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Getting to know about Zukimac is a MAC Like GTK 3x theme which

Getting to know about Zukimac is a MAC Like GTK 3x theme which


Environment variable GTK_MENUBAR_NO_MAC let you set a list app executable names to disable mac menubar for, separated by space (default "gnome-panel ...



Conheça melhor o conjunto de ícones Octagon

Arc-Dark-Red Cinnamon

Lubit 5 Control Center

Skype permite que as pessoas se comuniquem uns com os outros através de mensagens, chamadas de voz e videochamadas através da Internet.

Jasper Report in OpenERP

Ubuntu Zukimac mac主题1

xRDP - Your Ubuntu xfce4 desktop

how can i send you the crash report got an email or something?


o Added a new 'black' color theme (Edit | Preferences | Themses | Black) for all you night owls and compositors who go blind when bright interfaces open up:

Affinity Designer



There are also versions available for Mac users, so consider which operating system you’d prefer to use before purchasing anything.

Quickly write desktop and web apps on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS with MonoDevelop, a cross-platform IDE for C#, F#, and more. Maintain a single code base ...

Fellow slashdot webdevs, please don't test in production. Below is how it looks like on Safari for Mac.

Alpine Linux Unix macOS email Client

Conheça melhor o conjunto de ícones Victory

A WordPress theme designed for gospel churches. It is a professional, bold and elegant design for your church website. the template is easy to start working ...

screen shot my multi-window ...

f. Add Format Settings:

Transformation engine

Edit: Now includes the Leopard wallpaper and Gekos-Leopard Gtk theme.


Lubit 5


Unity Tweak Tool 工具安装1

Ubuntu windows 10 主题下载2

Ubuntu windows 10 主题下载2

MacOS like cof.png for Unity-greeter


Announced at the start of the year, the diminutive devices measures 10.8cm x 8.3cm x 2.4cm (LxWxH) and weighs a mere 250 grams.

As expected, the hardware was also not ready to behave like a rack server, so some modifications are needed.

Linux_Unix - rtt - IT Technology Resource - Dedicated Root VPS Virtual Colocated Web Server Hosting Talk, SEO, Computer Technology

Coal Gnome

reproduzir vídeo H.265

Caledonia Apple

These things are TINY!! I was surprised. 960 Pro 2TB went into my new build

... http://blog.nixternal.com/2006.10.06/extreme-home-makeover-www-edition/ ...

Na próxima etapa, iremos personalizar nosso kernel e criar sua imagem.



Nobody home

T440s with trackpoint buttons!

Equinox Chrome GreyPanel

... lCwoU.jpg ...




Gnome was Here

Red Dragon

Setting mysql password

It is primarily programmed around monome and arc controllers, but has built in MIDI learn functionality (as well as mappings for TouchOSC, Keith McMillen ...

Linux Mint 'Software Manager' Sees Some Major Improvements - OMG! Ubuntu!

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3CX VoIP Phone System

fivauNo2EXZp4YBUHEk8a-970-80.jpg.ee34e810d9847f613859f8c66ee142d5.jpg · "

Ubuntu 14.04 16.04 主题美化方法详细介绍

Buratino (like Pinocchio)

... mis.jpg 559×410 pixels ...


Krita 4.1 Released with Great New Features (How to Install)

The GPD Pocket IndieGoGo campaign runs from February 15th to xxx, 2017. It is available to back — sharp intake of breath — from $399 US, which GPD say is a ...

I was in the program committee this year and I think we have put together an exciting program. You will see what's ...

Cinnamon Plymouth


I find Linux to be very friendly for a web developer. Not that only all tools you will use are really natural to use in bash environment, but it's is most ...

Debian Mosaic

Gravit Designer

Gutter Service Louisville KY | Seamless Gutter Installation in Shelbyville & Louisville, Kentucky (KY) - Christian Brothers Roofing

bomi multimedia player


MAC Address spoofing with macchanger

Canon MX860 Setup

Paolo Antinori 6 October 2015 at 11:32

Mono on the PS4 is based on a special branch of Mono that was originally designed to support static compilation for Windows's WinStore applications [1].

Adobe XD

How To Setup A Workstation Computer With Ubuntu 16.04 Desktop Step by Step