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Future War Stories FWS Topics Military Robots and t

Future War Stories FWS Topics Military Robots and t


FWS Topics: Combined Arms

FWS Topics: Military Robots and Robotic Soldiers. War is an human endeavor that has forced us as a species to advance our abilities, knowledge, ...


Future War Stories

FWS Topics: Powered Armor. "

FWS Topics: The Future Military Technology of BLACK OPS: II

By the topic header, you can guess what the next major topic of discussion that will be appearing on FWS...Powered Armor! Since the establishment of this ...

FWS Topics: Cybernetic, Bionic, and Bio-Augmented Soldiers

FWS Armory: The Future of Bullets

Future War Stories

Star Wars: Republic Commando was released on the 2005 original Xbox and PC. This military science fiction first-person shooter video game was coupled some ...

FWS Topics: The 10 Most Common Themes in Military Sci-Fi

... of this powered armor by the M.I. Troopers was an immediate separation between the soldiers of time that Heinlein was writing and his future world.

FWS Topics: Space Marines

FWS News Flash: New Concept Art for Bungie's DESTINY!

FWS Topics: Troop Transports

FWS Topics: Combat Exoskeletons

FWS Topics: the Broken Elements of Military Sci-Fi

FWS Topics: Are Military SF Video Games in Trouble?

FWS Index: Live-Action Military Sci-Fi

FWS News Feed: More Military Sci-Fi Games for Call of Duty?

FWS Broken Promises: Starship Troopers

Future War Stories

Robot · Future War Stories: FWS Topics: Military ...

Future War Stories

FWS Topics: Orbital Bombardment

FWS Topics: Mercenaries, Security Contractors, and the Private Military Company

FWS Topics: Military Helmets

FWS Topics: Dropships

Future War Stories: FWS Topics: The Top Ten Myths about Military Science FIction

FWS News Feed: Starship Troopers Invasion Trailer

FWS Topics: The Future of Armored Vehicles

Being an history teacher in public school, I often only get to teach the larger conflicts, and even then, I have to follow the state guidelines.

Future War Stories

Some time ago, I posted about FWS possibly moving towards a t-shirt design for all of you who desire to perform some free advertising for FWS.

Future War Stories

FWS News Feed: EXPANSE Season 2 Teasing Combat on Mars with Powered Armor!

FWS Topics: The DARPA Ground X Vehicle: the Future of the US Army's Tank?

FWS Topics: What Is Going On With THE FOREVER WAR Movie?!

FWS Topics: Stormtroopers and Shocktroopers

FWS Topics: The Military Space Station

FWS News Feed: DESTINY Live-Action "Become Legend" Trailer

Few machines of modern warfare command such awe and fear as the tank on the modern battlefield. From its massive firepower, size, and speed, modern warfare ...

FWS Book Review: THE FIVE: Episode I "Salvation's Curse" by Forrest Parham & H.A.L Wagner

Future War Stories

A unique design was one way of setting your anime/manga, and increasing the sales of your plastic model for years, or getting your name out there as an ...

Future War Stories

Future War Stories: FWS Topics: Military Robots and Robotic Soldiers

FWS Topics: My Hopes and Fears about PACIFIC RIM

FWS News Flash: New ELYSIUM Badass Trailer!

FWS News Feed: Military Sci-Fi Video Games for PS4/Xbox One

The AMP suit from Avatar ...

The topic of future war is popular, and in the last few years, it has exploded. However, not all military science fiction is equal, and one of the missions ...

Future War Stories

At times, there seems to be a disconnect between the fictional military organization seen in sci-fi and the real-world military organizations that protect ...

Future War Stories

Future Military Profiles: The IMPERIAL KNIGHTS (WH40K)

FWS Forgotten Classics: STAR WARS: Republic Commando (2005)

... FWS asked for topic ideas, and one that came across was an article exploring the size, organization, and logistics of a deep space military.

Mecha or "meka" (メカ) is the Japanses world for Mechanical, and is a board term for all manner of vaguely humanoid robotic devices, which encompassed ...

FWS Topics: Marines

While this 75 episode future war epic was not broadcast in the US, the various war-mecha were relabeled into Revell Robotech Defenders model line, ...

Future War Stories

FWS Topics: Patrolling

After more than a month of nothing but Special Operations Forces here on FWS, it is finally time to wrap up the party with the fourth and final blogpost ...

Future War Stories

It is May, and it is time for shopping for your new bikini, new flip flops, and your next installment of Call of Duty. This time, Infinity Ward is up to the ...

FWS Topics: Science Fiction Space Travel Myths

There were few military robots in service during the Cold War, but it was believed by sci-fi authors to be a prefect catalyst for the future development and ...

01 August 2015

In 1984, the Chicago-based Role Playing Game publisher FASA (Freedonian Aeronautics and Space Administration) developed a mech combat game called Battle ...

That got me to thinking about the future of civilian-owned personal weaponry, and a subject that sci-fi does not talk about much: future gun control.

From the beginning of human civilization, the use of various long-range weaponry has existed, allowing hunters to attack their target from a safer distance.

FWS Topics: Combat Martial Arts

FWS spends time research what the other media outlets are saying about military sci-fi, and at times, FWS response with our own blogpost about the same ...

Future War Stories From the East: FANG of the SUN DOUGRAM (1981-1983)

FWS Topics: The Four Fs of Combat

The Difference between Tactical Transports and Dropships

In the next few months, FWS will be premiering a new serial here on the blog devoted to exploring and explaining a special realm of the genre of military ...

Future War Stories: FWS Topics: Combat Exoskeletons

At Comic-Con 2013, we finally got a good look at the upcoming MSF-alien invasion-human-use-powered-armor-Tom Cruise-war-film set for a June 6th, ...

Among the icons of military science fiction are some legendary video game titles that have reinforced the fans and forged new ones.

Future War Stories

FWS Movie Review: ZERO DARK THIRTY (2013)

Military Sci-Fi Oddities: The 1983 FOREVER WAR Theater Adaptation by Yoel

Warhammer 40,000 is one of the longest running military science fiction franchise, and even after near 30 years, Games Workshop find new ways to keep the ...

FWS Book Review: Salvage Marine (Nerospace Book 1) by Sean-Michael Argo

Future War Stories

FWS Topics: Why Can't People Accept We Went to the Moon?!