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A list of websites on Life After Death Physical Mediumship ITC

A list of websites on Life After Death Physical Mediumship ITC


Jeff Rense talks to Michael Roll about life after death part 3

Interview with Contemplative Medium, August Goforth

The Secret World of Physical Mediumship

Time for action – Psychic News' TRUTH campaign for thermal testing of physical mediums gets


Physical Mediumship Circle Members Being Transformed - Afterlife Research and Education Institute, Inc.

Yes we were already onside with this.

List of Websites

Restricted Access Restricted Access. Physical Mediumship And ...


Life After Death

Definitions of Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) & Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP)

proof of life after death

discover the reality of life after death communication via EVP / ITC

The Search For Life After Death

The undiscovered country, from whose bourn no traveler returns... Who said the

I.S.A.R.T.O.P. – The Forerunner to the ASSMPI – that 'Never got off the Ground'.

Life After Death: Some of the Best Evidence: Amazon.co.uk: Jan W. Vandersande: 9781432725495: Books

Physical Mediumship Ectoplasm

AREI helps afterlife researchers, developers, educators, and practitioners by producing or translating websites at no charge to the individuals.

Physical Phenomena

LST Chart

Ancient Hartford Burial Grounds | Paranormal | Pinterest | Death, Life and Life after death

EVP - ITC - Instrumental Transcommunication - Alien - human - spirit - v.

Life After Death: Some of the Best Evidence: Amazon.co.uk: Jan W. Vandersande: 9781432725495: Books

All of Timothy's actions; swinging a trumpet, playing with drumsticks and touching us, were from the physical perspective of a small child with ...

NOW WITH EXTRA PAGES ! In this issue: Professor receives $5 million to study life after death. More: NEWS, VIEWS, MEDIUMS, FEATURES, PHILOSOPHY

Physical Mediumship Will Demonstrate to People the Reality of the Afterlife Today, a variety of physical mediums and mediumship gatherings, called “circles ...

Opportunistic EVP

Visit STREAM 5 and also take a look at our Visions of Chaos Project Page!

Thomas Edison spoke of working on a machine that could communicate with the dead. Did he impart his design after his own death?

soul after suicide

The Reality of a spirit realm and the phenomenon of the "Direct Spirit Writing" by Count Ludwig of Guldenstubbe

AREI is developing a database of afterlife-related organizations and researchers, educators, developers, and practitioners to let others locate resources ...

Types of Mediumship List and Q&A

More from my work in Instrumental Transcommunication ITC work with spirit , the group also use EVP captures and have on

The Search For Life After Death


AREI is supporting and disseminating information about researchers and developers in afterlife studies and afterlife communication. This is a partial list ...

If you enjoyed the documentary video and my recent post on The Scole Experimental Group and their Scole Experiment, then you may just enjoy the book that ...

The Ultimate Goal: Peace on Earth For humankind to live in peace, love, and joy, there must be a change in deep-seated values and motivations.

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What is Instrumental Transcommunication? • ITC Voices

Macy Afterlife: The Beacon | Exploring our spiritual heritage, our ancient other-worldly roots, and our paradise destiny

List of some highly credible, intellectual and academic witnesses

Explore our resources for parapsychological and psychical research


The Site for ITC. http://www.worlditc.org/ | instrumental transcommunication (ITC) | Pinterest | More Instrumental ideas

The Search For Life After Death

The Site for ITC. http://www.worlditc.org/ | instrumental transcommunication (ITC) | Pinterest | More Instrumental ideas

Diagram of the devices used by Hans Otto König on September 11. Previously published in the ITC Journal No. 24, December 2005

Analyse data from psi experiments (Ranking methodology)

Happy Holidays from the iDigitalMedium Team!

We Are Eternal: What the Spirits Tell Me about Life After Death: Robert Brown: 9780446691284: Amazon.com: Books

PRESENT - ITC Instrumental Transcommunication - Photography ( YouTube - 2007)

A compilation of information about the afterlife, proof of life after death and other related critical concepts, such as the purpose of life and ...

Cernunnos is one of my patron Gods

Understanding Life After Death: An Exploration of What Awaits You, Me and Everyone We've Ever Known

The central organizing process of this model is Self Love. A healed heart is a healed life. As the great recent Indian teacher Bhagavan Nityananda taught us ...

17th December 2011

The Survival of the Soul and Life Beyond Death

During her darkest hour she discovered a connection with her daughter's spirit that changed the way she looked at physical death ...

General diagram of the application schematics for ITC

Electronic Contact with the Dead: What do the Voices Tell Us?

Man - ITC Spectrograph

Life After Death - Living Proof: A Lifetime's Experiences of Physical Phenomena and Materialisations Through

The Grief And Belief Connection“Grief is healing: To take away our grief is to take away our healing. And learning about life after death helps us heal with ...

The American Circles at that time, besides of the moralic standards of the sitters, were entirely based on the differentiation between the positive, ...

Photo by Deborah Preece Man - ITC Fog Experiment Photo highlighted for effect.

Spirit Communication Device utilizing the vibration of an electron field against a sensor in a vacuum

One of The Seven.

The Enigma of Franek Kluski's Mediumship

Woman - Video ITC


Spiritual and Religious Apathy: Consequences for Life and the Afterlife

Anabela Cardoso replied to the BBC letter on June 16:

Video Instrumental Transcommunication

Connecting with the Spirit World eBook ...

cfelix2010-ectoplasm1, cfelix2010-ectoplasm2

Who is in the video

Research in Physical Mediumship to Demonstrate Dramatically and Undeniably the Reality of the Afterlife In physical mediumship, physical things happen in a ...

Spectrograms used for the analysis of the EVP examples il_laboratorio_spectrograph

... 11.

One woman reveals her story about how a mediumship reading helped her heal grief after the loss of her husband.

Random Number Generator

Just as there are different frequencies on the electro-magnetic spectrum, so there are different levels, worlds or planes on the spectrum of invisible ...

For bookings and more information email Christine indiki1962[at]gmail.com or phone 0411 036 963

It would seem that the visible images were likely a product of ectoplasm generated through physical mediumship, with a physical medium present; ...


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From start to finish, this new stream was conceived and born in only 5 days. The impact it will have on electronic experiments remains to be seen.

My grand writing which you can really see matches the top sample of my automatic writing.so it seems that even though she is on the other side now she still ...