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Building a human powered ocean crossing boat YachtPalscom

Building a human powered ocean crossing boat YachtPalscom


Human powered boat


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sailing pedal powered

I am travelling to Hawaii as a solo effort, but for the inside passage sea trials trip, I wanted to partner with my good friend Bryon Howard who used to run ...

Singlehanded Transpac sailing from San Francisco California to Kauai Hawaii

Kite Sailing Boat - Anne Quemere Kite-Sailing San Francisco California to Tahiti

Mari-Cha IV sailing records

Ocean Rowing



John Beeden set off from Gran Canaria on 23 November and completed his crossing in Barbados 53 days, 3 hours and 50 minutes later.

Ocean Rowing

Sailing the Atlantic on a Beach Cat

Ocean Rowing

ocean pedal boat

ocean rowing. Tommy Tippetts retired from this year's race due to difficulty getting away from the islands. Rowing a boat designed for pairs, he thinks the ...

Wave Powered Boat Kenichi Horie


Atlantic Ocean Rowing Race

We finally got away from the harbor at 10:00 am with Discovery channel in a hired motor boat, and Ryan – a reported from Explore magazine in his kayak ...

Atlantic Crossings - Knowing the Dangers That Lie Within

Banque Populaire V Sets New Atlantic Sailing Record

This is a paper model assembled from printing and cutting out the individual panels. This method of construction is called developable panel.

Ocean Rowing

sailing bike powered

46. The seem is reinforced with a strip of carbon tape, then peel ply is placed over it.

And finally! While we're on the subject of Mick Dawson, check out his latest project at www.oar2012.com and you can follow the OAR Project blog at ...

Ocean WiTHiN is made from flat carbon fiber panels that are stitched together to form the basic hull.


mini transat rescue

Volvo Ocean Race

Mini Transat

This is a photo of my 4 car garage which has been turned into a boat making shop.

42. The jig sections for the upper cabin are removed from the square box, and the jig sections for the hull are fastened into place.

5 months earlier in October, I had announced that I would pedal WiTHiN around Vancouver Island with another friend – Jordan Hanssen.

Vendée Globe

ocean rowing

Naked Ladies Lead Indian Ocean Rowing Race

rachel smith rowing

crossings storms

Broken outriggers, busted tie bars, serious power problems, broken rudders, and even hull damage. It seemed the bad luck was spreading through ...

As if all those ocean rowing boats out on the sea wasn't enough, there was also an ocean canoe on the water this year (atlantix.eu) and a pedalo triggered a ...

Ocean Rowing

Boat Shows

It's not a "head-to-head" battle, but that makes it more of a "head game" in many ways. Groupama 3 is theoretically faster than Orange II was when the ...

Yacht: Graptolite

As the leading boats in the Indian Ocean Rowing Race are crossing the halfway mark, the back of the fleet are all now past 1,000 miles into their epic ...

Guns on Boats

Atlantic Ocean Rowing Race

atlantic crossing storm

Sarah Outen is in the last 500 miles of her Indian Ocean crossing, and may even get to Mauritius while the Woodvale Challenge race teams are still there.

Wave Powered Boat



39. The lower hull jig section patterns are printed and cut out

atlantic crossing storms


atlantic rowing race

Groupama 3 Jules Verne Trophy

Largest Sailboat

Bryon and I continued our 4 hour shifts throughout the afternoon and into the evening. I found the night time very strange and a bit spooky – we couldn't ...

Orange 2 Catamaran

Athena yacht

Princess Taiping Chinese Junk Sailboat


How we are building it


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Boat Show

Finally this week, Aud Eamus is the purpose built, 8-man boat which set off for its record breaking attempt early on 28 April. With a further last minute ...


... many during three previous circumnavigations" Russian solo sailor Fedor Konyukhov reported this week from deep in the Southern Ocean after completing ...

... via Cape Horn sailing route, and the truly trans-pacific San Francisco to Japan run. As Lemonchois told us, "the boat is built for breaking records."

Atlantic Rowing Race

star class boats

21. Eventually, the peel ply and blanket is removed from the carbon, but this won't happen until the panel shape has been cut out of the panel.

Amanda Delaney is a Senior Meteorologist and David Cannon is Yacht Operations Manager and Senior Meteorologist. Both are employed by Weather Routing Inc. ...

France - In what appears to be a who's who list torn from the pages of the record books, the fastest sailors around the world have now crossed the start ...

Mega Yacht Octopus

Mauritius - A 24 year old woman made history this week, when she arrived in Mauritius to become the first female ever to row across the Indian Ocean solo.

When someone overcomes what many of us would consider insurmountable difficulties to achieve something extraordinary, we often say that they are " ...

Virgin Money yacht

It was cold and dark as we made our way down to the marina. I had to use an old credit card to scrape frost off of the hatches and portlights.

2. We roll-out a long sheet of poly (Plastic drop sheet) and tape it down to our layup table. The poly is twice as wide as shown in the photo and the ...

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... this week is Jérémie Beyou, who has been having trouble with his spreaders (see video below) on Delta Dore, and is unable to make repairs mid-ocean.

Schooner Atlantic

... several milestones for the fleet of tiny rowing boats, plodding slowly across what must seem to them like the never ending expanse of the Indian Ocean.

IDEC Francis Joyon

Ocean rowing

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Disability is Not a Death Sentence - Angela Madsen Rowing Oceans | YachtPals.com

Ocean Rowing

The boat Aud Eamus is making great headway through the Indian Ocean Rowing Race fleet this week, and passed Simon Prior on Friday, possibly even close ...

Groupama 3 round the world sailing record attempt