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BOAC Sales through the air with the greatest of ease British

BOAC Sales through the air with the greatest of ease British


BOAC / Sales through the air with the greatest of ease

Artist Unknown poster: Sales through the air - BOAC

A B.O.A.C. (British Overseas Airways Corporation) poster advertising the ease of travel, with

The Simmonds Collection - Fly BOAC

BOAC Stratocruiser 1952

1957 Boac Plus DC Finest Service Plus Fastest Airliner Across The Atlantic,

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A British Airways Hawker Siddeley Trident in BEA-BA crossover livery.

Vickers VC10, BOAC Cunard, Duxford, UK. Vickers Super VC10 Type 1151 flew

Vintage Airline Poster from Onslows - BOAC Flights On The Poster. We flew on this from NBO to LHR and back in the along with the EAA I made up my mind ...

Vickers Super VC10 in BOAC Cunard markings, Duxford, UK. - Stock Image

British VC10 in BOAC livery beside Concorde prototype at Duxford Museum Cambridgeshire - Stock Image

Middle East Airlines ('MEA') Vickers Standard (Series OD-AFA, at London's Heathrow Airport (LHR) in This was formerly G-ARTA (c/n: the first ever prototype ...

BOAC - its a small world by Speedbird - classic vintage airline travel promotional poster

Vickers VC10, BOAC Cunard, Duxford, UK. Vickers Super VC10 Type 1151 flew

Original Vintage Posters -> Travel Posters -> BOAC Great Britain India Speedbird Routes - AntikBar

This photo is not for sale

BOAC Britannia Model 312 on a transatlantic flight at Manchester Airport in 1962.

BOAC 747-100, April 25, 1971 The British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC

The legacy of B.O.A.C: British Overseas Airways Corporation Part two

On May 27, 1960, the British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) introduced the

BOAC Comet 4 in 1963.

Port of Oakland and British Airways officials and guests gather for a press conference at a vintage British Overseas Airways Corporation(BOAC) Flying Boat ...

British Airways Concorde in 1986

Airline OF THE EMPIRE - Vintage British Aviation Posters between - Imperial Airways was merged into the British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) in which ...

The damaged British Airways Flight 38 on 17 January 2008

1959 British advertisement for B.O.A.C. featuring the de Havilland Comet 4 airliner. - Stock Image

B.O.A.C. Route Map No. 3 Britain-Middle East-East Africa-South Africa

AIRLINE ADVERT. BOAC/BEA. (Now British Airways) , vintage print 1951

British Airways Airbus A320-200

BOAC DC-4M-4 Argonaut G-ALHS "Astra" at London Airport (Heathrow) in September 1954

... Regional Sales Manager; 7.

B.O.A.C. Route Map No. 3 Britain-Middle East-East Africa-South Africa-West Africa

Scotland - BOAC

Parked at the Heathrow Maintenance base in mixed BOAC/BA colours. Photo BOAC /British Airways PLC via K. Darling

British Airways Trident 3B G-AWZA still in basic BEA "Speedjack" colours following

Fly by BOAC poster - to Great Britain.

... 3. o ...

BOAC air travel advert from 1951 - Stock Image

A model of the (then) final VC10 version in BOAC colors.

British Airways plane parked at Cape Town International Airport

This BUA publicity photo shows the full Sierra Leone livery on G-ASIW (most likely, based on the underwing fences) at Freetown in late 1964.

Next is an advertisement from Australia for flights to Fiji. During that time, multi stop flights were quite normal so Fiji would have been one of the stops ...

ba5412-2.jpg ...

Two Short S-30 flying boats, Caribou and Cabot, took turns flying the Imperial Airways trans-Atlantic route, one flying east while the other flew west.

boac poster

boac poster

Fly BOAC to Britain.

Imperial Airways - From Early Days to BOAC

6 flight from Botwood to Montreal, returned to the sender at St. John's, Newfoundland, by surface mail on ...

boac poster

A Boeing 757-200 at London Heathrow Airport in 2007

British Airways Concorde at Basel Mulhouse Airport in 1986

British Airways Cargo Vickers V.953C Merchantman G-APEK still in basic BEA "


BOAC - British Overseas Airways Corporation G-APFJ aircraft at East Fortune


PHOTOS: 80 years of British Airways in the Middle East

Lockheed's L-1011 Tristar demonstrator on a world tour in Eastern Air Lines paint scheme

Vickers VC10 Vickers VC10

10 and censored at London, probably crossed the Atlantic Ocean on Clare's Sept. 13 westbound British Overseas Airways flight to New York, ...

Canceled June 15, 1937, at St. George's, Bermuda, this cover was flown the next day by Imperial Airways on its inaugural flight from Hamilton to New York ...

Prior to the introduction of the Comet 1, the Handley Page Hermes (above, left and right) was used between London and Nairobi with two Hermes flights per ...

BAC Concorde 202 MoA (G-BBDG), Concorde 203 Air France [F

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BOAC Standard VC10 in 'Golden Speedbird' colors.

Original copy of the telegram The Queen received from her mother on a BOAC aircraft following


Original Vintage 1953 Fly BOAC To Britain in Coronation YrROYAL WEDDING QUEEN

By this 'backwards' moving of the engines the VC10 gained its quiet cabin surroundings, a feature much beloved by those who traveled on it.

8, 1940, British Overseas Airways first return flight of the flying boat Clare from Botwood, Newfoundland, to England.

BOAC introduced the Britannia through Entebbe in late 1958, and in 1959 operated the Series 312 on Flight BA161 from London to Nairobi via Rome, ...

G-ATDJ parked at Mascot airport, Sydney, in the later BUA colours. Photo from Peter Keating collection

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Fly BOAC to the Middle East.

A promotional model showing BUA colours, it is interesting to compare this with the scheme that was applied to the aircraft seen below.

Flight attendants show off the new uniforms for British European Airways in 1972. The airline

Pan American Airways created its own cachet for its competitor's inaugural flight, showing the British flying boat being refueled in flight.

BOAC poster - fly to Royal Britain.

Hunting Clan Avro York freighter with what appears to be a Vickers Valetta of the UK Air Force in the background. Hunting Clan merged with Airwork around ...

Vickers VC10. BOAC's successor British Airways ...

By Chas Early

BOAC poster - fly to Britain.

See http://www.britishairways.com/travel/explore-our-past/. British Airways

First orders were from scheduled independent, BUA and from the US airline, Braniff International, both of whom ordered the 200 series jet. British Eagle ...

BOAC EUROPE BEGINS IN BRITAIN Vintage 1961 Travel Airlines poster 20x30

The sun has set on dozens of UK airlines over the decades

G-ATDJ seen in British Caledonian colours.

It would be over a year later that East African Airways Comets began to appear at Entebbe.

BOAC poster - fly to east africa.

Same situation, these photos are from Gatwick, taken in 1969. The Michael Harries Collection © The Tangmere Military Aviation Museum Trust