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14 Annoying Phrases Your Kids Won39t Stop Saying Via NickMom

14 Annoying Phrases Your Kids Won39t Stop Saying Via NickMom


14 Annoying Phrases Your Kids Won't Stop Saying. Via @NickMom , field tested by Nicole Leigh Shaw

This was originally published in May 2010: In the past 24 hours, I have

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funny quotes about guys

Do you *really* need to scrub the bathroom and kitchen floors? Depends who's

6 Ways You Know Your Kid Didn't Get Enough Sleep at the Sleepover |

Please note: the depiction of a child using a clothes basket/hamper is for humorous purposes only and is not intended to be a literal example of Rule #4.

What does your cocktail say about you?

9 simple rules to surviving any family

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50 best Parenting Quotes & Wisdom images on Pinterest | Parenting quotes, My children and Parent quotes

Moms with toddlers....Payback will come and it is ooohh ssooo SWEET!!!

16 Reasons My Toddler Has Threatened to Run Away Today (So Far) | More

Why You Should Save All Important Phone Calls Until the Year 2026

At least you're keeping it in the family.

Why Being the Middle Child is the Best>>>> and people think I

In The Nursery, Where Time Stands Still

"Totally normal reasons your kid isn't in the car yet.

18 Brutal Confessions From Real Moms. Is So Hilarious - Dose - Your Daily Dose of Amazing

59 Ways You're SUCH A Mom - hilarious as always from Leigh Shaw, Humorist on

So Scary parenthood

Things that happen in the seven minutes before bedtime.

Basically, watch your dad closely. I chose well. He will teach you what you need to know but always, always be your own man.

Why do they love to dance on the last tiny shred of a nerve that I am so desperately clinging for dear life to?

After Kids: Your Car. Glove box! Haha!

A study has revealed that the kind of face a woman finds attractive on a man can differ depending on where she is in her menstrual cycle.

A group of kids is called a migraine. Nope, it's not, migraines are a lot worse.

The Price You Pay for a Few Minutes of Peace and Quiet... we

Not sure whether to place this under parenting or funny 21 Common Mom Sayings Decoded

Funny, insightful, sentimental parenting quotes

Kids' toys should come with better warning labels like, "Loud as Hell",and "No Off Switch", & Requires 217 batteries.

I'm at least two (or three) of "The 6 Types of

Cookies tell smth about us

Laugh along with these funny parents on Twitter

Moms and Dads: We Do Things Differently

cool When my children remember their childhood, I want only for them to remember that. When my children remember their childhood, I want only for them to ...

66 things to say to your child

Kid Jokes, Mommy Humor, Momma Bear, Parenting Humor, Kid Stuff, Quotations, Chicken, Sad, Humour

How To Make Divorce And Custody Arrangement Less Stressful For Your Kids

Tired of always yelling at your kids to behave? Try setting enforceable limits instead. This is a great parenting technique based on Love and Logic.

Schoolhouse Divas: How to Motivate Your Students (and Kids) provides quick sentence stems that I can start using tomorrow to provide more targeted positive ...

I have #13 beat, not only have I held a child while going to the bathroom, I've nurses a child while going to the bathroom.

Funniest ...

Life before Netflix vs. life after Netflix

15 Inspirational Quotes For New Parents

"My 14yo made fun of me this morning because I had to go to work

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will you win mother of the year? a quiz

50 Ways for Kids to Stay Creative - Kids learn by example and by visual learning. Try these simple yet effective tips and tricks to help kids learn and be ...

She kept Complaining About The Mean Things Her Mom Did To Her But The Reality Is

Or seeing your baby in pain and not being able to do anything to relieve them

"Yes, kids love technology, but they also love Legos, scented markers,

Can't expect your kid to not be ab ass hole if they see you being an ass hole. Model and teach then what it means to be greatful!!

The 15 Money Rules Kids Should Learn (The Wall Street Journal)

being a mother fills your heart. I've went through my life feeling incomplete until our son

10 More Mom Rules To Live By

With kids vs without kids: Organizing the garage

mama motivation And I love my little Angels with all my heart. A true blessing from Jehovah!

Tips for Talking to Children

An Honest Message from the Principal by @letmestart for NickMom | parenting humor and LOLs for moms by Kim Bongiorno

Go Ahead, Try to Comb Your Kid's Hair, See What Happens | More LOLs

I know it's a gift, but I hated just about every minute of being pregnant.

And what lovely places have your kids peed in public?

Life of a mum, and people wonder why we never get anything done!

How Many Of These Mom-Phobias Do You Have? LOL! This is hilarious! #lifewithkids #motherhood #parenthood

Better stock up on band aids now.

The responsibilities of a parent are vast and often riddled with difficulty, especially when it comes time to guiding your child away from negative behavior ...

Hilarious Facebook Parenting Memes of the Month

9 Dumb-spirational Quotes for Moms. striefler striefler Z tree ventures via

9 Rules of Cell Phone Etiquette For Moms | LOLs & funny lists about motherhood | parenting humor by @RobynHTV on NickMom!

The Best Kids Music (That Won't Drive You Crazy

If your kid acts childish, maybe you should act childish, too.

Dear Teenagers, Your mom may annoy you now, but there was a time you loved her so much you begged to watch her poop.

Inspirational and positive parenting quotes that are encouraging for mothers, fathers and parents that will

The things toddlers can hear lol

How to Buy Boys Socks (A Helpful Flowchart) The struggle is real people!

Story of my life. Lol Then I just call dad so he can make them stop.

Too funny 😂

"Totally normal reasons your kid isn't in the car yet.

"The greatest thing a father can do for his daughter is to love her mother

14 Incredible Motherhood Quotes to Make Mom Feel Amazing

Omg if this isn't the truest thing I've ever read!

Whether you're looking for parenting tips, parenting advice, or just enjoy inspirational quotes, this collection of parenting quotes is for you!

Wow, These Kids Are Terrible at Faking Sincerity

Indispensable Kid Rules Every Parent Should Follow Teach your children well

PINNER SAID, "Life with a toddler - SO funny and (sadly) true". ahhhh, life without toddler, funny and (happy)

Nailed it.