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Amur tiger conservation through law enforcement and outreach

Amur tiger conservation through law enforcement and outreach


Amur Tiger Conservation in Russia

The Russian NGO, Phoenix Fund was established in 1998 to help conserve Russia's rare and endangered wildlife. Led by Sergei Bereznuk, Phoenix works closely ...

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(photo courtesy Brandywine Zoo)


Amur tiger conservation through law enforcement and outreach activities in Primorye, Russia. Primorye ...

Global Tiger Day: Malayan Tiger faces bleak future

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Tiger, close-up of the head. Photo by Chuck Dresner

Tigers keep ungulate populations in check and maintain the balance between herbivores and the vegetation they feed upon. If tigers were to go extinct, ...

svetlaya, a rehabilitated and released amur tiger. Landscape Conservation

Good News on #TigerDay: Tiger Population Rebounds in Parsa, Nepal

Amur tiger Kalista and her cubs. Copyright Saint Louis Zoo

Panthera tigris

Linton cubs 2006

Amur tiger. Photo by Michael Jacob

Landau Igor in snow


Bengal Tiger © Vivek Sinha / WWF-Canon ...

Vladik in his rehabilitation enclosure

Kiev cub

Siberian tiger terrorising Vladivostok gets new home in Russian national park | South China Morning Post

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Tiger cubs stay near the den until they're two months old, when they start following their mother. Copyright Saint Louis Zoo

A Bengal tiger in India © Richard Barrett / WWF-UK

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Pick up a sheet of Saving Vanishing Species stamps at your post office. You'll add a splash of tiger cub cuteness to your envelope while helping tigers in ...


Cross-border research and conservation of Mongolian Gazelles, Russia

Kathy ...

(c) PRNCO "Tiger "Centre"

A Very Special Exciting Gift arrived for the cats? What did Kali Tiger think of it? Find out at:

(c) PRNCO "Tiger "Centre"

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The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) states that tigers have lost 93% of their natural home range due to human activities. Forests are being continuously cleared ...

Amur leopard walking through thick snow

Saving Tigers 101

Amur tiger Kalista and her cubs. Copyright Saint Louis Zoo


Arthur loves his brother Andre and his Donut Photo by Keeper Marie Schouboert

A tiger in India.

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A Siberian tiger (The Stuff Makes Me Happy)

Poaching of Sumatran Tiger Remains Rampant

(c) Zov Tigra National Park

Photo credit: Steve Winter, National Geographic.

Indian (Bengal) Tigers (Nat Geo Archives)

Associated Press

Tigers Forever cover photo

aTJ: What do you think the 'everyday' person can do to help save endangered tigers?

Evidence found of world's 2nd breeding Indochinese tiger population

Tiger Conservation

Tiger safaris in India – what you need to know about seeing the stealthy, scarce and spectacular big cats | South China Morning Post

Damai with bamboo in background

Jean-Marc Bouve2 - Nesles

Fun Facts

Zhuang Pinghui

He Huifeng

tiger. Fighting wildlife trafficking needs federal and state conservation law enforcement ...

Indian tiger Panthera tigris tigris, Kanha National Park, India © Roger Hooper / WWF-Canon

A Tiger growls in its cage at the breeding facility © DNP Thailand

sheba, a tiger rescued by ifaw sits in her cage

CITES agreed stronger measures to protect wild Tigers © Vivek R. ...

... Siberian Tiger Babies Observed-Species Needs PR Overhaul

... Combating Wildlife Trafficking, the U.S. has committed to stemming the trade in wildlife parts – such as tiger skins and bones – through law enforcement ...

Although caring for over 100 tigers, lions, bears and other exotic wildlife is a challenge any time of the year, winter weather creates many extra ...

Siberian tigers may be posing a threat to the Amur leopard

A Sumatran Tiger P. t. sumatrae photographed using a camera trap, a technique used to monitor Tiger populations in the wild © Mike Griffiths ...

... receives more than 100 pounds of junk mail every year, costing forests millions of trees and destroying homes for forest-dwelling species like tigers.

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Save Vanishing Species Stamp

Malayan Tiger

Bengal Tiger, Dhole, Leopard

tiger cub

... director of the Phoenix Fund, received a prestigious Whitley Award for Nature for outstanding achievements in his nature conservation work.

What You Need to Know About a Law That Could Protect Thousands of Big Cats From Being Exploited - One Green Planet

56 tigers estimated in Nepal's Bardia National Park

Endangered Sumatran Tiger Killed and Disemboweled in Northern Sumatra - Indonesia Expat

File camera-trap photo of a Sumatran Tiger © WWF-Indonesia/Tiger Research ...

Do tigers roar? Does Zabu roar? Which tigers at Big Cat Rescue roar the

Amur tiger conservation through law enforcement and outreach activities in Primorye. Primorye in the Russian Far East is the last place where both the Amur ...

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Tiger conservation

The policies and the management objectives lay down that tourism in tiger reserve is to be used as a conservation tool to educate visitors and elicit the ...


Year of the Tiger a Double or Nothing Gamble for Wild Tigers

Learn about FIVE Conservation Projects that today's Safari Days Wildcat Walkabout proceeds are being donated to

A camera trap captures 14-month-old sibling cubs cooling off in a watering hole. Bandhavgarh National Park, India. (Photo by Steve Winter/National ...

A Royal Bengal tiger walks in Bardiya National Park in Nepal, one of 13 countries