp, ca. 1571.

Fun in Japan

5, Cours du Chapeau Rouge …

Only spanning five days, this is a road trip that we finally took after abruptly cancelling the plan in March of the same year. Due to the fateful events of ...

1948 Fukui earthquake - Daiwa department store after the earthquake

Itami Airport - Image: ITM airport logo

Bali is blessed with abundant sunshine and countless white-sand, reef-protected beaches. Consequently, it's not surprising that the opportunities for water ...

Toyooka, Hyōgo - Image: Toyoooka Hyogo chapter

5th day : Morning free. Sail for Piraeus at 1.00 p.m. Lunch and dinner on board. 6th day : Breakfast on board. Arrive at Piraeus at 1.00 p.m. Bus transfer ...

Port of Kobe - Port of Kobe from the sky

Matsunaga Memorial Hall in Odawara

An illustration showing the so-called Ring Of Fire around the Pacific. Source: gringer, wikipedia, in the public domain.

In the end, I made friends with an Australian fellow solo traveller who helped me take some shots at the busy Shibuya Scramble Crossing.

The Japan Times Special Report. The Great Hanshin Quake ...

Australian rules football in Asia - Malaysian Warriors team pictured at the 2014 Asian Australian Football

I was quite glad I hadn't elected to stay at the Camel Hotel – wonder if they paid to rip off the cigarette logo – it might be OK in the season ...

We landed in Kansai and caught a 70 minute train to Kyoto. We couldn't see much through the darkness, despite straining our eyes out the window, ...

Land subsidence and soil liquefaction at Shin-Urayasu Station in Urayasu, Chiba, near

2009 Shizuoka earthquake - Image: Shizuoka Earthquake Shakemap 20090811

Kobe Mosque

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... stay at the Camel Hotel – wonder if they paid to rip off the cigarette logo – it might be OK in the season but it looked rather down at heel now.

Crave, travel, experience

IUGG2011 Conference,28 June-7 July 2011, Melbourne, Australia

Earthquake. A seismogram recorded in Massachusetts, USA

Next ...

It passes one of several filming locations of 007 You Only Live Twice around Kagoshima: the ama village

The fun bit of the journey is the approach to Chuzenji up the one-way Iroha winding road. It has 48 hairpin bends which elicited a number of 'Oh My Gods' ...

... Huber: Transforming Your Japan Travel Experience ...

Japan Wanderlust: You Will Get Lost!

After ...

State of the Art and Practice in the Assessment of Earthquake-Induced Soil Liquefaction and Its Consequences | Earthquakes | Civil Engineering

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What makes Gyeongju really special wasn't the love motels, but the fact that you feel almost instantaneously that you're traveling back in time (queue Huey ...

Tsunami damage between Sendai and Sendai Bay

Fig. 6.1. Sydney and surrounding public lands (Source: Government of New South wales and others)


Sandy, Travel

Fig. 1. Tectonic setting of Sumatra–Andaman Region, the epicenter and rupture

G'day japan! issue #10

Japanese Cemetery in Broome, Western Australia - Stock Image

Pushed for time, we had an early dinner at nearby Obu Café. It didn't look too promising, but it ended up exceeding our expectations.


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Fig. 5 The collapse of Dharahara tower. a damaged Dharahara tower; and (

[Historically Significant Journal Recording a Travel from Peking to Hankou (a part of present-day Wuhan), along the Line of the Unfinished Peking-Hankou ...