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Golgulsa Sunmudo demonstration 35mp4 t

Golgulsa Sunmudo demonstration 35mp4 t


Three Golgusa monks demonstrate Sunmudo

Golgulsa Temple: Sunmudo Demonstration

On 26th May, Students of Department of Buddhism from Dongguk University Gyeongju Campus – visiting Golgulsa Temple

Golgulsa Temple Life, Early July. After watching the Sunmudo Demonstration.

Demonstration of sunmudo at Golgul-sa. Image by Jirka Matousek / CC BY 2.0

A high-flying monk during the Sunmudo Demonstration at Golgulsa Temple.

We look forward to seeing you again and wish you peace and happiness.


Everything you might want to know about Golgulsa, Sunmudo and Templestay in our Temple.

Group temple stay of high school students from France

A monk demonstrates Sunmudo technique at Golgulsa Temple in Gyeongju before a group of tourists and Temple Stay participants in May 2017.

Kyoungbuk Physical Education Middle School's Students. Group Temple Stay. Sunmudo Templestay Golgulsa. s_kakaotalk_20180713_120238194

I didn't hit any targets but my arrow still went a ways and that was fulfilling in itself. 330pm: Sunmudo demonstration.

For more information or to make a reservation, email [email protected], or call (82)54-775-1689.


The Sedona yoga team from the United States. Stay 5 nights. do Walking and meditation. Sunmudo training.

One of the monks gives a Sunmudo demonstration.


Sunmudo demonstration 2011

Jimmy Tønners's(from Denmark) Special Sunmudo Dan Test.


Sunmudo Grading 1

Sunmudo (Zen martial arts) (1)

A monk practices Sunmudo inside the main training hall at Golgulsa. (Se-Woong Koo/Korea Exposé)

You will rise early the next morning to attend morning chanting service as the sun rises and nature awakens around us. Sunmudo

On 1st of July, the students of Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST)

templestay korea sunmudo golgulsa gyeongju

The Sunmundo demontration in Gogulsa, Korea

Before I left for Korea, I spoke to my most recent employer about the possibility of working a bit as I travel, casting for TV show I had been helping to ...

Parts of the temple are built into a cliff.

Golgulsa Temple Stay

Golgulsa Temple Stay in mid-June


Sunmudo (Zen martial arts) (3)


Templestay in Golgulsa & Home of Sunmudo Templelife 템플스테이 선무도 템플스테이 골굴사

For more information or to make a reservation, email [email protected], or call (82)62-233-0419.

golgulsa sunmudo training

Sunmudo demonstration at Golgusa Temple - Korea 2011

We went outdoors to the beach with a lighthouse in the nearby Golgulsa Temple.

Templestay and Martial arts: Golgulsa Temple

Some ...

9:30 – Optional Excursion to local sites (extra charge-10,000 won per person) 12:00 – Lunch 15:00 – Seonmudo Demonstration 19:00 – Evening Chanting Service

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전통사찰등록증 전달식(The delivery ceremony for The Certification of Traditional Temple)

Sun Mu Do



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2016 설날 템플스테이 (Templestay for Seollal)

pink lotus flower

Mike Garner Sifu and Terry Hodgkinson Sifu at Mike's school in Sabing Palawan, Philippines. Mike is an expert teacher with escrima sticks.

Sunmudo Training at Golgulsa Temple in Gyeongju

World Taekwondo Championships~ Poster

Golgulsa Temple Stay In Gyeongju

Templestay in Golgulsa & Home of Sunmudo Templelife 템플스테이 선무도 템플스테이 골굴사



Temple stay South Korea Golgulsa Sunmodu

올리브매거진 코리아 4월호 / Olive Magazine Korea – April 2016

What kind of fish, I couldn't really tell, but it was just the right blend of spicy, salty, and savory. There was a particularly good assortment of banchans ...

A row of sacred status at the Golgulsa Temple in South Korea


Meaning: "Zen contemplation of enemies" ...

2018 Lotus Lantern Festival Sunmudo

Work by the water as much as possible as ithellip

Golgulsa: Zu Gast im buddhistischen Kampfkunsttempel


Local train to Hakone (a bit different!)

Golgulsa (literally "Stone Buddha Temple") is located 20 km east of the ancient Silla Dynasty capital city ofGyeongju in Southeastern Korea.

I don't know if it's just because it's so hot and humid here that they just can't stand to be confined by clothing or if there is something deeper ...

Organ meats alley- without ear medication to make me loopy...I have to admit I wasn't as brave this time to try some of the offal.

In addition to exploring the nearby towns, we drove a couple of hours to Quepos to visit Manuel Antonio National Park. We hiked past sloths, monkeys, ...

What to Bring


Estancia en el templo budista de Golgulsa

Méditation ...

Hashima: Die vergessene Insel

cartell taller constelaciones familiares

선무도는 불교의 전통 수행법으로 깨달음을 위한 실천적 수행 방편으로 남녀노소 쉽게 익힐 수 있는 수련법이라 한다. 월요일을 제외한 오후 15:30분에 공연이 있다.

DMZ Impressionen

Berg Hallasan auf Jeju, Südkorea