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Bruce Wayne aka Batman and butler Alfred Pennyworth interior

Bruce Wayne aka Batman and butler Alfred Pennyworth interior


Bruce Wayne aka Batman and butler Alfred Pennyworth (interior pencils and inks/washes of page 1 from Batman Vol.

Man Alfred is just the greatest

sloaneohno: “ “ By Otomo Katsuhiro, the man behind Akira holy crap what?

The Alfred Pennyworth 'Batman' Spin-Off Mocked In The 'Teen Titans' Trailer Is Actually Becoming A Show

Alfred Pennyworth commission by phil-cho

batman, Alfred, and bruce wayne εικόνα

Alfred Pennyworth is Bruce Wayne's loyal father figure and butler. Alfred raised Bruce (and later Dick Grayson) after the death of the Waynes.

In fact, he thrives on getting his hands dirty.

mine dc dick grayson Alfred Pennyworth bruce wayne Damian Wayne tim drake sorry i couldn't find one of cass and jason

Alfred Pennyworth

Alfred is the best bat of all time. And ballroom dancing is not for sissies

Batman 687

Alfred Everyone knows that Alfred Pennyworth is the loyal and faithful butler to DC Comics' Bruce Wayne, aka Batman ...

Bruce Wayne's Grandparents. No Caption Provided

Grayson a memory of Bat Family picnic (Bruce Wayne,Dick Grayson,Barbara Gordon,Alfred Pennyworth)

yellowcape: “ - Batman 709 Sassy, Alfred. ”

... could: Bruce, anyway, closed himself to the world, and spent most of his childhood inside Wayne Manor, raised by Alfred Pennyworth, the family's butler ...

...and exactly what to do to make you feel good about yourself.

Fifteen Things You May Not Know About Batman's Butler Alfred Pennyworth

21 Reasons We Should All Be More Like Alfred Pennyworth

Bruce Wayne (Earth-3839)

Who was Uncle Philip? That's a good question. In 1986's Secret Origin #6, Bruce is saying his prayers and then swears to avenge his parents deaths.

Comic BooksThe reason for my flair and Alfred Pennyworth tribute.

Alfred Pennyworth

How Batman's Butler Alfred Evolved from a Joke Character to a Total Badass

Batman Arkham Knight All Character Bios 018

Butler: Alfred Pennyworth by ~qBATMANp

Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth by Norm Breyfogle

List of Batman supporting characters

Lois Lane. Bruce lois

Batman (Bruce Wayne)

Bruce after his encounter with Ivy

Batman (Bruce Wayne)

BATMAN. A night-stalking, crime-fighting vigilante and heavy metal rapping machine. Super Hero. Master Builder. Batman is all this and much more.

Batman's Butler Alfred Pennyworth Could Be Getting His Own TV Series?

... Fifteen Things You May Not Know About Batman's Butler Alfred Pennyworth ...

Bruce Wayne (Batman). batmanfilm

Alfred Pennyworth: 15 Most WTF Things Batman's Butler Has Ever Done

Batman #1, 2016, David Finch, upside down

Alfred is the most dangerous thing in Gotham. Alfred destroys everything.

Batman #51, two-page spread, Greg Capullo

Alfred Batman-ArkhamKnight promoad

No Man's Land

Barbara Gordon. Bruce and Barbara

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... Fifteen Things You May Not Know About Batman's Butler Alfred Pennyworth

Alfred-pennyworth (1)

This entry was designed to represent a portion of Wayne Manor with the Batcave below, located on the outskirts of Gotham City.

Bruce returns as Batman in Batman Incorporated.

... Fifteen Things You May Not Know About Batman's Butler Alfred Pennyworth ...

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Batwing, "Wingman" (Sons of Batman moniker) Relatives Lucius Fox (Father) Tawnya Fox (Mother) Timothy Fox (Deceased Brother) Tiffany Fox (Sister)

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Damian Wayne commission by phil-cho

Alfred has been there since the beginning. After Bruce lost his parents in a tragic mugging, the loyal butler became his surrogate father.

Go behind the scenes and learn more about Gotham and Batman/Bruce Wayne's life thanks to this new hilarious promo video of The Lego Batman Movie, ...


From left to right in the upper row: James Gordon, Harvey Bullock, Bruce Wayne, Selina Kyle, Sarah Essen, Barbara Kean, and Alfred Pennyworth.

Watch: New Extended Trailer For 'Gotham' Teases The Joker

And he's going to be played by .

How would Bruce Wayne have turned out, if his parents hadn't been murdered? Alternatively, “DC Comics” gives two story lines: in one, Bruce's parents die, ...

Zatanna. Zatanna batman

BWTBM-1-1-e331f ...


... Batman Armory with Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth

Golden Age Batman


Alfred vs King Bat

Wayne Manor abandoned and vandalized. When Bruce and Alfred ...


“75 Years of #AlfredPennyworth” - #Alfred Thaddeus Crane Pennyworth of the 1970s. “

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)

Thomas Elliot was best friends with Bruce Wayne till he betrayed him. Matt Damon is best friends with Ben Affleck… Accidental method action MUCH!


Where would Batman, or Bruce Wayne for that matter, be without Alfred Pennyworth?

... that chronicles young Bruce Wayne's troubled life as he tries to adjust what happened after his parents' tragic murder and still adjusting being Batman.

Batman- Arkham Knight - Game Over- Alfred

Alfred Pennyworth-0

Gloom, gargoyles, and one big spoiler

... appeared in the TV series, The Borgias has been locked in to play the role of Alfred Pennyworth, the butler to Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne/Batman.

Alfred Pennyworth, 1943. Alfred 1943. Interior artwork from Batman ...

Loyal protector: Batman's butler Alfred Pennyworth is played by English actor Sean Pertwee

... young serial killer ...

Alfred Pennyworth - Alfred in Batman: Earth One. Art by Gary Frank.

'Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice' set photo provides clear look at the high-tech Batcave

Avengers - Age of Ultron

Batman #11, Greg Capullo, Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson

Time today for another character spotted in the Gotham trailer, one of the protagonists: when young Bruce Wayne is attending his parents' funeral, ...