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Dante and Beatrice: 1915 by John William Waterhouse (Dahesh Museum of Art, Greenwich, Connecticut, USA) Pre-Raphaelite

Dante and Beatrice Henry Holiday 1883 #painting

4. DANTE AND BEATRICE FIRST MEETING: "On my vision smote the power /

Rutilio Manetti dante et virgile franchissant la porte de l'enfert .

Dante Gabriel Rossetti Saluto a Beatrice 2

Henry John Stock, Dante and Virgil Encounter Lucifer In Hell.

Dante and Beatrice is a painting dated 1884 by the artist Henry Holiday that is on

Canto I: Dante begins the Purgatorio by invoking the Muses

I recognize the signals of the ancient flame.

Dante Gabriel Rossetti - Dante and Beatrice meeting in Purgatory

Virgil, Dante, and Statius beside the flames of the seventh terrace, Canto 25.

Amos Nattini, Divina Commedia, Purgatorio canto XXXI, Alla vista di Beatrice Dante cade

Dante's goal was 'to remove those living in this life from the state of misery

Dante vlucht voor de drie beesten ~ Illustratie bij 'De Goddelijke Komedie' van Dante

Gustave Doré Illustration - Inferno Canto 6, 67

Literature / The Divine Comedy

Third terrace (Wrath)[edit]

Gustave Doré Illustration - Inferno Canto 4, 43

Gustave Doré Illustration - Purgatorio Canto 29, 118

Gustave Doré Illustration - Purgatorio Canto 33, 134

Beatrice Addressing Dante, by William Blake, showing the "chariot triumphal" bearing Beatrice and drawn by the Griffin, as well as four of the ladies ...

Gustave Doré - Dante Alighieri - Inferno - Plate 7 (Beatrice) - Beatrice Portinari

To her perfection all of beauty tends.

Dante's first example of humility is taken from the Annunciation. Relief in Auch Cathedral, Canto 10.

Gustave Doré Illustration - Inferno Canto 2, 21

Gustave Doré Illustration - Purgatorio Canto 29, 80

Dante and Beatrice in Primum Mobile, looking at The Empyrean

Beatrice, Symbol of Divine Grace | A Literature Guide for Homeschool Parents & Children -

Gustave Doré Illustration - Inferno Canto 4, 39

Gustave Doré Illustration - Purgatorio Canto 30, 32

The Circles of Hell in Inferno

Building the Tower of Babel was, for Dante, an example of pride. Painting by Pieter Brueghel the Elder, Canto 12.

Gustave Doré Illustration - Inferno Canto 2, 17

Dante Alighieri ...

Cacciaguida, followed by souls, talks to Dante; Beatrice.

Gustave Doré Illustration - Purgatorio Canto 31, 100

Dante and Beatrice before Peter Damian, who stands within the Heaven of Saturn, with four scenes from the life of Peter Damian below

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You dull your own perceptions with false imaginings and do not grasp what would be clear but for your preconceptions.



Beatrice as Queen of Hell 001

Cacciaguida, followed by a group of souls beside Dante and Beatrice

Dante Alighieri

Gustave Doré Illustration - Purgatorio Canto 32, 148


Paradiso (Dante) - Dante and Beatrice speak to Piccarda and Constance (fresco by

Here's one of Paolo and Francesca--the scene Dante describes in Canto 5.

Gustave Doré Illustration - Purgatorio Canto 15, 103

Dante and Beatrice in the Constellation of Gemini and the Sphere of Flame by William Blake

Souls ascending and descending the stairs; St. Peter Damian talks to Dante; Beatrice.

Image of page 21

Image of page 26

It is DA's canonized Beatrice who has a reserved seat for this Emperor in God's White Flower if he does succeed in exerting his salvific political role.

Dante waves to his Lucy--I mean Beatrice

Dante and Virgil meet Sordello, in a sculpture by Cesare Zocchi, Canto VII.

Bloom's Modern Critical Views African American Poets: Wheatley– Tolson African American Poets: Hayden– Dove Edward Albee Dante Alighieri American and ...

Dalziel Brothers after Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 'King Arthur and the Weeping Queens' from

Purgatorio, Canto II: Christian souls arrive singing, escorted by an angel

Gustave Doré Illustration - Purgatorio Canto 19, 131

Page 1

Gustave Doré Illustration - Purgatorio Canto 20, 17

There is no greater sorrow. Than to be mindful of the happy time. In misery.

Gianetti's Dante and Beatrice

Paradiso (Dante) - Dante and Beatrice speak to the teachers of wisdom Thomas Aquinas

Dante saw Beatrice as a savior, one who removed all evil intentions from him. It is perhaps this idea of her being a force for good that he fell in love ...

Inferno (Dante) - Gustave Doré's engravings illustrated the Divine Comedy (1861–1868

Templars being burned for heresy at the instigation of Philip IV of France. In Dante's

(Dante's Purgatory, by Domenico di Michelino)

Meeting of Dante and Virgil. Tapestry after design by Francesco Salviati.

A portrait of Dante from the late 16th century. He hoped his poem would lead

... likes to smoke fancy cigars and drink brandy and wear fine suits and tell hilarious jokes. How else is he supposed to charm us away from the true path?

Original Table of Contents or First Page

Beatrice's Soul3


Following my first post of Purgatorio review posts (Ante-Purgatory), now Dante brings us to the terraces of Purgatory. There are seven of them, ...

On Dante's Paradiso IV: Venus and the Object of Love

Francesca da Rimini - Paolo and Francesca da Rimini by Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1862;

The Ultimate Self-Help Book: Dante's 'Divine ...


Dante's Inferno - the first book I was assigned to read in my high school World Literature class. Back then I couldn't get over how much the emotion of fear ...

Mary Magdalene. “

Ascent to the seventh planetary sphere (heaven of Saturn); Dante sees Jacob's ladder and the lights of those blessed spirits who excelled in the ...

Beatrice Transformed

Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 'A Christmas Carol', captioned 'Xmas 1857-8

On Dante's Paradiso V: Ever Upwards to the Illuminating Sun!

Image result for dante's earthly paradise

Continuing Dante's Purgatorio, these are my summary for the third, fourth and fifth terraces. Previously I have also posted the Ante-Purgatory and Terrace 1 ...

Dante Alighieri ...

Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 'A Christmas Carol', 1867. Oil on panel.

This is a basic view of the world as Dante knew it back in the 14th century, a human's soul journey through hell, purgatory, and heaven.

Lesson Summary. Canto IV of Dante's ...

OPWest Novices | A Blog following the activities of the Novices of the Western Dominican Province | Page 3

The Gate of Purgatory, painted by William Blake, Canto 9.

Dante and Beatrice in Heaven


The spoiler provided by our general culture has damaged the way we read the work. The astounding pretention of DA in assigning himself the powers in ...