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Australian troops prepare to sweep through thick scrub in the Long

Australian troops prepare to sweep through thick scrub in the Long


Australian troops prepare to sweep through thick scrub in the Long Hai mountains in South Vietnam ... FAI/70/0112/VN. Download Low Res Image

Spoils of war, abandoned German gun and empty pillboxes & fortifications, Omaha Beach,

Australian troops in Dutch New Guinea.

An ABC cameraman, Yasutsune 'Tony' Hirashiki, who filmed the horrors of the

The Battle of Long Tan: 1500 Strong VC & NVA Force Ambushed 108 Australians – and Lost

Sas Vietnam | Aussie SAS, Vietnam

The Bitter End - August 18, 1971 - Australia and New Zealand announce the pending

Australian troops prepare to sweep through thick scrub in the Long Hai mountains in South Vietnam during Operation Hammersley. The men, of 8th Batt…

Australian soldiers pose with members of a French family on whom they were billeted, c

D Coy Day after Battle of Long Tan

The young men of 7 Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment arrive home from a 12 Month deployment to Vietnam, 1968

Leading patrol, Kapooka

1966 Soldiers of the Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment in the aftermath of the Battle of Long Tan, Nui Dat, Vietnam

With militia on Nth/Sth Vietnam border. Inspecting troops

John Moon (back row - 3rd from R) with the Foreign Legion after invasion of the Philippines 1944


Leading batallion birthday parade, Nui Dat - 1967

SOLDIERS OF 131 Divisional Locating Battery, waiting for helicopter transport to FSB Coral on 12

Lest we forget bad coffee: Corporal Tomlinson clicks in hope that milk enters his cuppa and not a cockroach. A donated Cafe-Bar machine in use at 1…

Nui Dat, South Vietnam, Australian armoured personnel carriers (APC) preparing to transport soldiers of during operation Abbercorn. Donor: I Kuring.


In front of Assault Pioneer Platoon 2RAR, Victorian Barracks-1958

Military history of Australia during the Vietnam War

(L-R) Greg, Jack Daniels and Shane Hudson, Somalia

Interlude – Imita Ridge[edit]

Soldiers of the Australian 39th Battalion in September 1942

25 Patrol in back of jeep


Australian Private George "Dick" Whittington aided by Papuan orderly Raphael ...

Greg (R) and Shane Hudson before night patrol

Weary looking soldiers of move through thick jungle during Operation Vaucluse.


Australian troops with weapons captured at Long Tan

M113 similar to those at Long Tan

Australian soldiers shortly after arriving at Tan Son Nhut Airport

Battle of Long Tan Battle of Long Tan Story The Battle of Long Tan. The Australian Army ...

Young Australian men who grew up in the Great Depression when times were hard. When the times grew even harder they put their lives on the line; ...



Soldiers of 1RAR patrol "outside the wire" perimeter of FSB Coral between enemy attacks

An Australian soldier armed with an M60 machine gun

Long line of troops, camera mounted on jeep. Civilians wheeling belongings in wheel barrel. Excellent shot of cameraman shooting on tripod on jeep covering.

Female soldiers in the field. (Department of Defence: LAC Aaron Curran)

Battle of Long Tan timeline

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101 Field Battery Nui Dat

Lieutenant Colonel Garrett, was to prepare the necessary details for the prior rehearsals for a full ceremonial parade and the orders for the ceremonial ...

146jpg. Australians ...

John (L) with Xanana Gusmao - 2000

Australian soldiers and M113 APCs during Operation Smithfield

Men of the 18th Battalion waiting at the wharf to embark on the troopship A40 HMT Ceramic. ..From an album relating to the service of 1248 Sergeant Roberts, ...

Australian troops hauling up the cliff the one 18 pounder field gun to be landed on

Animated Long Tan Presentation

21st Birthday Official RAAF Photo - Neville Wiggins in Gunship

Artillery officers at FSB Coral.

An American Special Forces soldier training African military units in Niger. Joe Penney/Reuters

Australian soldier during operations in Phước Tuy Province

Australian and New Zealand troops landing at Anzac Cove, Gallipoli, on 25th April 1915

There and Back: The Story of an Australian Soldier 1915-35 by. Edward Lording, writing as A. Tiveychoc

Commander Khodinsky of the 16th regiment checks on the positions of vehicles on the highway.

5th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment - A 5 RAR soldier during Exercise Talisman Sabre 2009

A DUTY DONE 5 RAR Returns On 15 February 1969, 5RAR (Lt Col CN

Taking a break in the intense heat. Photo by Sarah Dilley

Australian troops on board a Royal Navy warship waiting to land at Anzac Cove on the

platoon.JPG (49914 bytes)

Australian troops hauling up the cliff the one 18 pounder field gun to be landed on

107TH MEDICAL BATTALION CORPSMEN AT WARD'S DROME near Port Moresby awaiting a flight to Pongani.

Long Tan Cross Service 3 - 1969

Battle of Long Tan Battle of Long Tan Five defining characteristics of Australia39s

Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers aim at Palestinian demonstrators at clashes in Hebron in October 2015.

An Australian soldier from 9 RAR looking into a Viet Cong bunker during Operation Goodwood, January 1969.

Operation Bribie: 17/18 February 1967 Operation Bribie was an important operation for a

2nd Cavalry Regiment (Australia) - An ASLAV from 2nd Cavalry Regiment with Australian soldiers

Soldiers from the 16th regiment take part in a daily meeting to talk about their fears

A DUTY DONE (A summary of operations by the Royal Australian Regiment in the Vietnam War 1965-1972) By Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Fred Fairhead

UK Prince Harry

These routes once snaked through the towering woods of Appalachia, before they were lost to history. Lamar Marshall has spent a decade painstakingly mapping ...

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Members of an Australian civic action team confer with Vietnamese village officials on plans for local improvements

A platoon from C Company in APCs with a troop of tanks reacted to the attack

First Wave at Los Negros, Admiralty Islands.

Helen Bayes: Three Courageous Peace Grannies Arrested for Obstruction at Australian Military Base

Chapter VI: Operations in the Long Hais 2RAR becomes the first ANZAC Battalion Following agreement

Roast Scrub Turkey, Bold Palates, Barbara Santich

A DUTY DONE Having a Bash at the Hat Dich In December 1968, combined Australian

Australian advisors, 1962–65

Indeed, except for a small portion of the Province, ie a narrow corridor running

U.S. Marine Corps Sgt. Jonathan Peloquin, an ammunitions chief with Marine Rotational Force (