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Godus Sea Texture patterns t

Godus Sea Texture patterns t


As if one unfinished Godus game weren't enough, Peter Molyneux's studio 22cans have launched another. Godus Wars arrived [official site] is out on Steam ...

Hey, remember Godus?! It was successfully Kickstarted in 2012, despite launching with no video at all, as the name of “Peter Molyneux” still carried enough ...

Godus Sea Texture

GODUS Images - GameSpot

Putting faith in Molyneux's Godus: an analysis of Project Godus.

Godus Wars [official site], the second unfinished Godus game from development team 22Cans, costs 11 on Steam. And until a few moments ago, ...

It's a shame, because Godus is otherwise quite riveting on an iPad. The graphics are sharp and well defined, and the layered art style of the landscapes is ...

Wallpaper of Peter Molyneuxs Godus



Godus game now available to download on Android

While those indicators are fine for moving followers about in Homeworld, they didn't reflect troop movements accurately enough for our liking.

Godus: like this one

... Godus ...

It's So New: Godus! | Gaming With Scissors

... most of the same tools as last time along with twist for the seaweed, poly reducer on a few stubborn models that didnt work correctly with connect, ...

Example combat map

Colours and names are all we see now. The experience has been rendered obsolete. We're not discovering anything any more. We're not searching like we once ...

The different colours make not only for a pretty game, but for certain gameplay mechanics

Ice Wall Texture by Jimpaw

This is the Astari tribe. On fire.

Fate of God game genre depends on success of Godus, Molyneux says - http:

Genetic Testing of Citizens: A Backdoor Into Total Population Surveillance by Governments, Companies


PC-10-054 Chrome Red | Translucent Sea Glass Rowlux Colors & Patterns | Pinterest | Color patterns

Currently their build is very similar to a follower so it is quite hard to distinguish between each character (especially when you are zoomed far out, ...



How do you go about distributing resources procedurally in a game?


sea / ocean / black and white

Want to add to the discussion?

02_develop_a_civilisation-1024x576. A Godus Island

Less than an hour after that had been completed, someone had replied. "Yes" is all they said. Did you took their eyes? Did you?

... most of the same tools as last time along with twist for the seaweed, poly reducer on a few stubborn models that didnt work correctly with connect, ...

Pattern of Infinity (2015)

From a member of the Godus Community Gallery Group in

Is Simogo's SPL-T a Number Puzzle or a Mystery Wrapped in an Enigma?

What a lovely little village!

Rabiez Epidemic Gameplay and Walkthrough

Map taken from Google Maps!

A better ...


Развитие на пальцах

Burn, my little idiots!

"Each banner will display the colour of the warband (which is the same as the field warband banner), the warband rank (in stars along the top), ...

Take a look at our artist's preview for the Digital Art Book, you may notice some regions that weren't covered in the The North Burns videos.

Ah yes. Being colorblind.

20160705225146_1.jpg 284K

Emoción Violenta

Death Of The Ego / Chains Of The Fallen (Split, 2016)

Days 50 to 59 - Layers 121 to 141 '

... style to strictly standardised. At least in Scandinavia. Here's one with less shading, made by another artist during the same survey.


phlegeton 6 0 Veins Of Origin by SoulAsphxyArts

Screenshots of the Godus for Android tablet, phone.

"And on the 21st day of the final month, when the Godus bell rings thrice for success, there shall fall into the nether realm a champion.

NAGLFAR - horncrowned majesty T-Shirt

Fiers et victorieux (2005)

The role of Bryan Henderson, the game's 'God of Gods,' is also discussed, stating that he'll be the tie-breaker for votes on "commandments" - an example of ...

Hello Atlantic Ocean!

Fuego Negro (2015)

Wrath of the Thirteen (5:40)


Another project I started in Cinema 4D to figure out how to use the program.


Parazv Il Zilittv (2018)

[UE4] Lowpoly Stylized Environment — polycount


In the Glare of a Dying Horizon (2015)

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Where once the 22Cans twitter feed was full of messages about the cube, now it's almost entirely tweets thanking people for supporting Godus.

hair texture alpha - Google Search

screenshot added by fizzer on 2014-12-28 23:54:37

This one from 1825 has a more naturalistic look, same as this one from 1813. And yes, this is art.

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The Chasm of the Cross (7:59)


played about with the galaxy texture, it gave interesting results for the global illumination but I didn't really like it for this piece.

The Past Is Alive (2014)

from japan refer to the beast as the umessenger from the sea godus palace with giant sea serpent washed ashore

Earth Ground (2014)


Day 3 - Layer 2

Character options aren't expansive, but they do allow for customization. (Ninja

Iris (2018)

Figur 1. Plansje som illustrerer tareplanten og dens funksjon i økosystemet. Figuren viser tareplanten

3.4.1. Gadiformes, Perciformes and Pleuronectiformes: economic and ecological implications

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