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A Russian heavy firefighting vehicle Two jey engines attached to a

A Russian heavy firefighting vehicle Two jey engines attached to a



Meet Big Wind: The Ultimate Fire-Fighting Machine Made From MiG Engines & Tank Parts

In 1968, Hungarians had to engineer something quickly to kill a massive gas fire. The 'Big Wind' is a T34 tank with twin MiG-29 jet engines pushing out ...

The Big Wind: A T-34 battle tank mounted with two Soviet MiG-21 jet engines and a pump capable of 8000 gallons of water a minute.

They are simply snow-blowers and jet-dryers used at some Russian airports, like the ones shown below - with Klimov VK-1 engines taken from MiG-15 planes.

They are simply snow-blowers and jet-dryers used at some Russian airports, like the ones shown below - with Klimov VK-1 engines taken from MiG-15 planes.

Tank converted into giant fire extinguisher with MiG-21 fighter jet engines (VIDEOS)

The Russian Ministry of Defense today publicly presented the first members of the Armata family of heavy armored vehicles – the T-14main battle tank ...

Meet a monster fire fighting vehicle know as the “Big Wind”.

This is MAZ-7907: 30 meters long, 24x24 chassis, build in Minsk, Belorus. Read our coverage of the rest of such "ballistic" Russian trucks - Part 1 and Part ...

The family of two-stroke diesel engines Soviet armor

Russian Airport Crash Truck. Fire DeptFire DepartmentFire EquipmentEmergency ...

JUST WATCHED. US intercepts Russian bombers, fighters

A prototype of the new Russian fifth-generation T-50 stealth fighter taxis in

Soviet-made ZSU-23-4 in California. The ZSU-23 is the canonical modern SPAAG system.

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Speed Demon: Sikorsky's X2 experimental helicopter is, unofficially, the fastest on Earth.

Russell Hill- Sabian404 at Flickr. SHARE. A ...

Minnie Chan


Two RAF Typhoon fighter jets were scrambled to intercept Russian planes approaching UK airspace in January

A drag chute helps slow the MiG‑29, landing (at about 155 mph) at Minsk Mazowiecki air base in Poland. Last May, in one more irony connected with the ...

They did.

Russia's 'stealth' fighter in action1:33

1966: New York Central Railroad's jet-powered car during a test run between Butler

Keith Svendsen via network54.com

Fire engines.

The four-engine jet joined the Air Force fleet in 1993 with a primary mission

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People have been making things from iron and steel for more than 3,000 years. Machines built from their alloys have landed on the moon and reached the very ...

The USAF's F-35s in Estonia Are a Message to Russia and Critics - The Drive

Chinese J20 stealth jets: New models forced to use old engines after exploding test | World | News | Express.co.uk

Engine Drops Off B-52 During A Training Sortie Over North Dakota - The Drive

The four-engine KC-135 joined the Air Force fleet in 1956 as both


J20 stealth jets GETTY. Chinese state media has announced the ...

A-10A fitted with two CBU-97s, two Mk 84s, one AGM-65H & 65D, the ALQ-131 jamming pod and two AIM-9 Sidewinders on a LAU-105.

This view may seem normal at first glance, but the extra engine is distinctly different

The RC-135U Combat Sent, based at Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska,

Take a look at Russia's SU-34 Hell Duckling.

The T-50 stealth fighter from the manufacturer' ...

Two Russian Tupolev Tu 95 Bear bombers (file image above) were intercepted off the

Picture of Antonov An-2 (Colt) Utility Aircraft

Stephen Chen

RAF Typhoon fighter jets scrambled to intercept two Russian supersonic 'Blackjack' bombers in UK airspace

Credit: Reaction Engines. Recent Chinese and Russian ...

The latest delay of the Safran Sivercrest engine led to the Dassault's decision to scrap the Falcon 5X and start fresh with a new jet powered by Pratt ...

Credit: Lockheed Martin

(U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communi

Strengthening Economy And Increase In Ground Shipping In U.S. Has Led To Truck Shortage

The Russian T-50 prototype stealth fighter flies. Reports say it can fly at

What does Russia produce? 1

First pictures of Moscow horror crash victims after plane engine 'exploded' leaving bodies strewn across snow - Mirror Online

MiG-29s remained shadowy until a 1990s U.S.-German exchange revealed their secrets to the West. More revelations came from MiGs imported from Moldova; ...

One of Foxtrot Alpha's readers, Ben Brown, flies the Pentagon's biggest jet, the mighty Lockheed C-5 Galaxy. He has taken the time to give us a detailed ...

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Firefighters tackle a burning building with hoses and extended turntable ladders.

Su-25T carrying two Kh-29T missiles, two sets of 9A172 Vikhr beam-riding missiles and two MPS-410 self-protection jamming pods. The Shkval Targeting Camera ...

The 11 worst Soviet aircraft

enter image description here

China's aircraft carrier conundrum: hi-tech launch system for old, heavy fighter jets | South China Morning Post

A Russian Fighter Plane's Tragic Error Brought Us Google Maps

Near misses, turbulence and aircraft fires are all among these nerve-inducing incidents

Improvised fighting vehicle. An ...

Honda Pan European Fire Bike (Malaysia).

#Soviet ZiL-131 chassis and Hungarian development #Fire-Fighter Vehicle at Szeged with jet of water/foam MiG-15's RD-45 Jet-engines for seriously fire case ...

Maksim Blinov/Sputnik via AP

The Revival of Russia's Aviation Industry - New Russian Transport Aircraft

CAA dismisses reports of engine catching fire. PHOTO: REUTERS/FILE

Production Chaika fighters were constantly under test at the NIl WS during 1939-40, with both ski and wheeled undercarriages.

Special tanks help fight urban and forest fires. Firefighting ...

Meet DT-30PM, The Russian Amphibious Beast You Never Knew Existed

Eurofighter Typhoon, DA5 prototype. The twin-engine Typhoon jet fighter is the result

A-10C shown (ordered outwards (left->right) from fuselage) carrying two GBU-38s, two GBU-12s, two AGM-65H & 65Ds on LAU-88 launchers, a LAU-131 rocket pod ...

... likely be much noisier in the cabin, with the engine directly beside the windows.

Russia's automotive industry also has its stars. The world-famous Kamaz trucks are imported by 40 countries worldwide, yet they are most popular in ...