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German submarine U427 Photo taken through the periscope

German submarine U427 Photo taken through the periscope


German submarine U-427. Photo taken through the periscope

U-427 performs an emergency surfacing while being photographed through her periscope. [728x1121]. German SubmarinesWw2 ...

Deck of a german U-Boat (probably U 33, commanded by Kl Siess) operating in the Adriatic Sea during WWI (photo Karl Daublebsky von Eichhain).

The Royal Navy during the Second World War A British destroyer preparing to take the Italian

U427 decorated for commissioning

USS U-3008 (former German submarine U-3008) conning tower, with the snorkel raised [Wikipedia]

German submarine U-427. Photo taken through the periscope. Image Japanese Midget Submarine

World War II Technology: German U-Boats

HMS Graph in 1943. History. Nazi Germany

She never managed to sink or damage an Allied ship, be it merchant or naval. Just days before the end of the war, U-427 saw a chance to pop its cherry when ...

German U-427 submarine emergency surfacing, view from periscope,.

HMS Legion moves alongside the damaged and listing HMS Ark Royal to take off survivors

The U-434 in the Hamburg harbour

U 52.jpg

Willy Stöwer's painting of U-21 sinking Linda Blanche

WW II naval warfare UBoat war The captain of a german submarine looking through his periscope


Used for a year as a training craft, U-427 only ventured out to the North Atlantic for the first time on 20 June 1944, two weeks after D-Day.

USS Drum (SS-228) at Battleship Memorial Park in Mobile, AL


Submarino Aleman U-977.jpg

German U-boat U-14

Revell Germany Ship Models 1/144 German U-Boat Type XXI Submarine w/

Gal Submarine on display in Haifa, Israel. [Wikipedia]

This photo taken during World War I shows German merchant submarine Deustchland lying in Chesapeake Bay

German submarine U-1105

German submarine U-255

U Boat Periscope In Use - Stock Image

Eckernfoerde, Germany, look through the periscope - Stock Image

Undersecretary of the Navy, the honorable Thomas B. Modly, looks through a periscope

German U-Boat U 7 in the Adriatic Sea during World War I (Photo property of Karl Daublebsky von Eichhain). 3906x5016 px, 600 dpi, 1508 Kb

German Submarines in harbor, German Submarines U-Boats in harbour - Stock Image

The submarine then fired upon the town, all of its shells landing harmlessly in a nearby swamp. During the attack, a local citizens returned fire with ...

B-427 was a Project 641 (Foxtrot-class) diesel-electric attack

German submarine U-455

German submarine SM U-110 in dry dock, 1918 via reddit More…

New German Submarine Production

Eckernfoerde, Germany, look through the periscope - Stock Image


German submarine officer looks through a periscope; World War one 1916 - Stock Image

U1023 Plymouth.jpg

Shooting calculation system for the torpedos (Torpedo-Vorhalt-Rechner) used as a complement to the optical systems (UZO), in this case in the U 995, ...

Encounter Between German Warship And A U Boat On August 2Nd 1940

German submarine U-250 - Image: Bundesarchiv Bild 200 Ub 3380, Indienststellung U

German U Boat In A Port Of The Black Sea Ready For Departure On Forties

German submarine U-118 washed ashore at Hasting . April 1919. via reddit

Entrance ticket for the B-515 museum submarine in Hamburg

The back

Main control and periscope room in a U-Boot U-1 1906 U-

USS Batfish (SS-310) at Muskogee War Memorial Park in Muskogee, OK

HMCS Haida, near-victim of U-427, survived the war as well and after retiring from the fleet in 1963 is now a museum ship and National Historic Site of ...

German submarine U-278 - U-278 seen from a B-24 Liberator

U2511 in Bergen, Norway [Wikipedia]

The shaded areas show the unrestricted submarine warfare zone announced by Germany on 1 February 1917

The B-413 in the Kaliningrad harbour

SM U-35 (Germany) - Image: The German U boat U 35

SM U-12 (Germany) - Submarine U-12 on left

... Revell Germany Ship Models 1/144 German U-Boat Type XXI Submarine w/ ...

submarine. Image by Jon Wiley via Flickr/ CC BY 2.0

German submarine U-426 - U-426 a Type VIIC submarine, down by

B-427 was a Project 641 (Foxtrot-class) diesel-electric attack

German Museum of Technology is the English name for “Deutsches Technikmuseum” in Berlin. In general, it covers everything when it comes to technique, ...

12 Inch naval gun mounted on a German submarine, 1918.

Photo courtesy of Sjöhistoriska Museet, Stockholm

333 original pictures of U-Boats. Part I: 143 pictures property of the commanders Karl Daublebsky von Eichhain and Carl-Gabriel von Gudenus

File:Navy - Naval Operations - Surrender of the German Fleet - Individual Ships - "Deutschland II" now interned in French Port - NARA - 45511678.jpg


Soviet Foxtrot B-427 Scorpion Submarine

SM U-27 (Germany) - Image: German U Boat U27 Sunk 19

The periscope

German submarine U-288 - An Avenger machine gun attack on U-288 on

... USS Kearny (DD 432)

Soviet Navy Foxtrot class submarine in action on the Baltic Sea

See information about Singapore's HDW 218SG Submarine (purchase announced 2-3 December 2013) at ...

Dönitz in 1935, with the grade of captain, inspecting U7 as chief of the new born fleet of German U-Boats (photo Karl Daublebsky von Eichhain).

1915 page 2 and 3 Daily Sketch German U-Boat Menace, Turks suffer heavy


German submarines surfaced in the rough waters of the Bay of Biscay

Stairs to periscope compartment

USS Greer (DD 145)

Nazvi Careem

Soviet Tango class submarine at full speed in rough sees

The U-570 arrives at Barrow-in-Furness, 3 October 1941

SM U-31 (Germany) - Image: U boat U31 Cor Kuyvenhoven 2

German Submariners Looking Through The Trapdoor Of Their U Boat On October 22Th 1943

USS Silversides (SS-236) ...

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... USS Reuben James (DD 245)

... taking their responsibility: they decided to change their investment practices around nuclear weapons, with large public support.pic.twitter.com/ ...

Tango class submarine

Plate LXI - The Oft-reported Periscope A French Torpedo-boat after being mined (click to enlarge)

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