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Being different is not a bad thing drawing Drawing by Annelie van

Being different is not a bad thing drawing Drawing by Annelie van


Being different is not a bad thing. #drawing Drawing by Annelie van Lare

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My digital Drawing of Diana Leeflang (Disfordazzle) Drawing by Annelie van Lare

Digital drawing; Cara Delevigne. By Annelie van Lare

My digital Drawing of Diana Leeflang (Disfordazzle) in steps Drawing by Annelie van Lare

Remake, digital drawing; Teske de Schepper -By Annelie van Lare

Drawing of Marit Brugman in 4 steps. By Annelie van Lare

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Digital drawing of Kelvin Boerma from Cinemates. Drawing by Annelie van Lare.

Drawing of Thomas Brok (Korthom) By Annelie van Lare Check out new work on

Digital Drawing of Marit Brugman By Annelie van Lare

Here is video recording of this demo (no audio):

A lot of you will find that you're rather stiff when it comes to drawing. In later lessons - especially when dealing with plants - this might cause you to ...


Before tackling this exercise, there's something I want you to acknowledge: The specific aspects of how to handle intersections outlined here are not ...

An Introduction to Drawing Insects and Arachnids

Video Demos

Honestly, I find this one kind of relaxing. The purpose of this exercise is to encourage you to think about the weight and flexibility of your forms in a ...


Figure 5.1

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As I do homework critiques, I create new hand-written demos/notes that likely are valuable to others, so I'll be including them here.

Below you'll find links to individual figure drawing demos. They're freely available to everyone, but there's no audio commentary, just real-time drawing ...


Francesco Cavaliere's recent musical works put him into a category of his own. His two most recent works, Gancio Cielo 1+2, blast out of nowhere to envelop ...

I've never sneered at a former girlfriend 'How does it feel to be on your own?'. I've never flirted with Christianity. I've never been painted in white-face ...

Below you'll find links to individual figure drawing demos. They're freely available to everyone, but there's no audio commentary, just real-time drawing ...

A writer, artist and anthropologist, Dana Walrath likes to cross borders and disciplines with her work. After years of using stories to teach medical ...

Drawing the Head

MIC DROP by anneliesvanoverbeek ...

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A journal page dedicated to the theme of trust and vulnerability, inspired by 'Androcles and the Lion'.

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Below you'll find links to individual figure drawing demos. They're freely available to everyone, but there's no audio commentary, just real-time drawing ...

It is increasingly impossible to think of the problem of waste, or discarded and denigrated materials, separately from the problem of race, or discarded and ...

Nadia Naveau. © Nadia Naveau

Annelies van der Eijken

The street called Van Broeckhuysenstraat was very important in my youth. Prakke's Bookshop was located there. In Nijmegen in the fifties every group in ...

In two days I'll be on the plane to Tangiers. In November I'll be back in Amsterdam for a short while before I go back to Polranny.

Crispijn van den Broeck (Flemish, 1524 - about 1591), Creation of Eve, Flemish, 1575, Pen and brown ink, gray wash over traces of black chalk, ...

then draw small separations angled upwards towards the tip. If they dont sketch the shape first, their feathers will look like Christmas trees.

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joanne-lew-vriethoff-2 ...

Elsevier Connect Contributors. Annelies van Dam

Her experiences in the new home she has chosen send her emotions in all directions. She needs to dig deep to draw on her inner strength.

Found: Two New Drawings by Vincent van Gogh ...

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... Found: Two New Drawings by Vincent van Gogh

Development of artificial neural network models predicting macroinvertebrate taxa in the river Axios (Northern Greece)

Annelies Van de Velde of the band Kovak, playing at Brighton's Playgroup Festival. | Photo by Neil Mach


Photo by Annelies van ...

Meet Dr. Olivia Hurley, an accredited sport psychologist passionate about all things sport and performance psychology related!

... joanne-lew-vriethoff-3

Ponytail by Lee Holley ...

Annelie van der Vyfer "Connected mother' (Gouache on paper)

Anne Frank, at age 12, at her school desk in Amsterdam, 1941


Discover the world's research

The importance of drawdown and sediment removal for the restoration of the eutrophied shallow Lake Kraenepoel (Belgium)


Welcome ...


My old school the municipal grammar school or Stedelijk Gymnasium is in the most beautiful street in the centre of Nijmegen. The Van Schevichavenstraat is a ...

Annelies van Overbeek

In the first Blog entry of 2016 I'm not back in Amsterdam yet, but I'm quoting Sarah Schulman on 'gentrification'. I'm afraid what she writes about New York ...

Consider one possible runic device, a change between straight and curved. Figure 7 contains drawings of a type obtained when blind adults unfamiliar with ...

10. Annelies van Overbeek

... imagined Celtic peoples as being essentially and irredeemably backward, feminine, superstitious, and even ape-like, which often meant that they needed ...

Narrenschiff 1499 Bad parents

Meet Meghan Barrett, a cognitive ecologist and science communicator who got her start by singing to bees!

The Summer Course Painting had a duration of 5, 10 or 15 days. The Summer Course Graphics and Sculpting have a duration of 5 days.

Annelies Van de Ven - Karrar Jamal

Embellishments: Whimsy Embellishments 'Oval Ribbon Slider', different Stickles, rhinestones, half pearls, ribbon, paper flowers.

PICTIONARY – Quick Draw Wins Campaign. Advertising ...

Geesin Green


Annelie J Harvey | Doctor of Philosophy | Anglia Ruskin University | ARU | Department of Psychology | ResearchGate

Dombras 2018 (with Photos): Top 20 Places to Stay in Dombras - Vacation Rentals, Vacation Homes - Airbnb Dombras, Grand Est, France

op vlerke van vriendskap te swewe (to fly on wings of friendship) sonder vrae oor wat more mag bring (without a worry about what tomorrow might ...

Figure 2. Improved sketch that the children have made. Notice all the holes in

Annelies Vredeveldt | BA MSc PhD | Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Amsterdam | VU | Faculty of Law | ResearchGate

Anneli Rufus

Conversations (at the end of the world)

Annelies van de Velde and her other Kovak bandmates

... in Suffolk last year, the change of environment and soundscape, ...

Figure 2: Simplified blueprint of early architecture of De Hazelaar (Tilburg construction archives)

The Bachelor viewers campaign for Heather Maltman to become the next Bachelorette | Daily Mail Online

Annelies van Overbeek (left) has been compared to actress Audrey Hepburn

I also think the movie's length, about which those prone to headaches might rightfully complain, turns out to be its great asset. And the best thing about ...