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300 Blackout sounds awesome through our octane9 suppressor

300 Blackout sounds awesome through our octane9 suppressor


“300 Blackout sounds awesome through our #octane9 suppressor.”

Gemtech GMT-300 Blackout and G-Core suppressor

300 Blackout Day/Night Hog Hammer

Noveske .300 Blackout

300 blackout AR-15 pistol, burnt bronze Mandalorian

You have to admit, a silencer makes any rifle cooler - like this SilencerCo Specwar

The new truck gun, 300 blackout AR pistol.Save those thumbs & bucks w/ free shipping on this magloader I purchased mine http://www.amazon.com/shops/raeind ...

“300 Blackout sounds awesome through our #octane9 suppressor.” | guns | Pinterest | 300 blackout, Guns and Weapons

SilencerCo Omega 9K



put a Surefire X300 Tactical Light on my .300 Blackout PDW. I'm

Griffin Armament Revolution 9mm Sound Suppressor

Especially if you're going to shoot lead projectiles, consider a silencer that comes

Two SilencerCo models that will work with subsonic 300 Blackout: the Osprey (top)

The SilencerCo Hybrid - One suppressor to rule them all (note: big picture) ...

A few silencer options

A caliber smorgasboard: A 45 Osprey on a Glock 31 (.357 Sig)

The Optimus in mid length configuration on a .300 BLK AR-15


On my M9, I noticed that Rugged's can produced an uncomfortable amount of backpressure. As gas expands into the silencer, pressure inside the tube ...

12 of the Best 300 Blackout AR Pistols On the Market

The 9mm hosts were positively pleasant when paired with the Obsidian. I am fortunate to have access to Silencer Shop's full line of suppressors for review ...


P1120316. Everyone agrees that silencers are awesome ...

The darkness creeps in way to early anymore here in PA, the Blackout is out looking for things that go bump in the night.

Find this Pin and more on Gun by Boris.

NEMO Arms .300 Blackout Carbine. Proven function meets drop dead gorgeous.

This is my favorite 9mm handgun suppressor host, what's yours?

Post on armaswords

Rugged Suppressors Obsidian 45

.300 Blackout, Seekins Precisions Upper & Lower, Maxim Defense Stock, Trijicon MRO

Assembling a 300 Blackout AR15 Pistol from Scratch

.300 Blackout SBR with suppresser in Multicam


... sounds awesome through our #octane9 suppressor.” See more. from Instagram · 300 AAC BlackOut Ammunition See more @ http://www.gorillaammo.com


... having blowback was posted I watched it and immediately emailed him that I personally have experienced a suppressed SIG MPX violently spit back in my ...

Revolution Pistol Silencer Maintenance and Tutorial Video

This has been a review of products offered by Silencer Shop. All opinions are my own.

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... Compare SilencerCo Maxim 9

@silencerco Amazing 2018 #SummerPromo Happening NOW through July 15!! Purchase any #

Griffin Armament Optimus Suppressor Review - The Universal Silencer - YouTube

Don't have any experience with the omega 9k, but my Tirant 9 with the three lug adapter is pretty slick


Compared to my Octane 45, the Optimus was most certainly the louder silencer and its ...


My HD can right now is an AAC TiRANT-9s. Very impressive for the size and being so short and light it keeps the pistol maneuverable.

Silencerco 45 ACP Osprey Suppressor, Body Only, No Piston

Many silencers, like this SilencerCo Specwar, offer quick attach mounts and compatible muzzle devices

If you choose a pistol silencer, it may have a pistol and spring assembly,

Here is my 300blk carbine with a 16" Core15 barrel.

Another one I have that doesn't get much attention but it sounds really good on p226. Nice sound and quiet for a decent price. It is a YHM Sidewinder 9.

SilencerCo Saker 556 ASR

After a noticeable, but not overwhelming first round pop (the video exaggerates this), the Illusion 9 sounds only slightly louder and somewhat higher ...

Even 300 Blackout ammo is cool like these Gemtech 187 grain subsonic rounds.

On a full length rifle (16+ inch barrel) the the Mini4 suppresses surprisingly well. AAC foolishly markets it for SBRs where it's performance will be found ...

Suppressor destruction---Shooting a can to failure---SilencerCo Octane 9

Forget about getting MP5SD quiet, aint gonna happen. They are much quieter. But, you can get close. As for the HV theorizing, who cares?

Griffin Armament Revolution 45 Silencer (MOD3), GAREV45, by Griffin Armament, .

Rocking an Osprey 9 on my 5.5" currently. May eventually get a Dead Air Ghost in the future.

AAC M4-2000

Octane 9

On my M9, I noticed that Rugged's can produced an uncomfortable amount of backpressure. As gas expands into the silencer, pressure inside the tube ...


Thanks for joining us again for TFB's Silencer Saturday (well, Suppressor Sunday this week). In today's installment we will touch on five Bucket List ...

Sig Sauer SRD762 -QD .30 caliber Suppressor


Regrann from @discreet.ballistics - Want to win 100rds of the most consistent subsonic

Here's the Max-31 upper with the Hybrid:

It never ends.

AAC Element 2 VS Silencerco Sparrow & SWR Spectre II

Rugged Suppressors Obsidian

One on one experience with Donald Trump Jr.

3) H&k MP5SD

Time to Turn Up the Silence! Got my threaded barrel in for the FN Five Seven.

Release the lever, line up the Osprey, then clamp it back down.

SilencerCo Osprey/Octane Piston

IMG_9723 by 556 Channel (HD), on Flickr

Octane 45 HD first look

I shoot my M11/9 with a Bowers VERS 9S and my S&W 76 with an Octane 9

Bull pup is obviously shorter though that rifle and can combination will not be very quiet.

SilencerCo Octane 9

SilencerCo 45 Osprey in action.

EMERSONGEAR 8.66" Suppressor Cover Airsoft Military Shooting Tactical Silencer Quick Release Cover CB

Octane 9

A suppressed revolver... sounds cool right? Well, you'd be very wrong... 100% a novelty item.

H&K® USP .177 cal. BB CO2 Pistol

My first suggestion to anyone jumping into the silencer world is to pick a gun ...