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Biking through Amsterdam t

Biking through Amsterdam t


Finding your way around Amsterdam. Photo © Holland-Cycling.com

Bicycling is just totally normal in ...

Amsterdam by bike

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A Dutch man told me that it's wacky to fear cycling in the rain; “you aren't made of wax–you won't melt.” I don't really get it, because wax is generally ...

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Make sure you're ready for biking in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Bike Box poster

With all of the happenings of bike-sharing around the world, Amsterdam has been noticeably quiet. How could this be? Amsterdam, afterall, is one of the most ...

Yellow Bike Rental Central Station

The quintessential cycling city

Bicycle park at Amsterdam WTC train station. Photo © Holland-Cycling.com

As it turns out, it's also important in other parts of the country. Groningen is a university town so it's not surprising to find bikes there. But I can't ...

Amsterdam Bicycle Rush Hour

Enjoying bike rental in Amsterdam – MyHotelBike

Stock photo of bikes on bridge in Amsterdam.

Girl with bike Amsterdam

Amsterdam Travel: Tips for Cycling in Amsterdam

If you are moving to Amsterdam and are looking to purchase a bike, there are shops in every neighborhood. Many sell second-hand bikes, too! I wouldn' t ...

At home in Toronto, I ride my bike all the time. I ride for commuting, for leisure, for travel, and for shopping. Most of the time I wouldn't dare ride ...

Make sure your bike doesn't get stolen. Use one of the supervised bike

I don't think you can possibly stay in a bad mood if you'

Rent a bike Amsterdam - Happy Customers - Jesper and Elina


The woman pictured below is dressed well (high heels and all) while riding her bicycle through Amsterdam, and is talking on her cell phone while dodging ...

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T-Shirt Neon Bike Amsterdam

Every time I go to Amsterdam I cannot stop staring at the many beautiful girls riding their bikes through the city. I wish Cape Town could be more bike ...

Biking in Amsterdam

Tiz was on a road bike (coincidentally, the same model I'd very briefly owned), so her luggage was all in a backpack:

Cat on bike in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Considering renting a bike in Amsterdam?

Woman on bike with bright red saddle bags photo. Sporty cyclists few in Amsterdam ...

Needless to say, this is the way to get around in Amsterdam. This is my top travel tips for Amsterdam!

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The first Pedal Mode series in Amsterdam focuses on bicycle chic style.

They also carry friends on bike racks. They ride on pavements. They don't use bicycle lights at night (required by law).

Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Seeing pictures like this makes me want to ride a bike, but then again I feel like bike riding isn't as glamorous as it looks.

The number of bikes in Amsterdam is overwhelming to say the least. Even as a tourist, it doesn't take long to notice that it's not cars, ...

Traffic in Spui - Amsterdam - June 1st, 2010

Erik Tetteroo on Twitter: "Cycling through Amsterdam with @joshposaner and Lucas Harms to discuss Dutch cycling culture and some best practices of ' ...

Don't rent a bicycle- Things NOT to do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam bike town original shirt ...

Bicycle flat at Amsterdam Central train station. Photo © Holland-Cycling.com

You hear how popular bicycling is in the Netherlands, but you don't understand until you see it for yourself.

I think it might actually be a sin to ride a "normal" road or mountain bike in Amsterdam. They just don't exist.

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Xing Chen shares the story behind her book Learn to cycle in Amsterdam

Beer, Bike, Amsterdam

Bicycles are the most popular means of transportation in Amsterdam. There are hundreds of bike stalls and thousands of bikes on the streets. But you don't ...

Sure, this might not be an abandoned bike. Someone may have parked it this

The physical exercise required for cycling is often one of the reasons — you don't want to show up at a client covered in sweat. And how representative is a ...


Tips for safe cycling in Amsterdam

Photo from bike in Amsterdam. Read tips on what to know about biking in Amsterdam

Don't give up just yet!!

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I rented a bike while in Amsterdam to see what all the fuss was about over these "Dutch bikes". Full fenders, covered chains, stout frames, slack geometry, ...

MacBike Central Station North

Brompton Bicycle on Twitter: "We have opened a new Brompton Junction pop up store in Amsterdam. Stop by 22 Reestraat to see a Special Edition Amsterdam bike ...

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Culturally there's a lot going on in Amsterdam North. And if you're into ... stuff (calling it junk would be pretty inappropriate) ... Don't go anywhere ...

Tunnel for walking and cycling under the Amsterdam Central Station

The thing is bicyclists in Amsterdam are the holiest of all things holy and God forbid you happen to walk onto their bike path. That's because they're not ...

Amsterdam is flat and there are plenty of cycle lanes making it perfect for exploring on

bike trips from Amsterdam

Bikes on a Bridge over a Canal in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Bicycle Club T-shirt - Men S to 4XL and Youth XS to XL - Holland - Cream, Gray, Orange or White. $20.00, via Etsy.

Address: Yellow Bike Cycling in Amsterdam - red bike

Photo via Flickr:Francesca Cappa Bike through Amsterdam's many streets. Photo via Flickr:Moyan Brenn ...

Bike rental in Amsterdam – MyHotelBike

Suggested cycle routes

... Mike's Bike tours Museumsplein ...

How to explore Amsterdam on a bike

bike crowd in Amsterdam

I'd like to take a long bicycle ride with flowers in my basket around Amsterdam (even though I don't know how to ride a bike) .

Can everyone please stop telling tourists to hire bikes in Amsterdam

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Observing cycling in Amsterdam was really interesting. I didn't see one person wearing a helmet. Not many people have a basket. Mostly they use crates.

In other words, don't look a Dutch gift horse in the mouth. If you've been looking for a way to swap the crowded bike lanes of the city for some nearby ...

amsterdam cycling

T-Shirt Amsterdam Bike Retro

Cycling · Bike riding in Amsterdam.

Hire a bike

biking amsterdam

... amsterdam bike t shirts canal

The Dutch we were born on a bike and grew up cycling. Especially living in Amsterdam means biking from here to there and back again.

Erik Tetteroo on Twitter: "Cycling through Amsterdam with @joshposaner and Lucas Harms to discuss Dutch cycling culture and some best practices of ' ...

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Amsterdam - can't wait to revisit and explore more. Next time in summer

Mike's bike city tour ...